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New York is Pushing Limits with New Ways to Kill Babies

This is the way the left plays the game. They do everything to make it appear that they are concerned for the health and well-being of the mother. In reality, they couldn’t care less. What they want – like all globalists and those who represent them – is to have control over the total population number. It’s not about caring about women. They simply make it sound like that. Eventually, they go the whole nine yards and grab it all because they want women to be able to murder their child even during a partial-birth abortion. If women die in the process, oh well. Who cares? These feminist lawmakers don’t care. People like Andrew Cuomo don’t care, because he simply needs to do whatever it takes so that he will be re-elected and he knows how important women’s “health” issues and “rights” are to retaining his seat.

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There are Two Kinds of People in This World

Notice that Lot included himself with the men, not as a homosexual, but as a human being. While the men reacted in anger to Lot, it does not appear that Lot meant to engender anger in them. He was essentially imploring the men to not act wickedly. Yes, on one hand, the comment from Lot could be taken as being judgmental, but it was judgment applied to what these men intended to do. However, it is very clear that while Lot condemned what the men wanted to do, he did not condemn the men themselves.

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How Should Christians Live in the World?

For now, what I’m saying is that in the world – which is again, Satan’s kingdom – I’m not sure we have a biblical leg to stand on when it comes to trying to change people without considering that they must be changed from within (through receiving salvation) before any real changes can occur. But when it comes to the life of the church, leaders should do everything possible to take care of problems and issues in the most loving way possible. This means never by accepting the sin of the person and simply allowing them to participate in activities that are for only those who have salvation and through commitment and surrender, endeavor to live (through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit) to please God.

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Heretical Wishes of Emergent Church’s Rob Bell

People like Rob Bell are “smooth” and use “flattering speech” to specifically deceive people’s hearts. These particular people hang on every word of people like Rob Bell. They see him as a great teacher and even a type of prophet. They are honored to be in his presence because they hear what they believe to be “love.” Is it?

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God’s Perfect Use of Imperfect People, Part 1

Not only did Elijah flee, but after a day’s journey, he sat down in the desert and essentially asked God to kill him. “But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a [f]juniper tree; and he requested for himself that he might die, and said, “It is enough; now, O Lord, take my life, for I am not better than my fathers,” (1 Kings 19:4). Why this change? Why did Elijah all of a sudden go from a tremendous high to a point where death seemed to be the only answer?

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Is ISIS on Verge of Again Using Khazouk to Kill Enemies?

But you know what the most difficult thing for the authentic Christian to do is, when it comes to Islam? Love them. Share with them the good news of Jesus Christ, the gospel that can lead them to salvation. Islam is not capable of providing salvation. It’s not built that way. There is nothing in it that even suggests a Muslim could have the guarantee of eternal life (except through dying for Allah, like a suicide bomber). All they can do is hope they earn it through service and works. Salvation is not a free gift in Islam.

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Questioning God via Cultural Marxism. Did God Really Say Sexual Sin is Sin? Part 2

But apparently, Pastor Stan Mitchell takes direction from God’s “divine wind” in determining God’s will in matters of life and faith. In spite of the fact that God has made it abundantly clear that all sexual sin (not just gay sex) is an abhorrence to Him and that people who indulge in sexual sins cannot serve in leadership positions, Pastor Mitchell now believes that God has shown him something that is actually opposed to the clear teaching of God’s Word. How did Mitchell and other parishioners arrive at their new conclusion? Through emotional virtue, though they would certainly not acknowledge that at all. To them, it was a “divine wind.” I believe to God, it was nothing more than emotional virtue, the very foundation upon which Cultural Marxism is built.

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