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It is NOT the Fault of the Church!

How is any of this the Church’s fault? It’s not. Jesus changed one life at a time. It is our job to bring people to Him through evangelization so that He will continue to do that. Jesus is not about changing society. He’s about changing individuals. Yes, they can then go out and create some change in society but that is not the real picture.

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Will You Succumb to the Coming Great Deception? A Couple More Points

Again, what is the reason God sends the deluding influence? It is because they have absolutely no love for the truth. They prefer to believe lies. It’s ironic that people who claim to be left of center do the same thing. They prefer to believe their lies. Yet, in all biblical imagery, those on the left are the losers, not the victors. In the occult, the phrase “the left-hand path” is used to describe those who follow after Lucifer and to them this is the preferred path because by it they believe they will gain eternal life through esoteric knowledge (gnosis). Whether it’s a leftist politically or within the realm of religion, clearly, being a leftist is not the correct side. They are even referred to as “goats” by Jesus Himself.

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Will You Succumb to the Coming Great Deception? Part Four

This is exactly the way Satan works while claiming to be innocent. He does this so that we will be held accountable. That is due to his hatred of humanity. He certainly does not want us to stand before God with a legitimate excuse of not knowing what Satan was doing. He wants to ensure that we know what’s going on, even if only subconsciously. We then use our free will (such as it is) to either accept or deny the reality behind the messages.

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Opening the Third Eye via Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Magic

Humanity (except for Noah and his immediate family) had been thoroughly corrupted and there was absolutely no possibility for salvation for them. It was hopeless, which is why God chose to start over with Noah. To a smaller degree, this is also why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s not so much because almost all the men and boys were homosexuals. It’s because they had become thoroughly evil in and of themselves. There was no possibility of them seeking God at all. Once the door to the spiritual realm is open to such a degree, there is no going back. The evil cannot be undone and must simply be destroyed. That is the danger of opening the Third Eye, or the Pineal Gland.

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Cognitive Dissonance Must be Avoided at All Costs!

They fail to realize that because of their lack of humility, they are likely being used by the enemy as well to sow discord, through an unloving attitude that halts any form of progress toward love for the other person. Certainly, their attitudes, demeanor, and defensiveness are not in the least loving, but then again, they point to Jesus and how He dealt with the Pharisees – the legalists of His day.

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Take Heed That No Man Deceive You

According to Daniel, the Dispensation of the Age of the Law was limited to seventy ‘weeks’ (of years) totaling 490 altogether, starting from the command to rebuild the temple given Ezra by Artexerxes.

Daniel said the time would run concurrently until the Messiah is ‘cut off’ after 69 weeks (483 years). The seventieth week resumes sometime in the future with the introduction of antichrist.

The ‘fullness of the Gentiles’ is the conclusion of the Church Age. It is hard to see that any other way.

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Ronald and Laura Weinland and Steve Fletcher are Three Examples of False Prophets

Like Steve Fletcher who also has a habit of making claims that are not fulfilled (making him a false prophet as well), Ronald Weinland seems undaunted by his numerous errors and continues on as though nothing was amiss. This is simply the way it is with false prophets. Normally, when they are shown to be wrong, they will often attack those who call them out. This is the modus operandi for those who esteem themselves as prophets or seers. In reality, they have overworked imaginations and an ability to cause people to follow them. There is an intensity about their personality that makes people believe they have something that others do not.

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Baphomet May Make Debut as Statue Honoring Satan on Oklahoma Capitol Grounds

There are many godless people in America. Many of them were born here, but many more seemed to immigrate here within the last few decades. There are too many evil forces at work behind the scenes in America, attempting to reshape it, demoralize it, gut it, and destroy it. Prior to the 1950s, those forces operated largely under cover of the shadows, out of sight of the mainstream. Today, they work in the direct sunlight, creating havoc, creating change, destroying the biblical foundation of this great country.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 11

In verse 27, we see our first usage of the pronoun “he.” The first part of 27 reads, “And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week…” The question we must ask then is who is this “he” referring to here? This is where the rule of antecedents comes into play. We look at the “he” and we ask, to whom does this “he” refer. If we travel backwards in the text, we come to the “people of the prince who is to come” section. We have determined that this is a roundabout way of referring to the Antichrist. Therefore, the “he” in verse 27 refers back to the Antichrist.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 10

It is clear from verse 27 that the final week does not begin until “he” confirms a covenant with the many for one “seven.” What is this covenant? We are not sure exactly what the covenant is, but we are sure that it entails a form of peace for Israel. The fact that it is one “seven” in length tells us that it is the final seven years of this age, just prior to and leading up to the physical return of Jesus.

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