Islam, Ground Zero Mosque and Taxpayer Dollars…

August 10, 2010 at 10:52 PM

Out of the flames and destruction rises ISLAM

As if the notion of an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero in NYC is not enough to content with, apparently, the mosque has not only the blessing of the U.S. Government, but is also taxpayer funded!  How does THAT happen in a country where there is supposed to be a separation of church and state?

“Today we learned that the U.S. State Department is sponsoring Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf for a taxpayer-funded trip to the Muslim world to promote what the government calls fostering a “greater understanding” of Islam.  That’s right.  This from an Imam who has, on at least one occasion, refused to declare Hamas a terrorist organization.  This from an Imam who in the days following the tragic attacks of September 11th said the United States was “an accessory” to the crimes of 9-11.

“This is absurd.  This shows a tremendous lack of judgment on behalf of the State Department and for the American taxpayers to be funding this global journey is not only wrong, but deeply offensive.  We demand that the State Department put a halt to the Imam’s participation in this publicly-funded trip.” [1]

You know, it is a bit mind-numbing that our president has done as many damning things as he has done and with total disregard to the voices in America.  It is absolutely unconscionable, yet it continues.  We have the alleged Justice Department completely ignoring the New Black Panther movement members who were seen on video being a presence at voter locations, one carrying a baton of some sort.  No problem says the Justice Department.  Then we learn that the same Justice Department objects to the isolation of prisoners with AIDS, keeping them separate from other inmates so that other inmates do not become infected with HIV, so they are suing to undo this “problem.”

Then we have our own president for the first time in this country’s history (that I am aware of) suing one of the states in the United States.  The lawsuit was decided before the new law in Arizona was actually even ready by individuals in the Justice Department.

We have our president canceling the National Day of Prayer because he did not wish to “offend,” and decided that it was NOT offensive to join in with 50,000 other Muslims near the White House on that same day…for PRAYER.  How can anyone say that Obama is NOT Muslim.  Let’s also not forget the fact that there is still that troubling question of eligibility with respect to Barack H. Obama and whether or not he can even legally BE the president.

As if none of this is enough, we now learn that taxpayer dollars are going toward the mosque at Ground Zero.  Taxpayer dollars!  How is this legal?  Answer:  it is NOT legal, yet Obama could care less.  He is obviously going to do whatever he wants to do that suits him and it does not matter what other people think about it.  He is narcissistic to a fault.  In fact, he is so narcissistic that he is actually blind to the fact that the vast majority of Americans cannot stand the man.  He laughs at that.  It does not bother him one bit as he goes merrily on his way doing whatever he can to take this country apart brick by brick, law by law.

Here is the remaining information from the ACLJ:  “We’re planning to file an official letter of protest with the State Department – demanding that the government “cease and desist” in its plans to sponsor the Imam’s globe-trotting journey.

“The ACLJ already has filed suit in New York challenging a vote by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), which denied landmark status to the building where the mosque is planned.

“The ACLJ’s lawsuit filed last week charges that the Landmarks Preservation Commission violated the New York City Charter and the New York City Administrative Code.  Among the assertions made in the suit:  the Landmarks Commission failed to properly review the record on the issue of landmarks status and to consistently apply administrative precedent, it acted hastily in voting to deny landmark status, and it failed to acknowledge the significance of the site as a historic and hallowed landmark from the tragic attacks of 9-11.

“The lawsuit is posted here.

“And, then yesterday new revelations that the developer of the mosque project does not even own both parcels of land needed for construction of the project – raising a host of new legal questions that will require the involvement of other public agencies, such as the Public Service Commission of New York State.  The new revelation also raises questions about whether the developer misled the public and New York officials in an attempt to get the mosque project approved.

“The ACLJ represents Tim Brown, a firefighter and first responder, who survived the Twin Towers’ collapse and lost nearly 100 friends. The ACLJ also has heard from thousands of Americans who have signed on the Committee to Stop the Ground Zero Mosque.

“If you want to stand with the ACLJ and say NO to the State Department by adding your name here.

I simply do not get it.  Isn’t the president of the United States supposed to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?  Isn’t the president supposed to lead this country so that the best interests of its citizens are upheld?  Instead, we have a president who is doing everything he can to circumvent the Constitution and tear down the laws of this land.

Folks, here is the reality.  Obama will go only so far as God allows.  He is on a leash.  In fact, whether we like it or not, Obama and his administration have done what they’ve done only because God has given His permission.  Obama is nothing.  He holds no reins and he is under the watchful eye of God Almighty.  What we are seeing in President Obama is merely a microcosm of what we will see in the Antichrist.  Think of that.  As narcissistic as Obama is, he is actually nothing compared to the ferocity, intelligence, and strength of the coming one-world, final dictator.  Makes your head spin, doesn’t it?  If not, it should.


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