Moderate Muslims? Do They Really Exist?

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I had an interesting conversation with a Muslim recently who proclaimed to be moderate but spent the majority of time excusing radical Muslims (by not even addressing what they do, or by severely limiting the impact they have on the world), while pointing the finger at me for being what he called a “fascist and a fanatic.”  This was due in part because I had the temerity to “arrogantly” point out that Jesus was the only way to gain salvation.

Now mind you, I was quoting Jesus in that regard, so in effect, Jesus was the One who pointed that out to the world.  He said it in John 14:6 with the words, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”  To me, it is obvious that Jesus was being very “intolerant” of other religious systems.  He was clearly saying that in order to gain salvation (“come to the Father), all would have to gain that salvation through Him.  There was no one else who could stand in the gap the way Jesus could and does.

I believe that what Jesus said was absolute truth.  I base my beliefs around what He taught and the life He lived.

My Muslim friend was not interested in that and quickly found ways to blame me for the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.  Go figure.  He said that I was filled with hatred because though he allegedly came to me with open arms of love and brotherhood, I had pushed back with hatred.  I beg to differ.  I pushed back with truth, as explained in the Bible.  It would be foolhardy of me to throw my life into something that I did not wholeheartedly believe to be the truth.  Mr. Muslim explained that no religion can be proven, which is ultimately admitting that he can’t prove the veracity of Islam and cannot adequately explain why he believes it to be the truth…for him.

I tried to explain to him that most people judge books at least in part, by their covers.  While this does not always accurately reflect the contents of the book in question, we assume that the graphic designer of the book’s cover based the cover design at least loosely on the contents of the book itself.  If not, then there is at the very least, a misrepresentation of the true message of the book.

I pointed out that Islam is judged not by what it preaches only, but by what its adherents do in their daily life, the same way Christianity is judged by the world.  Of course, the judgment applied to Christianity and Christians is really far narrower than judgments applied to Islam, or say, the gay community and the tactics of intolerance and hatred they use to stifle truth.

In my view, there are two types of Muslims.  1) So-called Radical Muslims, and 2) So-called Moderate Muslims.  The difference between these two groups is supposed to be stark.  While the first group does whatever it can to eradicate people who they consider to be infidels (people who are not Muslim), group number two allegedly lives by love, wishing to hurt no one and to live in peace with all people.  But do they?  There are some interesting examples of how so-called moderate Muslims live based on what they believe.  Consider the following.

We learned from a Pakistani taxi driver in northern Virginia that Allah’s call to kill non-believers can come to a true believer at any time, without warning,
and must be obeyed by the true believer. Killing Christians and Jews ends their existence, which is itself a sin against Allah, the man said. Muslim deaths
hasten their journey to be with Allah. The man, a devout Muslim and educated engineer, said he would have to kill his passenger if he heard Allah’s call. Fortunately for us, the phone was not ringing during that taxi ride, but the driver was deadly serious.” [1]  Please note that this taxi driver is located in northern Virginia, within the United States.  To this man, killing infidels is simply a matter of fact; an eventuality that will ultimately drive all true Muslims to commit murder in the name of Allah.  If they are killed in the process, well that means they get to go into the afterlife that much sooner where 70 or so virgins await them.  If they are arrested and not killed, they are still seen as heroes by many.

On another note, “why is it that when Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah Al al-Sheikh, the
Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, declares that it is ‘necessary
to destroy all the churches in the Arabian Peninsula,’ the major media do not see this as even worth reporting? And no one, to the best of my knowledge, has noted that he said this to the members of a terrorist group,” [2; emphasis added].  Can you imagine if any Christian pastor in the world preached a message of hatred like that toward Islam and their mosques?

Where are all the so-called Moderate Muslims gathering in protest and condemnation of the messes that radical Muslims create?  I see nothing and I hear crickets.  These protesting groups of Muslims do not exist unless they are simply using a cloak of invisibility.  While I have seen the occasional web site purporting to represent a group of moderate Muslims who – on their web site – condemn the violence or radical Islam, that’s as far as it seems to go.  When CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) tries at every turn to inject Sharia law into the fabric of the United States, or to denounce the laws of the United States as unfair and intolerant to Islam, moderate Muslims are nowhere to be found.  I simply hear those darn crickets again!

