Prayer Against Obama Lands Sheriff’s Deputy in Hot Water

January 4, 2011 at 3:51 PM 2 comments

Okay, we are moving from the sublime to the ridiculous.  First, the world is trying to figure out why thousands of birds are falling out of the sky.  If that whole situation isn’t ridiculous enough, we now have a situation in Florida that has put a deputy in the hot seat.

According to one news source, “A Florida sheriff’s deputy was suspended without pay for three shifts after he circled what he called the “Obama Prayer” in co-worker’s Bible. His co-worker, who is also a corrections sergeant, reportedly said she regarded it as a threat against the president.” [1]

I have heard this used in jokes previously.  Now however, it appears that people are starting to take it seriously if someone states that verse – Psalm 109:8 – it translates to a death threat against the president.

It amazes me how people seem to set their own thought process aside, replacing it with stupidity.  The co-worker took the fact that the deputy circled the verse in her Bible as a serious threat to President Obama.  Is she a moron?

First of all, the verse is a prayer and it is a prayer to GOD.  I can pray anything I want.  Whether or not God fulfills that prayer is totally up to him.  The fact that the deputy took that verse and connected it with President Obama seriously, or as a joke is really beside the point.

A couple of questions need to be asked here:

  1. who is the co-worker sergeant trying to impress?
  2. has this deputy given any indication that he was intent upon harming the president in any way?
  3. has the deputy spent time discussing anything to do with assassination attempts on the president with others?
  4. what specifically prompted the co-worker to take the deputy’s action of circling the verse in the Bible as a literal plan to do harm to the president?

Let’s look at the verse in question, shall we?  It says, “May his days be few;
   may another take his place of leadership.  May his children be fatherless
   and his wife a widow.”  Actually, you’ve just read two verses; verses 8 and 9. 

Please note – and this is important – that if we stick with the CONTEXT of the passage, the Psalmist is asking God to deal with the wicked.  The Psalmist is NOT saying that he is going to kill the wicked.  He wants God to do it.  He is asking God for justice, for a remedy to the problem of the wicked.  He is not taking the law into his own hands.

Now granted, I realize that people constantly misunderstand and misrepresent Scripture all the time.  In fact, the sergeant in the article who believed that the deputy wanted to do harm to the president obviously misunderstood the meaning of this passage.  This is likely due to the fact that she did not read the entire passage either.

Frankly, I’m surprised that the sergeant has not gotten in trouble yet for having a Bible on her desk, but maybe that will be coming once the ACLU hears about it.

I do understand that there are a lot of loons in this world.  There are tons of crazy people who think nothing of taking the law into their own hands.  With respect to President Obama, of course, no matter how badly we disagree with the man, it is unconscionable to believe that taking his life is the way to solve any political problems.  That is NEVER the answer.  Absolutely NEVER.

Again though, because of all the idiots in society, the Secret Service cannot dismiss any of these things.  They must be investigated and rightly so.  But if we consider the fact that this deputy, like all law enforcement officials, likely went through a battery of psychological tests, physical tests, and training, one would think that any propensity on the part of the deputy to want to take the life of our president would have been discovered.  It is also safe to say that people sometimes slip through the cracks and their real personalities are not discovered until it is too late.

In this case though, it is too bad that the sergeant overreacted as she did.  I’m inclined to think that she was busy trying to score points with her superiors, or maybe she herself, voted for and still approves of President Obama.  Certainly, in that case, she would be offended at the suggestion that someone was praying for his demise.

This is a crazy world, made more difficult by people who vehemently disagree over things.  Personally, I have no problem labeling President Obama a Fabian Socialist, or even a Fascist.  I also do not believe he is eligible to actually be president and if true, that makes him a usurper and his actions are treasonous.

The press prefers to call him a progressive.  In either case, I see President Obama as a danger to this country because of his own view of the United States Constitution, which he seems very willing to set aside at whim for his own gains.  In fact, there is a tremendous amount of seeming illegalities and questionable tactics coming from President Obama and his administration and they are routinely ignored by people who are in the position to do something about them.  These kinds of things make normal people frustrated.  Because of the high number of assassination threats against President Obama, the Secret Service needs to treat everything as a real threat.  The one time they leave just one stone unturned will be the time they will have made a bad decision.  I pray that never happens.

I look forward to the day when President Obama will no longer be president and possibly a more conservative individual will take the reigns of this country and move us toward conservatism; the same type of conservatism upon which this country was founded.  Will that happen?  Only God knows.

Let me be clear here though.  I do not now, or ever WISH for anyone’s death, much less the President of this nation.  We will all face judgment and what people need to be concerned about is their standing before God in this life.  That particular fate is squarely in God’s exceedingly capable hands.  He is the only wise Judge.  He alone determines guilt and innocence.

