Humanity is Becoming Extremely Base and Offensive

August 9, 2012 at 7:07 AM

You knew it had to happen, didn’t you?  Today, people use the “F” word like they breathe the air.  It is common for people to engage in conversations with other people only to fill those conversations with vile, reprehensible verbiage that tells us all we need to know about them as human beings.  To me, it seems as if hell is emptying itself of demons and they have simply taken up residence inside of the many people on this planet who have rebelled against God for so long that God has finally given them over to themselves and their sensual lusts.

We know that the western world within the United States of the 1700 and 1800s was, by all accounts, wild, hence the wild west.  However, there was a certain decorum that existed within society that prompted men to tip their hats as they passed women on the streets, or to move from the sidewalk to the dirt street to allow women to pass if there was not enough room on the sidewalk.

There were things about the wild west that made it wild.  To hear series creator and head writer David Milch say it, the “F” word along with other filth was the common denominator during the wild west.  Don’t you believe it.  Yes, Deadwood – the actual city – had its major problems and life wasn’t worth much at times there, but the filthy way people allegedly spoke to one another according to Milch is another example of Hollywood mythology.

Even when I was growing up, the “F” word was normally not heard.  It simply was not in vogue.  Today, swear words come out of people’s mouths like water over a waterfall.  It is due largely to the fact that society has been severely dumbed down.  People don’t know how to communicate anymore and neither do they work to keep their emotions in check.  What they think is stated and it is normally stated without wisdom or discretion.  It is in your face.  There is a very real and alarming reason for that too.

People today – generally – do not want to think about God or the fact that they are in need of His salvation.  Those who make the effort to go to church (if they go at all) do so in order to feel good about themselves.  They can tell themselves they are good, moral people, even if they do have a trash mouth (not that they use it in church of course).  In truth though, those kind of “Christians” have no real impact on people’s lives, including their own.  In fact, the world can easily hobnob with them because they are not a threat to their lifestyles.  Under the guise of “judge not,” these “Christians” put on the face of an individual who refuses to point out sin, even in their own life.  They are also very quick to point out the perceived problems with authentic Christians, constantly confusing Jesus’ admonition to “not judge” as something they believe means we are not allowed to judge a person’s actions or words.  That’s not what Jesus meant.

When the world (and those professing Christians described above) has to deal with actual authentic Christians, they repel and recoil from them.  Then they become extremely defensive and even antagonistic toward them.  Why?  It’s due to the fact that the true Christian’s life is a constant reminder to the fallen of just how far they have, in fact, fallen.  Who wants to be reminded of that?  Certainly not those who prefer to have no remembrance of God at all, or want to simply pretend to be Christian, while living a life that fools no one.

What is very telling about the world today is the way in which they deal with authentic Christians, even when those Christians are not telling the world how to live.  The world is filled with vitriolic and vile comments coming from the Left toward Christians and though the Bible is clear that these days would come (and I believe are here now), it is somewhat difficult to live in these days because of what is transpiring throughout society.

Naked people attack others and chew their face off.  Others try to eat babies or bite dogs.  One must ask, when has society reached this level of unbridled anarchy before since this nation came into being?  What is happening?

We’ve already discussed the Chick-fil-A situation on at least two occasions.  We know how Adam Smith (who has since apologized) berated one worker at a Chick-fil-A in Arizona with his offensive comments.  In another instance, a six-year-old put up a video on the ‘Net providing 10 reasons why people should not vote for Mr. Obama in the coming election.  He was not only roundly criticized by the Left, but those with death wishes and desires to see him “raped” by Jerry Sandusky were overpowering in their vileness.

Lolo Jones has become a new target from the Left.  An Olympic USA runner who came in 4th place was soundly ridiculed for her stance on being and remaining a virgin until she marries.  The type of comments in rebuttal to her convictions are from low-brow people who obviously have not a modicum of respect or common sense.  If you should wish to read some of the vulgar comments, you can do so by clicking on this link, but please be warned that most of the comments are extremely vulgar:

Twitter Users Castigate Lolo Jones’ Stance of Virginity

If you choose to read through some of the comments, you will quickly note that these people are truly lowlifes, the type that would kick someone after they are down and unable to defend themselves.  This is not the kind of humanity that God created.  It is what humanity has become after generations of society’s move toward, and embrace of, Satan and his kingdom.  It is not only depressing, but it is clear that society has become thoroughly degraded.  What’s next?  Can society go even lower?  The Bible indicates that it will.

