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Working Out Our Salvation with Fear and Trembling

Lately, I have been frustrated with the way the English translations of the Bible from the Greek often mask original meanings, making them very difficult at times to comprehend. The truth appears to be that most of what we call the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew, then translated to Greek, then translated to English. I do realize there is some disagreement there, but for me, I am becoming satisfied that it is because of this process, at least some of the teachings of Jesus and others have become unduly clouded.

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One-World System on the Way Because God Has a Plan

But the more I study, the more I have come to the conclusion that society is being directed to a one-world system as foretold in Scripture. In my next book – Rome Rising – I detail the process, based on Scripture and using examples from society to prove how accurate the Bible is with respect to all things, especially in terms of prophecy. We need to remember that though we live in 2014 and look back at many of the events in Scripture, those events were foretold long before they actually occurred and in some respects, many of the events that were foretold by Daniel, Ezekiel, John (Revelation) or someone else have not yet occurred. We are still waiting for them to take place.

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Why Does Pastor Rick Warren Need to be a Member of Council on Foreign Relations?

While I realize that Rick Warren created what is called the PEACE Coalition. His is a socialist-based gospel, where people are taught to do good works and to downplay the presentation of the gospel. Does Warren fit nicely with the goals and aspirations of the CFR? It certainly seems to be the case.

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3 Magic Words Brought to You by the New Age Movement

The movie is filled with platitudes primarily, statements designed to make you believe something about yourself, others, and the world. To find out what the three magic words are, the viewer needs to wait until the end of the movie, but you may be way ahead of me by now anyway. For those who aren’t, before I divulge that little secret, let me make some observations about the film and the concept itself.

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While Jesus was Peaceful and Loving, was He a Pacifist? Pt 1

Here in the U.S., the culture is western. We don’t speak Koine Greek or Hebrew. We do not understand the Jewish mindset or culture. Because of that, we can easily miss the meaning of Scripture because we simply aren’t familiar with Jewish idioms, or Hebrew poetic language. Not knowing these things can be a roadblock in truly understanding God’s Word.

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Millions to be spent on mapping the brain?

However, some are concerned that this detailed map of the brain will give science the means to completely reconfigure the brain, its memory patterns, the way people think in general, the ability to replace a person’s moral compass, and more. In other words, is mapping the brain to that extent truly worth the risk? Certainly it would be if there was never a chance that the information could be used in the wrong way. However, that is always the possibility in today’s world because this world is becoming more and more evil.

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Toward a Global Society: Eliminating the Nation-State, Liberty, and Individual Rights

North Korea is a microcosm of what we see in the book “1984,” yet we make no connection whatsoever. We refuse to believe that what has been the norm in North Korea for generations is what the entire world is slated to become.

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This Kind of Racism is Allowed Solely Because of Unproven Critical Race Theory

We all know that if a group of white activists got together to protest a new store coming into a white neighborhood based on the same reasons that black activists are using to keep a Trader Joe’s out of their neighborhood, the Justice Department and other departments of the federal government would step in. Yet, when it is a group of black activists doing this, it is perfectly fine. It is an accepted form of racism because of Derek Bell’s “Critical Race Theory,” a completely unproven theory that has gained quite a bit of ground within black circles because it gives them a reason to be racist and feel okay about it.

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Edward Snowden’s First German Television Interview Speaks Volumes

The NSA has the ability to read any email, any text message, or infiltrate any computer and even track that computer. What does this mean? If true, it obviously means that our thoughts are not safe because we routinely take our thoughts and put them down in a text or email.

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Severe Financial Woes Ahead Tell Us What to Expect

In fact, I believe the world is moving toward that time right now, guiding by Satan as he works through the Global Elite – people he has placed in power and given them incredible wealth – in order that his will might be accomplished. Of course, it needs to be understood that Satan can only bring to fruition the things that God allows.

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