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Christian Belligerency in Political Arena Stems from Dominion Theology

I would bet the average conservative Christian is not even aware that Dominion Theology is what they are promoting either. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case, especially if we consider what the Bible teaches about life on earth as we move to the end of this age. It just seems right, doesn’t it? This is what Christians should do, right?

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Should Christians Avoid Political Issues and Politics in General? Part 1

There are a myriad of differences between the right and the left, conservatism and liberalism (or leftism). I’ve listed just a few. My biggest problem with using political ideologies to take sides is that it automatically creates “my team” and “my opponents.” Anyone who is not on “my team” is seen as “my opponent.” Because they are considered opponents, then all is fair in love and war, right? I can pounce on opponents when they fail or falter. I can even gloat about it, right? I can cheer when the left falls through sin or simply stupidity. That’s what Jesus would do, right? Hardly.

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Christian and Politics Bringing Out the Worst in You

Jesus did not demand change in society. He did not instruct His followers to demand change in society, even through peaceful means. Of course, Jews then were far more limited in Roman society than we are today in America. Yet, if we are going to be more concerned about overturning Roe v. Wade than fulfilling the Great Commission, I believe there is a problem. Why are we not that concerned for people’s salvation?

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Christianity or Politics? Can It Be Both?

Yet, in today’s American society, I wonder if too many Christians have as their primary goal, the “saving” or turning of society? The argument goes something like this: America began as a Christian nation. Over time, things began to change. Humanism snuck in and took control of too many venues to note here, but chief of which was the secular school system, the one started by John Dewey (Socialist). Because we have gone off course, we Christians have an obligation to return America to its founding roots.

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Daily Society Worsens Yet God is in Control

Notice that the commonality with all the “I wills” is that Satan is promising that he will RULE. He says that ultimately, he “will make myself like the Most High.” In essence then, since the fall of Satan, God has chosen to give Satan as much room as he needs to make these promises into reality. He is giving Satan the lead he needs to try to make himself into God, very God.

This is what is behind everything we see in the world. It leads to a point where Satan will actually RULE over the entire earth. He will do so through his spiritual son, Antichrist, who will be the physical manifestation of Satan on earth. God will allow Satan’s plans of world domination to come to fruition if for no other reason than to prove to Satan that even with everything going his way and with all the opportunities that God allows him to have, Satan will still lose.

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What is the Coming Tribulation All About? Part 15

We are living in a world in which the end is coming. Every day brings us one day closer. There are so many things happening in the world that are the result of corrupt governments, treasonous laws and dealings with society. We have a government in the USA that seems not to care whether society is overwhelmed by Ebola. President Obama made the decision to keep our borders open and to even purposefully bring those infected with Ebola into America. We are now seeing how it is spreading from Dallas to Atlanta. Even though 30 countries have travel bans in place, President Obama does not believe that is the way to go. Because of this, Ebola is literally being carried and spread into the US. This is actually treasonous and it is only one example of how things are going.

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Baphomet Statue Under Construction for Oklahoma State House

America is a country that is being profoundly attacked from within. The fact that there is a very good possibility that a statue of Baphomet is being constructed and may very well be placed in front of the Oklahoma State House is not only perplexing, but grieving. There is no excuse for it and the only reason that can be offered is that America has sunk to this point through a constant posture of pushing God away.

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