My Muslim friend was very quick to point out to me the atrocities committed by the Spanish Inquisition and other evils (perpetrated mainly by the Roman Catholic Church).  These are absolutely terrible things to behold and I also pointed out that if these things occurred today, millions of authentic Christians would gather in protest at the very least.  We would condemn the actions in no uncertain terms.  We would do what we legally could to overthrow those who would be abusing their power and lording it over others.  Granted, there is only so much that can be done though because once a government (or powerful religious body) begins cracking down on people, things become even more ugly.  In other words, we would try to do what would be the right thing to do.

But I do not see any attempt by so-called moderate Muslims to stand against their radical counterparts.  Why is that?  I have been told that they (moderates) value their lives and do not wish to put themselves in harm’s way by standing against their brothers in Islam.  Yet, these same moderates condemn those who did not stand up against Hitler when he chose to do his level best to eradicate Jews.  Do I smell hypocrisy?  Absolutely, and it’s overpowering.

The amount of fluff and hypocrisy is often startling.  It’s similar to when we see “tolerant” gays and homosexuals condemn with hate-speech (and death threats) those who simply point out that as far as the Bible is concerned, homosexuality is wrong.  It’s a fact that they prefer not to hear, so they pounce, labeling the speaker as a “hater” and that he/she should “die,” etc.  Yet, let’s not forget that these people claim to be tolerant of all people with the exception that they would like to kill those who oppose same-sex marriage.  Makes sense.

It appears to be the same with moderate Muslims.  In the course of my conversation with Mr. Muslim, he was very quick to attack me not only for my beliefs, but for my alleged arrogance.  He preferred to relegate the many daily violent events promulgated by radical Muslims as “few and far between.”  In essence, he said not one word which told me that he actually stood against radical Islam, preferring instead to target me and my beliefs.  When you’re backed against a corner, the best defense is to go on the offense.

I am unfortunately coming to the belief that so-called moderate Muslims are little more than radicals in disguise.  Consider this information regarding Hamas.  “We are told repeatedly that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is a genuine moderate committed to achieving a
peace settlement with Israel. Abbas and his chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, bolster this theme by uttering soothing statements in English, endorsing peace to the international community. Yet, in Arabic, to their own people, they deny Israel’s right to exist and promote vicious hatred against Jews.” [3]

While we might be tempted to think that this is an anomaly, the real truth of the matter is that there are many videos on the ‘Net spoken in Arabic in which it becomes clear that so-called moderate Muslims are little more than radical Muslims in suits (once audio is translated).  They come across as modern, professional, and even-handed in their approach to the Middle East situation…in English, but when their words are translated from their native Arabic, it becomes painfully obvious that they are simply duping the West.  There are way too many examples of this type of chicanery to point out here, but for the reader who is actually interested in determining the truth, then the videos and other information is there for you to find.

My Muslim friend also pointed out – as they are wont to do – that the commonalities between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are many, therefore we should concentrate on those things in common in order to create greater understanding and peace between all three groups.  He pointed to Abraham, the father of all three religions as the main example.  (This is something that Rick Warren seems interested in attempting to do, but in truth, they dutifully avoid witnessing to or evangelizing Muslims with all of their get-together events.  How does being involved with someone socially open their eyes to the truth of salvation?  Friendship evangelism simply doesn’t work.)

Forgive me, but except for the fact that both Judaism and Christianity look back to Abraham and his promised son, Isaac, and the fact that Jesus came from the Jewish nation with Christianity being the result of it, I don’t see any connection at all with Islam.  Let’s look at some facts.

Islam claims that Ishmael, not Isaac, was the son of promise and Muhammad traces his lineage back to Ishmael.  Obviously, if Muhammad claims an ancestral connection to Abraham through Ishmael, then clearly, Muhammad has no divine credentials whatsoever.  According to the Bible (which Muslims will tell you they believe, but the Qur’an takes precedence, and so I ask, which is it?  Do they believe the Bible or does the Qur’an take precedence because it can’t be both), Isaac was the promised son, not Ishmael, especially considering the fact that Jesus’ lineage goes back to Abraham through Isaac.  Further proof is found in Romans 9 – 11, where Paul specifically mentions Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Ishmael is nowhere to be found.

