Hate Crimes Bill

October 29, 2009 at 8:53 PM

Funny how it has literally become a Federal crime to preach against the sin of homosexuality.  As merely one example, in 2004, Michael Marcavage and a number of other individuals attended a Gay Pride event, in which they held up banners indicating that homosexuality is a sin, as described in God’s Word.  Because of that, he and a number of individuals were arrested, but the charges were later dropped.

So the big question is what constitutes hate?  If I say that prostitition is wrong, because it is sinful activity, is that hate?  If I say that stealing from other people is wrong because it is sin, is that hate?  If I say that anything that God declares as sinful is wrong, is that hate?  Apparently, the answer is ‘yes’ when it comes to homosexuality.  To read from Scripture, or to simply offer the opinion – calmly, without malice – that homosexuality is sin, could now be understood as inciting hatred toward homosexuals.

Interestingly enough, people in Berkeley and the Bay Area can seemingly do and say whatever they want to say, with banners, placards, marches, rhetoric which is often hate-filled, yet though they incite, they continue.  Where are the laws that protect Christians who offer their opinion about what God says?  This so-called law, has yet to go through the courts, to be tested and to be determined whether or not it is constitutional.  In the meantime however, the threat overhangs anyone’s head who deigns to suggest that homosexuality is sin.

Ultimately, this law merely seeks to silence the opinion of Christians.  Those who support this law want to “kill” the message and the messenger, by removing the right to offer a spoken or written opinion on the issue of homosexuality.  Does this country need it?  Is it going to give the courts more ability to punish those who participate in reprehensible crimes against homosexuals, lesbians and transgender individuals?  Is it going to stop someone from harrassing someone who is homosexual, or commiting murder because the hate crimes bill is now on the books?  That would be nice, but since the “books” have also had “do not commit murder” for centuries, yet people continue to murder, it is obvious that laws in and of themselves do not stop crime.

The only thing this law will do is make it punishable for Christians to say anything that even sounds like they are against homosexuality.  It will give the prosecutors, the lawyers and the courts the ability to arrest and punish someone who says that homosexuality is morally wrong.  So Christians will be jailed for it.  What has that solved?  Authentic Christians are not the ones who are harrassing and murdering homosexual individuals.  They pray for them, they witness to them, and they help them come out of the lifestyle that is abberant, to say the least.  Many ex-homosexuals are grateful that there were Christians who persevered.  Joe Dallas is one of them.  Joe is a man who spent a good portion of his adult life as an active member of the homosexual community.  He participated in it and he is now free from it.  Joe Dallas has a ministry in sexual addiction recovery and homosexuality, and is nationally recognized.

According to the new hate crimes bill, what Joe Dallas does could well be labeled illegal.  The homosexual community could care less about how many individuals people like Joe help.  They are interested in being seen as normal people, with normal desires; people who have a lovely home, pay their taxes and are simply another version of the American family.  The truth though is often far different from what the rest of us are led to believe.  The homosexual community wants to silence those who disagree with their lifestyle.  They want to be protected from others making any type of statement against the way they live.  For the moment, they seem to have their wish.  How long will that last before this law, or parts of it are overturned?  How long before the world gets to see the homosexual lifestyle in all its rawness?  It’s there and for the most part, it is completely under wraps.

Don’t believe it?  Search the Internet.  Check out places like zombietime.com to see what militant homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders and feminists do not want the world to see as “commonplace.”  Be warned though, because places like zombietime.com highlight aspects of the homosexual community that are far from “normal” and very much abberant.  This is not what the mainstream media shows us, nor is this how the homosexual is normally portrayed on TV and in movies. 

Jesus said that prior to His return, those days would be like the days of Lot.  Lot, his wife and his two daughters were saved out of Sodom, prior to the Lord’s destruction of it with fire and brimstone.  His wife, who could not bear to part with her world of Sodom, looked back and perished because of it.  What we are seeing today is the very thing that Jesus said would herald the days before His return.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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