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A Plan Decades in the Making is Coming to Fruition Now

While it is obvious that the immigration crisis is contributing to a “planned collapse” or our country, it is not the only event put in motion to accomplish this goal. As the nation awakens to the danger that “Common Core” education represents, they would do themselves well by realizing that this is the final push of an education curriculum a century in the making. Again, it all goes back to the ideas of Marx and the teachings of Gramsci. Antonio Gramsci taught that America would only accept socialism incrementally and in order to implement incremental change, the institutions must be infiltrated by “Change agents.”

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Reckless Endangerment: Man Arrested for Flying Flags on Overpass

I’m hopeful Martins wins his case and frankly, I really don’t care what his beliefs are regarding this matter. Anyone in America should have the right to say what they want to say and express their opinion. It shouldn’t matter if that person is for or against a politician, a believer or an atheist, straight or homosexual. It simply should not matter because the 1st Amendment is there for everyone and it was purposefully not limited or restricted by our Founding Fathers. They seemed to know what they were doing.

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A HERO’s Work in Georgia

At any rate, a few moments later, a HERO pulled up. HERO stands for Highway Emergency Response Operators and you can reach them by dialing 511 in Georgia. I went to the passenger side of their truck and the gentleman inside asked me what the problem was with my vehicle. I told him I was completely out of gas. He said they would give us a gallon of gas so I could get to the next exit and fill up.

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California Teachers Dealt Seriously Blow to Tenure-Based System

During the time I taught in public schools (roughly 10 years), I saw all types of teachers. I saw excellent to crappy and everything in the middle. It was an eye-opening experience, to say the least. I saw one male teacher who simply used lesson plans that were at least 12 years old with each new class. He changed nothing. It didn’t matter the type of student he had. He taught the same way using the same materials. Do you know how easy his life was because of that?

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Lies Are Quickly Being Accepted as Truth in Today’s Society

The problem is, that in today’s world, people use every excuse to explain away terrible tragedies and deadly deeds. Lately, we’ve been hearing a good deal about so-called “white privilege” as the reason at least some bad things happen. A professor at Rutgers and contributing editor at blamed the Eliot Rodgers’ killing spree on white privilege. Even after reading her explanation, I’m not sure how the idea of alleged white privilege has anything to do with the recent killings.

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Smart Grids? Car Transponders in the Name of Safety? What About the 4th Amendment?

Really? It could also transform something else. Namely our privacy. These transponders would send out signals ten times per second that can be picked up and read by other transponders. “A transponder would continually transmit the vehicle’s position, heading, speed and other information 10 times per second in all directions using radio signals similar to Wi-Fi. Cars would receive the same information back from other vehicles. A vehicle’s computer would alert the driver to an impending collision. Some systems could automatically brake to avoid an accident.”

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Earning Points: Why Cops Do What They Do to Average Citizens

Here is a completely LEGAL inciter that cops use to get you emotionally charged so that you will react in a way that allows them to arrest you. You’ve been pulled over and the cop asks you to step out of the car. You comply and you politely stand at the rear of the car. The officer comes over and gets within an inch of your face and starts SCREAMING at you. While he’s yelling at you, he is also likely SPITTING on you because he’s so close. Moreover, he can even POKE you in the chest. Unless you’re aware that this is an inciter that they use, you will likely react to it.

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