Abraham’s sons included Ishmael, however, we also know that when Abraham chose Hagar (at Sarah’s urging), what he did displeased the Lord.  In fact, the only reason that God blessed Ishmael at all was because he came from Abraham’s loins, but it is very clear that since Ishmael’s birth, there has been nothing but severe problems for the nation of Israel…to this very day.

Isaac is clearly listed as the son of promise in too many places in Scripture to ignore.  Jesus’ human lineage dates back to Isaac providing Jesus with the lineage that is blessed by God.  This is not unusual to see two people but only one blessed.  Do the names Esau and Jacob ring any bells?  “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated,” (Malachi 1:3; Romans 9:13).  God makes His own decisions based strictly on His will and purposes.  The Jewish nation selected King Saul as their king, but God ultimately rejected him, choosing David over Saul; something the people of Israel would not have done.

I’ve written a book called Chrislam to deal with the allegations that Islam and Christianity have so many things in common.  There is a growing group of people who are falling under the delusion that the alleged commonalities between Christianity and Islam outweigh any differences.  This is simply not true.

My Muslim friend kept wanting to call me “brother” because he said we worship the same God.  Unfortunately, I had to point out to him that we are not brothers because we do not worship the same God.  I then proceeded to explain as briefly but as clearly as I could what those differences represent.

Jesus is God the Son.  He is part of the triune Godhead consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  I realize that there are sects and cults within Christendom that would disagree with me but I’m not interested in wasting my time debating the issue.  I have arrived at my conclusions after careful study of God’s Word and I’m sure they would say the same thing about their beliefs.  What good does it do to try to “prove” to them that they are in error (or from their perspective, that I am in error)?  Even Jesus did not take the time debate.  He often simply stated the truth and let the chips fall where they might.

But back to Islam, it is clear from their beliefs that they do not believe Jesus is God.  In fact, they constantly denigrate Christians and Jews by calling us “people of the book” who they say, misrepresent the character of God; that God does not have a Son, that He did not actually die on the cross, etc., (so who is being arrogant?).

My point is that the God I worship is God the Son (and also includes God the Father and God the Holy Spirit).  Each member of the Godhead has a specific role that they have chosen to play.  To deny what appears to be the obvious truth of Scripture is to deny God Himself.

Yet Muhammad came along roughly 600 years after Jesus and simply decided a number of things about Him.  Muhammad decided that Jesus did not die on the cross, but that He was removed from the cross alive and translated to heaven.  It is interesting how most cults (including the cult of the New Age movement) are desperate to deny that Jesus actually died on the cross.  This represents the wisdom of this age.  Paul clarifies for us in his first letter to the Corinthians when he says regarding the crucifixion; “the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age has understood; for if they had understood it they would not have crucified the Lord of glory,” (1 Corinthians 2:8).

The point is simple.  If Satan and his minions had realized the absolute truth of the necessity of the crucifixion in God’s’ plan and all that it meant, they would have done everything they could to have kept that crucifixion from happening.  Instead, they played right into God’s hands, bringing all the events and circumstances to bear on the situation so that Jesus was betrayed, wrongly accused and tried, and then killed painfully through death on a cross.  In all of his intelligence and wisdom, Satan had no clue.  There were only hints in the Old Testament that the Messiah would die and Satan was kept from figuring it out.  The only thing he could see was that he needed to kill Jesus so he set out to do just that and succeeded in fulfilling prophesy and bringing the plan of salvation to fruition.  I’m quite certain that fact fills him with loathing to this day for all of God’s Creation, especially those who have gained salvation through faith in the work of Christ.

Since then, Satan has worked diligently to cast serious doubt on the cross work of Christ by either denying that it happened at all, or that it means something apart from what it truly means.  Muhammad – in my view – has been and continues to be used as a dupe to spread the lie that Jesus did not actually die on the cross.  There are others used this way as well.

