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Blood-Red Moons and What They Might Possibly Mean for the World

As the article explains, with each previous tetrad, major events have occurred for Israel and it is likely that something big will occur that has to do with Israel during this present tetrad. It is clear from Scripture that God has used signs in the heavens to announce something. He did this with the birth of Christ as well as numerous other events listed in Scripture.

Many of the events that have to do with the signs in the heavens have to do with those events that are slated to occur during this – what I believe to be – last generation prior to the return of Jesus. His return will be physical, when He will completely destroy the works of Satan and He will then set up His kingdom on earth.

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One-World System on the Way Because God Has a Plan

But the more I study, the more I have come to the conclusion that society is being directed to a one-world system as foretold in Scripture. In my next book – Rome Rising – I detail the process, based on Scripture and using examples from society to prove how accurate the Bible is with respect to all things, especially in terms of prophecy. We need to remember that though we live in 2014 and look back at many of the events in Scripture, those events were foretold long before they actually occurred and in some respects, many of the events that were foretold by Daniel, Ezekiel, John (Revelation) or someone else have not yet occurred. We are still waiting for them to take place.

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Lower Legs and Feet of the Daniel 2 Statue

As Daniel continued, he explained that another empire would come after Babylon and Daniel described aspects of it, saying that although Babylon was represented by a lion with wings, the next empire to come along was represented by a bear that was lopsided. It turns out that the empire that followed Babylon in history was the Medo-Persian Empire.

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Four horns and four smiths in Zechariah 1 represent what?

For instance, Assyria conquered parts of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in the mid-8th century. Eventually, by 722 BC, Samaria fell to Assyria. However, what the Bible calls the Times of the Gentiles did not actually begin until Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian Kingdom. Some argue that Babylon defeated and replaced Assyria. Continuing on, they argue that the Medo-Persian Empire conquered and replaced Babylon. In this way, Medo-Persia was a horn, but also served as a craftsman, conquering Babylon. Greece came next, conquering Medo-Persian rule, etc.

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Global Elite Wants Otherwise, But Israel Continues to Exist

Israel has a great deal to lose if she does what the Obama administration (through John Kerry) wants done. Israel cannot give away anymore land and remain a viable nation. It’s difficult to believe that Israel – as small as that nation is now – being surrounded by Arab nations and Muslims that want nothing more than to annihilate her, continues to remain as viable as she is in 2014. That is certainly without any help from the United States.

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Global Elite Tactics: Taking Another Bite Out of Your Money

This is how the global economy is being destroyed. It’s not simply America that is seeing such a financial decline. It is occurring throughout the globe and it is by design. Those who hold the riches control everything (and everyone) else. This is how the GE has sought to play their game and it is unfortunate for the average individual that this same GE has their hooks in way too many politicians in Congress, they virtually own the media, and because of all this, it appears as though they are unstoppable.

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Toward a Global Society: Eliminating the Nation-State, Liberty, and Individual Rights

North Korea is a microcosm of what we see in the book “1984,” yet we make no connection whatsoever. We refuse to believe that what has been the norm in North Korea for generations is what the entire world is slated to become.

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Severe Financial Woes Ahead Tell Us What to Expect

In fact, I believe the world is moving toward that time right now, guiding by Satan as he works through the Global Elite – people he has placed in power and given them incredible wealth – in order that his will might be accomplished. Of course, it needs to be understood that Satan can only bring to fruition the things that God allows.

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Watching It All Disappear from Grocery Shelves

But what does this mean for the consumer? Even if you don’t live in California, you will be affected by all of this. Fewer crops means higher prices in the grocery stores, if you can find what you’re looking for on the shelves. The article states that many fruit and vegetables will be hit hard.

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TBN’s Prophecy Purge and Placating to Islam Because Muslims Have Money Too…

Paul Crouch was the President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network until his death on November 30, 2013. While he had been alive when noted prophecy related programs were removed from the TBN lineup, it was more at the behest of his wife Jan that these cuts were made. But there is no doubt that TBN hoped to make inroads into Arab countries and having the truth about Islam relayed via numerous programs broadcast on TBN would offend a Muslim audience. This was TBN’s timely excuse.

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