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Revival: Is It Coming to America?

Instead of considering these things though, we want something different. We want America to get back on track. We want the world to understand that God is God. While these are good things, it doesn’t appear that they will come about it because God has His own plans in achieving His purposes. He’s already told us that at some future point, every knee will bow to God (Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:10). The problem is that we want God to do things our way. This is when He says “no,” simply because His way is infinitely better whether we can or are willing to see and admit it.

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Revival: If My People…

Notice also that God tells Solomon flat out that if the people of Israel do things the right way, God will remain with them and they will enjoy “the land.” If not, they will be thrown out of “the land.” What “land” is God referring to here? Clearly, God is referring to the land that He promised Abraham and the people entered under the leadership of Joshua. It was that Land to which God was referring. History has shown us the truth of God’s promises here because Israel has been tossed out of that land numerous times from that time until today. It was in the early 1940s that Jewish people began to go back to “the land” because of WWI and WWII. God allowed that, according to His promises to Ezekiel.

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Revival: Big Top Experience

But the question we really need to begin to look at is whether or not God wants revival for His people in order to also “revive” a particular land (like America). This really is key to our discussion because depending upon how you answer that question, will make the difference in how you understand revival. Is God in the business of “healing” or “saving” lands/nations or is He interested in saving people? If you answered that He is more interested in saving people, then the next question is whether or not He will save people so that they can change things in society in order that a land or nation might be healed.

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Revival: Why Persecution?

The very reason that Christians were persecuted is because they were living lives that were completely opposed to the valueless humanism of the Roman Empire! Insincere believers fled the flock! Read the New Testament epistles and you’ll see a recurring theme. One writer or another exhorting the early Christians to be patient, to submit to God, to pray for those who treated them so terribly.

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Revival: Should We Pray for It?

Today, we are hearing a cacophony of voices crying out that if only America would experience revival, all would be well. We have people who stand up and base their entire best-selling book on one verse of Scripture that actually applies to Israel, but is somehow made to apply to America, and these people are praised! Don’t question that person because he is a sacred cow to someone. What he says is clearly what God wants to happen, right?

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Humanity’s Constant Propensity of Being Deceived

Of course, the other downside to skepticism is that people like Randi, due to their unqualified intellectualism, tend not to believe anything that is even remotely supernatural. It’s not as if he is an intentional enemy of it. He just wants proof. Because of that, his area of difficulty will always lie in the area of faith. God says blessed are those who have not seen, yet have believed (John 20:29). For someone like Randi, the ability to believe that which cannot be adequately explained is extremely difficult. Because of that, even seeing is not believing. While Randi does a tremendous service to the social community, rooting out one charlatan after another, his intellectual make-up keeps him from even entering through the door of faith. That tragedy is far worse than learning that someone like Uri Geller or Peter Popoff are potential charlatans.

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Since God Exists in the Eternal Present, Does It Matter When He Deals with It?

Whether God fixes things now or in the future makes no difference to God, but only to us. The reality is that He will right all wrongs, but most of them will not be righted until after He returns to this earth, not before. Realizing this, trying to fully understand it, will relieve us of a great deal of frustration. It will also help us reject any acrimonious assault on our character by those who would make us think we haven’t done enough.

We trust God? We work to fulfill the Great Commission? We preach the truth in life and deed? That, my friends, is enough because it is all God asked of us.

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