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Islam: What is it and Who Started It?

What people are failing to see is that while Muslims certainly may have the right to practice their religion in this United States, they do not have the right to break the laws of this land in so doing. All 50 states have laws against husbands raping their wives. Apparently though, if you are Muslim and your religion teaches that women can never say “no” to a husband’s desire for sex, then you are exempt.

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“Legalize” Arizona

Arizona will be legalized when it forces all illegal immigrants to go through legal lchannels to gain entry into this country. Until then, Arizona is actually being held hostage by illegal immigrants, and special interest groups who have nothing better to do but play the race card whenever they feel threatened.

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Arizona, Illegal Immigrants and the Courts

In a perfect world that will one day be here when Jesus Christ returns and metes out perfect justice regardless of race or gender, these types of discriminatory efforts will not be in place. Until then, it appears that race and/or gender will always play a part in how laws are determined. If you have not gotten used to it, then you need to start.

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Homosexuality, Julea Ward and the Problem with Eastern Michigan University

In a few years, none of this will matter because Satan’s Trojan Horse – Islam – will have gained the victory from within, as they have done in The Netherlands and as they are doing in Great Britain. While some of the more violent Muslims are willing to fly planes into tall buildings, many more are more willing to condense their hate-filled rhetoric into chants that create an strong sense of uneasiness with people. “Let’s give them what they want, so they will go away!” has become the response to the demands of Muslims repeatedly. They will not go away. They plan on taking over. What are you going to do about it when they come into your neighborhood making demands that are given to no other group? Better come up with an answer now.

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Islam Rising

I would ask that you to watch this video:

I will warn you that it is violent and some of the images will shock. Please also note some of the language on that Web site will likely offend. However, the video offers a glimpse into the heart of the Muslim extremist. Please pass the link onto as many people as possible. Pray for God’s strength to stand against this tremendous evil and preach His gospel in spite of the odds. His Word will not return to Him void.

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Islam Wants to Rule…the World

Muslims want a world in which Sharia Law and dhimmitude work together hand in hand. This will mean that the world goes back to BEFORE the dark ages. Women will be treated as less than furniture. Their husbands will beat them whenever necessary and evil kill them if the “sin” the wife commits calls for it. Women will walk at least three feet behind their husbands and will be required to wear full length burkas, allowing only their eyes to be visible.

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Orwellian Days are Here Courtesy of Obama

Nonetheless, what has occurred is that the voice of over 70,000 people were instantly silenced without due process. The government simply stepped in and took control, eliminating these voices and this has been done in a country in which freedom of speech is one of our noblest freedoms.

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