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Face It: Anti-Semitism is Fully Satanic, Pt 3

But why has Satan continued to deal so harshly with the Jewish people and Israel now that Jesus was born and completed His redemptive work? Because his hatred drives him, for one thing. For another thing, Satan continues to attempt to make God a liar. If Satan can successfully destroy all Jews, there won’t be any Jewish people to go into the Millennial Kingdom that follows the coming Tribulation where they will be ruled over by Jesus Himself for 1,000 years. This will be their time to have all the Land that God first promised to Abraham. They have never really enjoyed all the Land with a king over them who always did the right thing. They will during the Millennial Kingdom that is coming, unless Satan can destroy all Jews before then. He will then have succeeded in making God a liar.

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Face It: Anti-Semitism is Fully Satanic, Pt 1

The real tragedy here is that Antisemitism is still alive and well today. However, instead of a growing resistance against it, we see a full-on growth of it throughout the world. While on one side we have many in Arab countries who either downplay or outright deny that the Jewish holocaust ever occurred, the other side ignores that and simply does its best to paint Jews and the nation of Israel as the source of continued problems, not only throughout the Middle East, but the world itself.

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Biblical Guide to Shemitah and Blood Moons

In reality, what Jonathan Cahn does in his books is set dates without actually setting specific dates. It’s a form of date-setting because he says things may happen based on his theory of the Shemitah and how it works. This is why more and more people are lining up to warn the rest of us about September 13, 2015 and what may be coming to America and the world. There are also plenty of articles that discuss the things that will happen within 15 days of September 13th (the end of this current Shemitah). Folks, I don’t need the Shemitah or blood moons to tell me that eventually, a one-world government is going to be installed. For that to happen, things will have to “crash” and change. The world will need a global currency too. No more dollar. How and when that will happen, I’m not sure, but I’m more inclined to think it will be a gradual decision/change rather than a financial crash which will send everyone into a panic and the elite will likely lose control. Don’t look at Greece or other European countries as a template for America. What’s happening in Greece is still very controlled, though it doesn’t appear to be the case.

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Prophecies of Daniel 11, Part 5

This is the problem with getting involved in something over politics. You never know how it’s going to turn out. These Jews were putting their trust in some political figure, the king of the North to help them. The problem of course, is that they should have been turning instead to their own God, but didn’t. They trusted in themselves and were bitten on the backside for their troubles. Had they sought God, repented of their rebellion, submitted themselves to Him and His ways, things would have undoubtedly turned out differently.

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Jonathan Cahn and the Hebrew Roots Movement

But this is also why Jonathan Cahn’s books are doing so well and I have neglected to mention this previously. Cahn tugs at the heart strings of Christians who want to identify with Judaism because Jesus was/is Jewish. Who among us would not want to go back to the time of Jesus and follow Him around, adoringly receiving everything He said and did? We would want to be like Him, right? But what many forget is that Judaism was the first phase in God’s plan and the festivals, the law, etc., were fulfilled by Jesus. This does not mean that since Jesus obeyed the law to the nth degree, Christians don’t have to do so. On the contrary, Christians are obligated to obey every aspect of God’s moral law. However, it is clear from Scripture that Christians are not obligated to observe Jewish festivals!

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True Meaning of Sabbatical Year Cycles from the Old Testament

America will fall one day, but it won’t fall because of some imagined connection with Israel and the “Sabbatical Year” cycle or “Shemitah.” America will fall because of her failure to support Israel! When Jesus returns to this earth, God will judge the nations. It’s called the “Sheep and the Goats Judgment” and is found in Matthew 25:31-46. There, each nation is judged based on how they treated Israel (especially during the coming Tribulation). This particular judgment occurs after the Tribulation and after Jesus returns to this planet physically. It won’t happen this September!

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Prophecies of Daniel 11, Part 3

However, in order for Antiochus II to marry Berenice, he had to divorce his first wife, Laodice. She was not at all happy with that turn of events. This is what the first part of verse six notes. Berenice was given to Antiochus II by Ptolemy II in order to create an alliance. But notice the second sentence in verse six tells us that “she” (Berenice) will not retain her position of power. The messenger speaking to Daniel at this point says “will not” because remember, none of this had happened yet. It was still future from Daniel’s perspective.

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