There are those within the New Age movement who have been spreading this lie as well and the tragedy is that people will believe them because these individuals have allegedly used “remote-viewing” to go back through history to see what “actually” happened.  They are gaining momentum and followers.

So apart from the fact that Muslims and Christians worship completely different Gods, what else might the problem be?  Unfortunately for Islam’s adherents, there is no guarantee of any type of salvation and I took the time to point this out to my friend, Mr. Muslim.  This is when I was called arrogant because I further pointed out that salvation can only be found in Jesus (as noted).

In fact, Islam is like a plethora of other humanly created ideologies and religions.  All of them indicate that any type of salvation gained must be earned.  There is no grace and no guarantee.  There is no efficacious provision of eternal life based on faith in God alone.  It’s work – a good deal of it – time, and a tremendous amount of hope.  Faith really isn’t even part of the picture.  This applies to the New Age movement in which adherents believe that as they work hard by applying principles they learn to their lives, they begin to advance through the many stages of spiritual evolution.  One day, they hope to achieve divine actualization in which they will no longer be required to reincarnate because they will finally become gods.

Whether it’s Islam, the New Age movement, or any numbers of individual cults and sects, any group that adds to salvation with works is actually subtracting from the process of salvation.  This does not mean that the Christian is not involved in the process of sanctification or that we are somehow simply passive throughout.  It means that eternal life is fully given, not as a reward for works, but as a response to our faith.  From that point onward, the authentic Christian begins growing in Christ, which is another way of simply saying that for the rest of our earthly lives, we will be in the process of conforming to the image and character of Jesus, made possible by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

There is no other religious system or ideology that boasts this!  The differences are stark so in that regard, Islam is like every other religion that requires people do something in the form of good works in order to satiate the death cravings of some god or idol.  These systems are fully devoid of grace as they depend upon the unreachable hope that the normal pernicious nature of an idol/god will be set aside when he/she sees the work of the penitent.

Katharine Weiss recently stated, “I cannot emphasize it enough: The
god of Islam is NOT the same as the God of the Bible.” [4]  She went on to point out that, “The character of Allah is not the personality of one who designed intimacy and relationship, which is the fervent desire of Jehovah, the God of the Bible.  Jehovah is constantly seeking intimacy with us.” [5]

Nothing I have personally read or studied about Allah (or Islam), nor through the living testimony of those involved in Islam has proven to me that Allah cares anything for any part of the creation he allegedly created.  In fact, Allah seems to be constantly angry and willfully uses men and women to inflict great harm on other men, women, and children.

So-called moderate Muslims like my friend, dutifully ignore these actions, relegating them to the ravings of a lunatic fringe.  If only that were true, but it obviously is not true at all.  Even if radical Muslims are in the minority compared to so-called moderate Muslims, the amount of ill will, death, and destruction created by radical Islamists is alarming and rightly so.

Regarding Hagar, Katharine Weiss also pointed out that even though God obviously blessed Hagar – Ishmael had 12 sons and they became very wealthy – God, “remains the God of protocol. In Genesis 16:9, He charges Hagar, ‘Go home and serve your mistress‘.” [6; emphasis added]  That mistress was Abraham’s wife, Sarah.

It does not cease to amaze me today that truth is only truth if people are willing to embrace it.  If they don’t embrace it, then it’s not truth, but merely an opinion and an arrogant one at that.

Today, it is becoming the norm for hate-filled groups like the many gay activists to wish death upon those who simply point out that homosexuality is a sin; it is wrong according to God and should not be given credence.  I base my understanding of this on what is represented in God’s Word, which I fully believe is truth for all generations.

Recently a sixteen-year old girl became an Internet sensation because of her conservative viewpoints she espoused in her video blog.  Included in her viewpoint is her stand against same-sex marriage.  In short order, gays and homosexuals began leaving the most vile comments on her page, including death wishes.  This is tragic because it underscores the fact that the homosexual community is far from tolerant and in fact, are only tolerant with people with whom they agree.  Every once else can die as far as they are concerned and the sooner, the better.

