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Though They Claim to Support Israel, Netanyahu Speech Leaves Dems Angry

Israel will stand. The truth of the matter though is that Israel has never been alone. While Jews who reject Jesus as Messiah go into eternity without the salvation that Jesus provides, God stands with the nation of Israel. It is His land. The Jews – as a group and culture – are His people. Will all of them be saved? No. There is no special dispensation that allows Jews to bypass Jesus and His salvation (something that is falsely taught by numerous pastors today). All have sinned (Jew and Gentile) and have fallen short of God’s glory (cf. Romans 3:23). All need Jesus (both Jew and Gentile).

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Supporting Islam While Throwing Israel Under the Bus

But on a day when being Muslim is actually celebrated in an Oklahoma State house, Muslims came, knelt, and prayed to Allah (Satan, by another name). I don’t recall ever seeing a situation where Christians were actually invited into a government building, allowed to kneel, and pray to the God of the Bible. In fact, there have been numerous cases where DC police have stopped Christian groups from praying on the steps of the Supreme Court building. They were told if they continued, they would face arrest. I have no doubt that this would not be the case if Muslims threw down their prayer rugs and knelt in prayer. In fact, they have not been interrupted when groups of Muslims have gotten together to pray on or near the White House property. Christians are not given the same courtesy and respect.

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What to Do When America’s Government Supports Islamic Terror?

There is far more that can be accomplished through prayer than anything else. It is through prayer that we align ourselves with God’s ways and purposes. Do we honestly think God doesn’t know what’s going on? Do we think even for a second that God’s hands are tied and He can do nothing without us or that He is waiting for us to change our outlook before He can move? If you think that, I would suggest – with all due respect – that you bury your face in His Word and find out what He is doing NOW.

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Heretical Wishes of Emergent Church’s Rob Bell

People like Rob Bell are “smooth” and use “flattering speech” to specifically deceive people’s hearts. These particular people hang on every word of people like Rob Bell. They see him as a great teacher and even a type of prophet. They are honored to be in his presence because they hear what they believe to be “love.” Is it?

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Christians and the Old Testament, Part 4

Also note that our friend thoroughly believes alien life does exist in the galaxy though I’m quite certain he’s never been visited by any or had conversations with them. In short, he’s taking this on faith, based on hearsay and alleged anecdotal evidence from science. In essence though, there has been nothing that has proven beyond doubt that aliens exist, but our friend – though he is repulsed by the notion of any god existing – simply accepts without proof aliens existing. How this connects with the scientific mind or process is beyond me, but I’m quite sure he has rationalized it enough to believe it without issue.

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Christians and the Old Testament, Part 3

In truth, the crux of the problem is not with Christianity at all. The true crux of the issue lies with him (and other who think as he does) and his exceedingly difficult time in wending his way through the “jungle” we call the Holy Bible. Ultimately, it is not that difficult to learn what the Bible says because, as with any book, context means a great deal. Yet, our friend and many others like him utterly fail to grasp this simply truth and because of that, makes no effort at all to understand the narrative of Scripture within its context. I pointed this out last time using the example of boiling a young goat (kid) in its mother’s milk.

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Christians and the Old Testament, Part 2

But atheists, who often come across as extremely arrogant, don’t see it that way. Yet, I’ve shown in my last article that they don’t see it that way for a variety of reasons and certainly the fact that they do not at all consider context of Scripture says quite a bit regarding their absolute lack of research. Again though, as I mentioned last time, they’re not interested in that any way. They simply want to find some “zinger” they can fling at Christians like a monkey in its cage at the zoo.

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