Prophecies of Daniel 1, Part 3

Daniel believed that it was very important to obey God in all things. In this first chapter of the book of Daniel, we see how quickly Daniel and his friends were faced with a challenge to their faith. They overcame because they believed God. Because they believed God, He found a way to help them over the hump so that they could actually obey and live in a way that pleased Him. This was in spite of the fact that they had been captured and carried off to a foreign land, to be dominated by a foreign king and made to adapt to a foreign culture.

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Pineal Gland, New Age, and Christianity

The tragedy today that is infiltrated the (visible) church (or Christendom at large) is due to the occult and the interest that many even in the church are finding with this prohibited area. It boasts of secrecy that opens itself up to those who seek it, a hidden knowledge that, if searched for diligently, will offer rewards for humanity and self. This of course, is seen in Christian terms because the Bible promises that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (cf. Proverbs 8:17; Hebrews 11:6). What that is referring to is that He will reward people who seek Him for salvation. That is the entirety of the “secret” knowledge. Satan of course, wants us to believe that God will open the portals to secret wisdom found only in the heavenly realms or other dimensions.

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Prophecies of Daniel 1, Part 2

What Daniel may not have realized was that by doing things God’s way, he was actually eating a very healthy diet that would allow his food to be digested more fully. This in turn meant that Daniel would be gaining as much protein and nutrition from the food he ate as possible. He would eat less and be more full. Conversely, those who ate the king’s food would not experience those benefit because that food was probably overcooked, heavy in fats and salts.

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Prophecies of Daniel 1, Part 1

It is fascinating though how one of the big aims of Satan has always seemed to be to get the Jews out of Israel and Judaism out of the Jewish people. It doesn’t seem to matter who the dictator or king is at the time either. The goal always seems to be the same. Make the Jewish people forget about their God and Judaism itself.

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Christians Are Not of This World

God leaves us here after we become Christians to help rescue others out of Satan’s dark dominion. He does not leave us here so that we can become preoccupied trying to fight to get America (or any other nation) back. We have a mission to rescue other people by introducing them to Jesus. That is our mission in its totality.

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America Is On Borrowed Time

America is on borrowed time. We are well past the point of no return. There is no going back. If you want to work to change America as a nation politically, I certainly will not try to stop you from doing that. For me? While this country hurtles toward judgment (and it is coming!), my preference is to be involved in pulling people from the fire by introducing them to the only One who can save them from their sin.

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Christians Waste Too Much Time Being Concerned About America

Folks, let’s leave America to God and be about fulfilling the one job He did give us, the Great Commission, where we tell individuals about Jesus and their need for salvation. America is simply a backdrop. My citizenship is in heaven, folks. I’m hoping yours is too, but from the looks of things, too many believe their citizenship is in America, where it starts and stops.

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