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Smart Grids? Car Transponders in the Name of Safety? What About the 4th Amendment?

Really? It could also transform something else. Namely our privacy. These transponders would send out signals ten times per second that can be picked up and read by other transponders. “A transponder would continually transmit the vehicle’s position, heading, speed and other information 10 times per second in all directions using radio signals similar to Wi-Fi. Cars would receive the same information back from other vehicles. A vehicle’s computer would alert the driver to an impending collision. Some systems could automatically brake to avoid an accident.”

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Earning Points: Why Cops Do What They Do to Average Citizens

Here is a completely LEGAL inciter that cops use to get you emotionally charged so that you will react in a way that allows them to arrest you. You’ve been pulled over and the cop asks you to step out of the car. You comply and you politely stand at the rear of the car. The officer comes over and gets within an inch of your face and starts SCREAMING at you. While he’s yelling at you, he is also likely SPITTING on you because he’s so close. Moreover, he can even POKE you in the chest. Unless you’re aware that this is an inciter that they use, you will likely react to it.

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It’s Never Been About War on Terrorism – It’s Always Been a War on Freedom

Years ago, I read articles stating that all phone lines were being rerouted to some huge facility that had the capabilities of recording and storing every phone call. It was difficult to believe and even if it was true, you could not help but wonder why our government would resort to such tactics.

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Christmas is Not a Holiday! It’s a Major Event that Brought Salvation into the World!

Jesus was born into this world as a fully human child and given as a son by the Father. “For unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given,” (Isaiah 9:6). With this one sentence, we see in Jesus His full humanity as well as His full deity. Jesus, the Eternal Son (His position within the triune Godhead), was given by the Father to humanity in order to become a ransom for many (cf. Matthew 20:28). Jesus is not only the reason for the season as many are fond of saying. He is the precious gift of the Father to a world filled with sinful, fallen, rebellious humanity.

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China is in Control of What Happens with the U.S. Dollar and What Will That Be?

It is easy to remain uninitiated when it comes to world affairs, especially as they involve the U.S. and China. The reason for that is simply due to the fact that the mainstream news bureaus in the United States are not telling us anything. They are deliberately keeping us in the dark and since most Americans do not do their own research, their “news” and information is what is presented on these mainstream news channels. If the situation involving China as related to the U.S. is not presented, then Americans know nothing of it. In reality, news bureaus have become disinformation bureaus.

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Bible Belt Culture Often Includes a Disconnect Between Real and Fake Christianity

But here is where the double standard and duplicity comes into play. Even though Jesus turned water into wine and on another occasion stated that “It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man,” (Matthew 15:11), people continue to focus on the things that, in the end, have no bearing on anything. They want things to look good externally. That’s all they care about. Meanwhile, the slander, the gossip – all of it – continues unabated.

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The Writing on the Wall for America: Too Late to Turn Back?

It was a profound and complete corruption and incompetence that results from lawlessness. Sound familiar? It’s like looking at a societal reflection of what Rome was and America is becoming and we see it unfolding in all the daily news columns. Can we turn back the tide and “come back” to our senses? No. We’ve gone too far off the path. We crossed the proverbial line in the sand. America is a culture in complete decay, and while many would like to hold on to the belief that we’re somehow going to rise from the ashes again, it’s not possible. We’re not coming back. Something dreadfully new is coming to America and the world, but it is not what we hope it will be.

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EBT Madness: A Picture of Things to Come?

This is, of course, the problem with relying on computers to run our lives as well as the problem related to expecting the government to fill your needs on a permanent basis. Computers literally do control many areas of our lives and I think we have long gotten past the point of even noticing it. We’ll get back to EBT cards in a moment.

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Our Leaders Are Supposed to Take Care of the “House” (America)

Sadly, if a corrupt leadership is ruling, chances are very good that due to their corruption, they won’t like it when anyone speaks against them. When they find people engaging in this, they will likely react by getting rid of you, one way or another. “In spite of such bad leadership, Solomon urged restraint. If you complain, those in authority may eliminate you.” Scary, isn’t it? Yet it makes sense. Generally, leaders who are fearful of those they rule, usually employ spies to learn what is being said about them. If leaders are truly corrupt, they probably have little difficulty using any numbers of ways to take care of people they consider to be problems. A word to the wise.

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George Zimmerman Helps Rescue People But Still the Question: Why Was He Following Them?

The story also notes that this accident happened “less than a mile from where Zimmerman shot Martin.” Obviously, that proves it. Zimmerman was very likely home at the time of the crash, or skulking around some bushes lying in wait for the next black thug that dared to walk through Z’s neighborhood.

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