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Why is SodaStream Being Boycotted by Coca-Cola?

But could all of this just be coincidence? “Oxfam backs the Palestinian Authority (PA) position, which views all of Judea and Samaria as rightfully Arab land.” How could that be coincidence? If Oxfam supports the PA position against Israel and Coca-Cola has supported Oxfam with millions of dollars and is headed by a Muslim, what does that tell you?

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Israel’s Destruction at the Hands Of American Islamists

One of the highest offices in the Department of Homeland Security is occupied by a Muslim Brotherhood zealot, with an active twitter account. On this Twitter account Mohamed Elibiary trashes Christians and dares call America an “Islamic nation.”

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Doctrines of Demons: Evangelical Christians Abandoning Israel For “Palestinians”

The evangelical movement away from supporting Israel isn’t new. But reading a column on WND entitled “Look who’s switching sides in Israeli-Arab conflict” more less drove home a point that is decidedly disturbing. Evangelical Christians have been the backbone of support for the state of Israel since 1948. The reason for this is because evangelical Christians know that Israel is the fulfillment of God’s everlasting covenant with his people, which CANNOT be broken.

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Let’s Talk About the Coming Tribulation Over Several Posts, Shall We? All right…

The Tribulation is another area of controversy. Is there an area of Scripture that is not controversial, we might ask? The Tribulation is described as a period of time – seven years – in which God pours out His wrath onto this world and humanity. He does this for two reasons: 1) to purify Israel and gather to Himself the final Remnant of Jews, and 2) to judge the people of the world for how they have continued to reject Him as God and for how they have treated Israel, the apple of His eye.

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Israel: God’s Miracle, And Proof Of His Existence

Why do we shy away from prophecy? Knowing that no man knows the hour doesn’t make it any less important. For we see the changing weather, and know a storm is coming. And we see Israel, brought from the ashes as proof that there is a God, and He is real.

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Wisdom Does Not Mean Always Making the Correct Decision

We know that knowledge is the acquiring of information or learning. Wisdom is knowing how to apply that knowledge. Knowledge helps someone to understand that electricity runs through a light socket. Wisdom tells the person not to put their finger in that light socket. Better use of wisdom causes a person to put a light bulb in that light socket so that the light it gives off is beneficial to those around.

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Bill Clinton Opens Mouth and Out Comes Hubris

Muslims in Israel have freedom and they know it. The Muslims there – like Muslims in other countries surrounding Israel – are largely Arab. An Arab is an Arab. There is no such thing as Palestinian Arab. That individual simply does not exist. It is a created term, one used as propaganda.

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What About Mecca? When Was It Built?

Mecca is located 1,000 kilometers – across barren desert – away from the Holy Land. The record of Abraham’s journey as detailed in Scripture and confirmed by archaeology, precludes any notion of Abraham, Hagar or Ishmael ever having been in Mecca. Additionally, they lived almost 1,000 years before the first caravan route was ever established along the Red Sea in Arabia. Indeed Abraham’s journey never brought him within about 1000, to as much as 1500, kilometers of Mecca

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Here is More Truth on the Real History of Mecca

My point in my last article was to show that Paran and Mecca are not the same area and I believe based on the Scripture I used, I did that. I will also prove that Bakkah (Becca) and Mecca are not the same places either. Obviously, I cannot go over all the factors involved in proving these things, but I do want to show some of the main points that I believe are pertinent to show the history of Mecca and whether or not Abraham was involved there at all.

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Daniel 9 and the 70 Weeks, Pt. 2

Since Daniel was thinking in terms of years, Gabriel’s words to him were almost a play on words. In effect, Gabriel was saying, “Daniel, it’s not seventy years, but seventy sevens of years.” The Hebrew word shābûá in the text literally means “sevens” or more precisely, “a period of sevens.” Had the Hebrew word meant “weeks,” (as translated) the text in the original language would have been shavuot.

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