We have seen changes take place throughout society at what I consider to be an unprecedented level.  It appears to be happening at every level of society and it is made worse by the thickening (and sickening) growing climate of political correctness.  People are viewed as haters and bigots if they state their beliefs that homosexuality is wrong.  These same people who call authentic Christians bigots have no problem ridiculing someone like Lolo Jones for her stance regarding virginity.

However, it is not politically correct to condemn Muslims who also believe that homosexuality is wrong and go to the extreme of executing gays who happen to be discovered living in a nation governed by Sharia law.  It is not politically correct to stand against Islam because that is seen as hatred and bigotry, in spite of the fact that nearly 100% of the terrorists throughout the world are Arab and Muslim.  Why?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that the man who occupies the Oval Office is, at the very least, very sensitive and even supportive of Muslims over against any other religious persuasion?  It would certainly appear to be the case.

It is because of this type of “pc” mentality that governs our world, the TSA here in America will not profile.  Instead they act like thugs towards average American citizens and others who are essentially treated as if they are already guilty and therefore, must prove their innocence to the TSA “guard” before being allowed to board a plane.  This is lauded by our administration because it is not considered fair to profile anyone.  Of course, this is in spite of the fact that the TSA has never kept a true terrorist from boarding an airplane.

I’ve always wondered why this administration seems to be so favorable toward Islam, unless again, Mr. Obama is a Muslim himself, though he denies it.  Obamacare is designed almost with the Muslim in mind.  They will never pay anything for their healthcare, nor will they ever be required to pay any type of premium for it.  It’s against Sharia law.

Moreover, we see a man in the Oval Office who seems dead set against Israel.  Mr. Obama bows to every other nation’s leader, but winds up poking Israel’s PM Netanyahu in the chest.  What is that all about?  It is satanic.

It becomes clear that Mr. Obama hates Israel just as Islamic countries hate Israel.  His desire seems obvious though he cannot come out and make his inner desires known as Ahmadinejad has done and continues to do on a regular basis.  Mr. Obama must keep up the facade that he supports Israel when his actions and even his words (on occasion) tell a different story.

His entire administration seems geared to overthrowing Israel and working hand in hand with Islam toward the world’s next Caliphate.  Why?  The only reasonable answer is that Mr. Obama agrees with Islam’s agenda concerning Israel.  Since he took over the Oval Office, Mr. Obama has consistently shown that he supports Islam and stands opposed to Israel.  It’s been very clear to anyone who can see.  Those who refuse to see are blind because they want to be blind.  I believe that Mr. Obama, along with Muslims everywhere, wants to see Jerusalem as the capitol of the next Islamic Caliphate.  It goes without saying that to support Islam means to stand against Christianity.

But we also have someone in the Oval Office who is opposed to the rule of established law, unless it’s his law (through Executive Orders).  Apparently, word is out that he urged officials and law enforcement to “go easy” on Occupy protestors in the Northwest of the United States. [1]  Moreover, we are seeing more rights grabbing by the TSA and other law enforcement officials in general.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has, by many accounts, earned the name “Liar-in-Chief” because of how often he lies or stretches the truth beyond credulity.  Even dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, Caroline Kennedy says she cannot listen to Mr. Obama speaks because he lies so often.  This should tell us something.  Are we listening?

Overall, something is blatantly encouraging the worst in people to come out.  It is happening right before our eyes.  What used to be said and even done in private is now completely out in the open and if you don’t like it, you will be verbally assaulted into silence.  It also seems to be emanating from the Oval Office with all of its perceived lawlessness and complete lack of respect for what many in this country hold near and dear.  Society in America has taken its cue from Mr. Obama and his godless administration.

But is it more than that?  Obviously, we know that the powers, rulers, and wickedness in the spiritual realm are being given more leeway to accomplish what they will accomplish.  The floodgates are opening and filth of all types is spilling out onto society.  The world laughs at my concerns.  To them, my antiquated, sanctimonious views need to go back to the Dark Ages and stay there.

Folks, we cannot turn this back.  I hate to sound like a defeatist, but that appears to me to be the case.  The fighting has intensified and the powers that be in the spiritual realm who stand opposed to God and all He has created are out in force.  They will not be quieted and apparently, this is the time that God is allowing them to make their move.

In the meantime, the Christian must be as stalwart as Daniel.  We must remain committed to God just as Daniel was in his day.  We really can do nothing less than this, unless of course, we wish to be washed away with the filth that is swirling all around us?

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” (Joshua 24:15).  That service not only requires our dedication and commitment to Him as Lord, God, and Creator of all, but also forces us to understand that the Great Commission still needs to be fulfilled.
PS – Folks, I am out of town until August 16th so in all likelihood, there will not be any new articles here on this blog until then.  Thanks for hanging out with me and look for more when I return.


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