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An Open Letter from John MacArthur Regarding SCOTUS Decision

The highest court in the land has passed its judgment. The headlines proclaim that a slim majority of Supreme Court justices considers freedom of sexual orientation a right for all Americans. This exchange of one set of values in favor of another does not come as a surprise to us who already know that the god of this world has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe (2 Cor. 4:4). June 26th, 2015 stands as a significant milestone in the American demonstration of this ancient reality. This is a critical hour for believers across our nation.

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Rapture, Increasing Lawlessness, and the Tribulation, Part 1

Besides the constant push toward evil that currently exists in global society, certain events highlighted in the Bible will play their part in allowing and advocating a greater advance of evil than would have occurred had those events not happened at all. Certainly one large, unmistakable event is the Rapture. Yet, too many people tend to think of the Rapture as merely an event in which millions of authentic Christians “escape” from this planet. That is certainly part of it; one side of the coin. However, the other part of the coin – as the result of the Rapture occurring – is represented by the things that occur in society because the Rapture has taken place. This cannot be stressed enough.

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Supporting Islam While Throwing Israel Under the Bus

But on a day when being Muslim is actually celebrated in an Oklahoma State house, Muslims came, knelt, and prayed to Allah (Satan, by another name). I don’t recall ever seeing a situation where Christians were actually invited into a government building, allowed to kneel, and pray to the God of the Bible. In fact, there have been numerous cases where DC police have stopped Christian groups from praying on the steps of the Supreme Court building. They were told if they continued, they would face arrest. I have no doubt that this would not be the case if Muslims threw down their prayer rugs and knelt in prayer. In fact, they have not been interrupted when groups of Muslims have gotten together to pray on or near the White House property. Christians are not given the same courtesy and respect.

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There are Two Kinds of People in This World

Notice that Lot included himself with the men, not as a homosexual, but as a human being. While the men reacted in anger to Lot, it does not appear that Lot meant to engender anger in them. He was essentially imploring the men to not act wickedly. Yes, on one hand, the comment from Lot could be taken as being judgmental, but it was judgment applied to what these men intended to do. However, it is very clear that while Lot condemned what the men wanted to do, he did not condemn the men themselves.

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How Should Christians Live Where Gays are Concerned?

Therefore, it is our obligation as Christians to be in a constant mode of reaching out to those who are lost. Yeah, they may be using us. They may be ridiculing us. They may even be used as prime temptations to move us away from God, but in the end, Satan and his minions are using them, just as Satan specifically used Judas and countless other individuals in his plan to thwart God’s purposes.

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Christianity or Politics? Can It Be Both?

Yet, in today’s American society, I wonder if too many Christians have as their primary goal, the “saving” or turning of society? The argument goes something like this: America began as a Christian nation. Over time, things began to change. Humanism snuck in and took control of too many venues to note here, but chief of which was the secular school system, the one started by John Dewey (Socialist). Because we have gone off course, we Christians have an obligation to return America to its founding roots.

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Chinese Government to Tell Christians How to be Christians

It is interesting to consider the fact that in a country like China where atheism is rampant and encouraged, even there, people cannot be stopped from looking to Christ for salvation. Persecution can certainly take its physical toll, but history has proven time and time again, that Christianity cannot be stomped out.

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