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Indiana Religious Liberty Creating Snafu for Pizza Family Courtesy of Left

The left can get away (almost) with being rude, crude, and abusive toward Christians and conservatives in general who oppose the left’s agenda. I want these people – including Tim Cook – to go to Saudi Arabia and tell them that until they stop executing gays, they will not be able to do business with Apple. At that point, while I will still disagree with Mr. Cook because he clearly fails to understand the true ramifications of the religious liberty law of Indiana, I would at least have some measure of respect for him. I won’t be holding my breath though and by the way, I’m going to be upgrading to a new smart phone soon. I’m not even considering replacing my iPhone 5 with another iPhone or Apple product.

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Questioning God via Cultural Marxism. Did God Really Say Sexual Sin is Sin?

Satan – using a garden variety snake – simply focused Eve’s attention on the command and then asked a question. “Did God really say what you think He said?” This caused Eve to start thinking and rethinking the whole thing. Well, gee, the tree sure looked good for food. Smells good too! Maybe we misunderstood God. Eve obviously did when she added that God told them they couldn’t even touch it, which is something God never said.

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Cultural Marxism Makes People Not Guilty Though Guilty

Here’s the problem. Every reason for being tempted to leave without paying for the item was a form of Cultural Marxism based on emotional virtue. Yet, God’s Word is clear, isn’t it? I had not intended to steal the item and I could honestly say that me leaving the store with the unpaid item was not deliberately stealing because I had forgotten about it. I had not tried to surreptitiously hide the item so that I would not be charged with it. I wasn’t a thief.

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Losing the Battle of Cultural Marxism in the Visible Church

Adam rebelled against God and instead of leading his wife out of harm’s way, he actually got behind her and followed her. While we might argue that what Adam did was “worse” than what Eve did, Paul’s point is simple. Women are far more likely to give into their feelings about something even if those feelings direct them to go against God’s clear teaching. This is the way they were made and because of that, they were not created to be leaders of the household. They were created not to be less than husbands either. Women were created to support their husband in his God-given leadership role. Adam knew what he was doing was wrong but did it anyway. He was capable of understanding what was wrong with the situation but chose to follow Eve instead. Eve was completely deceived from the beginning and did not realize that she was deceived.

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Christian: You Need to Remove Yourself from Babylon System

By having control over all these areas, Satan can control people in this realm. We can be brainwashed, just as many other societies and empires have done before us. The Roman Empire was well-known for its “bread and circuses” that kept people occupied with the basics foods and lots of entertainment. It kept people from thinking too much because their bellies were filled and the desire for entertainment was satiated.

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Dominion Theology, Reconstructionism, and America is Great Mantra

For all you folks who use the words “conservative” and “Christian” interchangeably, let me ask you one question: Where is your true citizenship? Are you an American first and Christian (or conservative) second, or are you a Christian first, conservative second, and American third?

America is not the new “Israel.” The promises given to Israel throughout Scripture do not now apply to the United States. I think it is high time that we Christians get back on track and understand where our loyalties should lie.

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Christian Belligerency in Political Arena Stems from Dominion Theology

I would bet the average conservative Christian is not even aware that Dominion Theology is what they are promoting either. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case, especially if we consider what the Bible teaches about life on earth as we move to the end of this age. It just seems right, doesn’t it? This is what Christians should do, right?

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