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Will You Succumb to the Coming Great Deception? I Pet Goat, II

Obama is shown in a different light from Bush. Obama wears a mortar board and wears white gloves. The mortar board is there to give the illusion that President Obama is an intellectual, someone who is smart enough to take this country out of its economic depression. We know this is only an illusion that President Obama is far different from George W. Bush because at one point, Obama looks directly at the audience and gives a huge wink with a smile.

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Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Children and Adolescents

One of the main goals of yoga is to help initiates open their Third Eye or Pineal Gland, which resides deep within the brain. Drugs can do this. Sodomy can do this. Magick, spells, and incantations can do this. Yoga can also do this, but how?

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Will You Succumb to the Coming Great Deception? Part Two

Today’s average Christian is far from familiar with God’s Word. Would it be a huge understatement to say that many to most churchgoers today do not read His Word regularly? Would it be incorrect to say that most people who attend church today do not pray on a regular basis, or seek God and His wisdom through His Word?

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Will You Succumb to the Coming Great Deception? Part One

Think about something. When Antichrist is revealed, the events surrounding the reveal are not only accompanied by all the supernatural power of Satan, but will also include a deluding influence that God Himself sends! If you do not love the truth, there is little to no hope for you at all and that should terrify you.

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Opening the Third Eye via Sodomy

If you’re wondering why homosexuality is becoming such a big thing these days and why there are global demands for its acceptance in society, you cannot adequately answer that question without understanding why sodomy is such an integral part of opening the Third Eye (Pineal Gland). The two go hand in hand and while there are numerous ways to open the Pineal Gland, it is clear that sodomy is by far, one of the more powerful methods of doing so.

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Opening the Third Eye via Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Magic

Humanity (except for Noah and his immediate family) had been thoroughly corrupted and there was absolutely no possibility for salvation for them. It was hopeless, which is why God chose to start over with Noah. To a smaller degree, this is also why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s not so much because almost all the men and boys were homosexuals. It’s because they had become thoroughly evil in and of themselves. There was no possibility of them seeking God at all. Once the door to the spiritual realm is open to such a degree, there is no going back. The evil cannot be undone and must simply be destroyed. That is the danger of opening the Third Eye, or the Pineal Gland.

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The Third Eye: Satanic Portal to The Demonic Realm

Many today believe that opening the ‘third eye’ or ‘pineal gland’ is a harmless spiritual practice that is necessary for spiritual maturity, but they are dead wrong. In truth practicing things like horoscopes, psychic abilities, and ‘taping’ into the ‘third eye’ openly invite demons to enter their lives. These deceiving spirits and hypocritical liars then distract them from the truth of Christ.

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