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God Either Opens Eyes to the Truth or Not

We are commanded to tell people about the salvation that is only found in Jesus Christ. It is not an option. It is a command “Go therefore…” Our job is to tell people the truth. God’s job is to either open their eyes or not. We have absolutely no control over that because it is God’s responsibility.

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Mosque at Ground Zero? Give Me a Break…

It is time that we put a halt to Islam’s reach in this country, and take back what has been lost.

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Satan’s Subterfuge – What he Does Not Want Believers to Know

We can go through life as Satan wants us to, being defeated and miserable, always wondering why this, or why that, or we can go through life as God wants us to, armed with the knowledge that He is our King, we are adopted and there are divine riches associated with that position. We need to know them. We need to believe them. We need to live as God wants us to live, overcoming the enemy and glorifying our Lord at every turn.

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Does THE Church Need to Be Purified?

God has freed me from the Law of sin and death. He lives within me and because of that, I can overcome sin. Because I will never do it perfectly in this life, does not negate the fact that I am a Christian, nor does it somehow sully Christ or His Bride. That is absurd, and the quicker believers get to the point of realizing that beating ourselves up is wrong, because it denies the full efficacy of Christ’s redemption, the quicker we begin focusing on the reality of our new birth and His presence within us.

It is nothing but a form of godliness without the power.

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Ahmadinejad’s Vitriolic Rhetoric Regarding Israel

Harun Yahya is a man who unlike Ahmadinehad, not only wants peace for Jews, but is willing to help them get there, and still allow them to keep what they already have.

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Ezekiel 37 Fulfilled says Netanyahu

In the end, God will receive all the glory. In the end, His Name will be cleared. What a tragedy that the very human beings He created have responded to the Creator with treachery, deceit, hatred and malice. This is true of all of us, unless and until God opens our eyes. God will have His way with Israel and He will have His way with this world as well. He will be the Victor and He will be fully vindicated. He will do all of this for the sake of His holy Name and for no other reason.

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Finishing the Race – New Book!

I have heard a number of professing Christians indicate that salvation is free, but in essence maintaining it is where works come into the picture. For these folks, they do not believe there is any type of eternal security guarantee.

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