This is the same attitude evidenced within Islam and unfortunately, they often make good on their threats to kill the infidels.  So-called moderate Muslims who say they are different from their radical counterpart, but do nothing to stop the madness perpetrated by the radical elements of Islam are just as guilty as if they themselves had strapped explosive devices on and killed as many innocent people as possible.

If I was walking down the street and saw a woman being attacked, it is my obligation not only as a member of society but as a Christian to do something to help that poor woman.  If I simply walked by I cannot state that because I did not actually join in the attack of the woman, I am somehow innocent of her blood.  That is foolishness and the height of arrogant self-centeredness!  As far as God is concerned, by not doing anything to help that women, I am just as guilty as if I had personally attacked her and Jesus makes this fully clear throughout the gospels.

To stand to the side and simply deny that you are not a radical Muslim without doing anything to prove it makes you out to be a liar and calls into question your own understanding of fairness.  It does not somehow indemnify you from accusation simply because you say that you are not a radical.  You admit to being part of the religious system of Islam, therefore it is your obligation to prove what Islam means by how you live, not by what you say.

Recently, a video began going viral on the ‘Net.  In it, a preacher from the south speaks out against homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  He uses the example that if you took gay men and put them in an electrified cage (so that they couldn’t get out) and took lesbians and put them in another electrified cage and then dropped food and water into those cages, they would all eventually die out because there would be no way for them to reproduce.  While he probably did not use the best example, it is amazing how the homosexual community has seized upon this video and taken the pastor’s words out of context.  They make it appear as though this pastor wants homosexuals dead.  That’s not what he said.  He was simply trying to point out – in a rather archaic manner – that homosexuals have no way of reproducing within their own lifestyle and because of that, they would eventually die out.

Of course, the gay community went ballistic and attacked this man by playing the victim card.  It is amazing the heights that certain groups will go in order to gain sympathy for their “plight.”

Christians are expected to live the life and the world loves to label Christians as hypocritical just as quickly as they see something askew in their life.  Christians are held to a completely different standard than everyone else.  We are supposed to live perfect lives apparently because of what we believe, even though there is nothing in Scripture that says we will ever be perfect in this life.  Perfection comes in the next life, when our sin nature is eradicated.  That doesn’t matter though because the world demands to see perfection.  Even if we could showcase perfection, the attacks against Christians would not stop.

Jesus lived a perfectly sinless life, yet He was attacked at every turn.  We are told throughout 1 John that the world hates us because God lives within us and because we are not of this world.  The world’s hatred for authentic Christians has to do with the fact that they are in rebellion to God and we represent God on earth.  I did not say that we ARE God.  I said we REPRESENT Him while on earth.  We are His ambassadors.

I do not expect perfection from anyone.  I don’t expect it from so-called moderate Muslims and I do not expect it from gays, especially since I cannot be perfect myself.  I do however, expect the playing field to be level and I expect that the rules of engagement to be the same for everyone.  Gays and so-called moderate Muslims like to play the victim card.  They like to change things up so that they gain the advantage.  They enjoy pointing out the perceived problems in authentic Christians while ignoring the problems within their own communities or institutions.

I have come to the sad conclusion that so-called moderate Muslims do not exist at all.  While they certainly want the world to see a difference between moderates and radicals, the only real difference may be in the outward expression of beliefs.  Inwardly, by their omission, it would seem that so-called moderate Muslims root for the radical, while they remain safely on the sidelines, dutifully ignoring the problems that radical Muslims create.

If the Spanish Inquisition (or any inquisition for that matter) occurred today, I would like to believe that millions of authentic Christians the world over would not only protest, but would do everything legally possible to ensure the inquisition’s demise.

So-called moderate Muslims have their opportunity to stand up in protest and stand against radical Muslims who routinely perpetrate evil.  They’re simply not doing that leaving me no choice but to believe that they inwardly approve of the actions of radical Muslims.


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      Assuming you’re being serious, we both know where that wisdom comes from – if I have any at all – and that is from God above.

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