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Jesus knew that handing out freebies creates dependency in people

Jesus obviously realized what was happening. The next verse tells us, “Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.”

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The Coming New International Finance System Thanks to the Government-Sponsored Religon of Secularism

Of course, many will see Cuddy’s warnings as the ravings of a conspiracy theorist or someone who is part of the lunatic fringe. This actually speaks to their own understanding. Too much has slipped by most of us hardly noticed at all. We cling to the idea that the world will simply continue on as it has since the beginning. We laugh at the notion that America could fall, in spite of what history proves.

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EBT Madness: A Picture of Things to Come?

This is, of course, the problem with relying on computers to run our lives as well as the problem related to expecting the government to fill your needs on a permanent basis. Computers literally do control many areas of our lives and I think we have long gotten past the point of even noticing it. We’ll get back to EBT cards in a moment.

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Syria, the US, Russia, and Iran May Wind Up in a Huge Regional Conflict

It may very well be that the chemical attack didn’t really happen. If it did happen (and can be proven), it’s also very likely that it did not happen by Assad’s forces. Why would he wasted the effort when it is clear that he is winning against anti-Assad forces? All he has to do is wait them out. Besides, Russia and Iran seem to have Syria’s back and even China is interested in that area of the world. Who wouldn’t be since it has oodles of oil?

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How Leftist Ideology is Destroying America

Many do not realize the full impact that political correctness has had and continues to have on society as a whole. It is often thought that we must simply be careful what we say so as not to offend others. Certainly, that is a worthwhile endeavor, but political correctness when taken to its logical conclusion does far more harm than good.

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Pigford is Not Just a Pig in a Poke!

I had not heard of “Pigford” until recently. I thought it was a slang term invented on the streets of Chicago or some other large city. Didn’t make any sense and I really wasn’t interested in finding out more about it. That is, until recently.

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Student Suspended and Arrested for NRA Shirt

The absurdity is becoming too much. In fact, I would hope that even leftists would begin to see the ridiculous aspect of their own behavior, but maybe that’s too much to hope for altogether.

A week or so ago, a 15-year-old student wore a shirt featuring the NRA logo and an AR weapon. The slogan on the shirt stated, “Protect Your Rights.”

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Politically Correct on BlogTalk Radio

The underlying idea of political correctness has to do with the belief that because of past sin, things need to change for minorities. To that end, we now have groups like the NAACP and others that work to keep blacks falling way behind. It even means that through affirmative action, blacks (and other minorities) are often given a leg up over whites because of perceived “white privilege.” This stems from the unproven critical race theory that says whites, by virtue of being born white, have had (and continue to have) privileges that those of other races do not enjoy. This is why groups like NAACP exist, by the way. It is to ensure that “equality” is emphasized.

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Why Are Liberals Determined to Change America?

If it wasn’t so true, it might be comical. Unfortunately, because it is true, it is far from comical. When I ask (in the title of this article) why liberals seem to determined to change America, I’m speaking of what appears to be the general view held by a majority of liberals in America. Certainly, there are exceptions to every rule.

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And the Normalcy Continues…

The point is that though judgment was coming and did come to Noah’s generation as well as Lot’s, life went on with a sense of normalcy that guided most people’s lives each day. In spite of the fact that Noah was building this huge boat in the middle of a field, people continued with their lives. They married, they gave in marriage, they worked, they cooked meals, they did the normal things that people do today.

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