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Oh, the Horror: According to the Rumor Mill, Michelle Obama is Thinking of Divorcing Barack!

et me just say loudly and clearly that anyone who buys any of this has shredded paper for brains. Come on, think about it. For years, we’ve heard that the Obama marriage is a set up, allowing him-who-is-allegedly-gay to appear as though he’s not. Most have heard of Larry Sinclair, who wrote a book about his alleged sexual trysts not with Michelle, but with Barack. Of course, he was routinely ignored by the press (on orders, I’m sure) and it died on the vine, proving that it must have a kernel of truth to it.

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Valerie Jarrett: Orchestrating Choreographed Chaos from Behind the Scenes in America

Valerie Jarrett is a dedicated Marxist. Her father-in-law was Vernon Jarrett, a noted Communist. And a close personal associate was Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist poet, and mentor to Barack Obama. He was rumored to have had a sexual relationship with Obama, perhaps molesting him as a young teen. And last but not least, is Donald Warden, a black man who now goes by the Muslim name Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour. A Black Panther, he funded Obama’s college education. He is also a noted American, Jew, and racist white-hater. Hence, it is obvious to see how this association has influenced everything Obama has done in his Presidency and how his puppet master, Jarrett operates. The goal is to destroy America.

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Syria, the US, Russia, and Iran May Wind Up in a Huge Regional Conflict

It may very well be that the chemical attack didn’t really happen. If it did happen (and can be proven), it’s also very likely that it did not happen by Assad’s forces. Why would he wasted the effort when it is clear that he is winning against anti-Assad forces? All he has to do is wait them out. Besides, Russia and Iran seem to have Syria’s back and even China is interested in that area of the world. Who wouldn’t be since it has oodles of oil?

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“I’m a Racist and an Islamophobe”

Whether in this life or the next, all of them will be “rewarded” for their treasonous efforts and effrontery. They just don’t care about the damage they have done because they believe that it serves the higher purposes. The only purposes they’ve served are those of the global elite.

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Obama Troubles: Weapons to Syrian Container Ship Breaks Up and Is Obama a Citizen of Indonesia?

Several things have happened recently that spell trouble for Obama. First, we note that a container ship with weapons headed for Syrian rebels somehow managed to crack in half. The weapons were reportedly from the United States – paid for with tax payer dollars of course – and intended for the Free Syria Army rebels.

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It’s All About Power & Money, But Mainly Power

In my previous article, I outlined the relationship the Bushes have and maintain with the Saudis. But since the Bushes are not in office now, how does that apply to Obama if at all? I touched on that as well last time. While Obama has no real connections to the Bushes, like all presidents, he is often left with very little wiggle room (according to Baker) to do what he would like to do as president. The agenda may already be in place and presidents are nothing more than “hired hands,” controlled by puppeteers in the background.

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A Political Dissident List, Not an Enemy Threat List

However, what is even more interesting is that sometimes it’s easy to wonder if all of these scandals will simply force the administration to create something else to get our minds off the scandals? Obviously, Obama and his minions continue working along, ignoring all the problems associated with these scandals. Jay Carney – the Obama spokesman – continues his duties of lying to the American people even telling us how transparent Obama has been. It’s a joke and this is what the New Left does by ignoring things first and then saying they’ve done everything they can to correct problems that may exist.

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Whistleblower Exclusive: Benghazi Cover-up is the Proxy Battle with the War with Iran

The immediate concern for the Obama-Clinton regime after the attack in Benghazi was to cover up the connection with Iran and Syria to Ansar al Sharia and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) according to my Benghazi whistleblower source. The attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was not a terrorist attack; it was a nation-state attack, an escalation of war, and an opening of a new front in the tit for tat conflict with Iran and by extension their proxy partner Russia that is now being fought in Syria.

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Marines as Umbrella Stands? Yep…Sadly.

It seems that every day, Obama’s actions become more contemptible. The way he stutters after this segments because he’s dealing no less than three scandals that Jay Carney refuses to accept as scandals.

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Obama’s Mounting Troubles

It has to be admitted that things are not looking good for Obama and while people like Julian Bond prefer to simply blame it all on racism, the actual truth may be found elsewhere. Benghazi is putting information into the minds of Americans that the administration would certainly like to have kept locked up. Something is obviously wrong when left-leaning networks like MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and even CNN start reporting the facts about Benghazi.

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