The deputy that circled that verse in the sergeant’s Bible made a complete lapse in judgment.  He should not have done that, especially considering the fact that the Bible he wrote in did not belong to him.  That would really annoy me if someone took my Bible and wrote in it.  Should he have been suspended?  In my opinion, no.  Should he be fired?  In my opinion, no. 

Was he truly intent upon bringing physical harm to President Obama?  In my opinion, no.  However, I’m not the one who was involved in that situation and I cannot know for sure.  Then again, I’m not sure that the sergeant was qualified to make that determination either, yet she did.

I pray for God to work THROUGH President Obama, in spite of what the president wishes to accomplish for this nation.  I also pray that he will not be re-elected.  Beyond that, I pray for a more conservative individual to fill the shoes of the presidency once the current president is no longer in that position.  Will God answer my prayers?  I believe that He is answering the first one.  I do not know whether He is going to answer the second one, nor do I know how God will respond to my third request.

I have a right to pray any way I want to pray.  What I do want is for God to continue to bless this nation, however, I don’t think He is answering that particular prayer and I’m of the opinion that President Obama is a form of judgment on this nation though I could be wrong.

I’m sure that people likely prayed for the death of President Bush.  Were they investigated?  I never heard of it.  The truth of the matter though is that we CAN pray how we see fit.  It is God who decides whether our prayers will be answered and in what manner.  The fact that the deputy has no love loss for President Obama is no surprise.  The idea that he would use a verse from Scripture as a jumping off point to take the law into his own hands is a surprise. 


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  • 1. Duke Tilley  |  January 5, 2011 at 9:55 AM

    It is astounding forme to hear people who claim to be Christians to take such stances! Did Jesus pray that Pontius Pilate and the Sanhedrin to die because they were going to put him to death? Did David pray that Saul die even though Saul was trying to take his life? Did Elijah call down fire on King Ahab? The bible clearly states that we should pray for our leaders…for their good…not for their deaths! The bible clearly teaches that we should love our enemies and pray for those who mistreat us! The bible clearly teaches that GOD puts in power whom he chooses and that we should honor them! You believe that he’s not eligible to be President? Why? His birth certificate is online. He placed it their in 2008! To call him a fascist is just plain degrading and dishonorable! The fascist and the Nazis wouldn’t let him join if he wanted to because of his color! You want a conservative as President? You just had one who brought the most powerful country on earth to its knees! The implication of which will lead to the fulfillment of prophecy in the book of Revelations, James, Daniel, etc.. GOD is in control and things are happening as planned no matter who’s the President of the United States! Maybe this is a wake up call for all those who think they are in control, maybe this is an opportunity for GOD to show people what’s really in their hearts, maybe this is a awake up call for all those who sleep and take GOD’s grace, America’s greatness, and freedom for granted!

    • 2. modres  |  January 5, 2011 at 11:07 AM

      First of all, the “birth certificate” that is online is NOT the longform. But let me ask you, why has President Obama spent millions to keep parts of his private life PRIVATE? What has he to fear? Secondly, Bush is not nearly as bad as the liberal press makes him out to be, but you’ve apparently bought many of the lies. This is the same liberal press that supports President Obama in anything he does.

      I’m not really sure what you are trying to say frankly. Nazis would not let Obama join because of his color? Yet, Hitler had an agreement with the Mufti of Jerusalem at the time and the agreement was to set that Mufti up as leader over the Middle East once Hitler gained supreme power. Why? Because both men had one thing in common: they hated Jews and wanted them eradicated.

      How do you know WHAT Jesus prayed for regarding Pontus Pilate? The plain fact of the matter is that He did not have kind words for Pilate, for most of the Sanhedrin, Judas, or any number of people. Yes, the Bible says we should pray for our leaders. Where does it say we are to pray for THEIR good? Here is the text you are refering to: “First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity,” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Could you point out to me where Paul is saying that we should pray for our leader’s GOOD? What Paul is saying is that we should pray for our leaders so that there will be peace, allowing people to live “tranquil” and “quiet” lives.

      As I mentioned, I DO pray for President Obama, that God will use the man for His (God’s) purposes, in spite of what President Obama wants to see happen in this country. It is clear to me that President Obama and other elitists want this country to become a socialist nation. I do not see any good in anything President Obama does. However, I also believe that God is using President Obama, yet President Obama will be held accountable by God for his actions and decisions.

      President Obama claims to be a Christian, yet everything he does and says indicates that he is a Muslim. What’s wrong with that? It simply shows his deceptive nature. This country was founded upon biblical principles and you should be glad for it. Muslims want Shariah Law to replace the U.S. Constitution and there have been numerous situations where President Obama has set aside the Constitution and circumvented Congress. He is working to become fully autonomous and if not for the fact that the Republicans now have the majority in the House, there would be little to stop President Obama from doing what he wants to do. Initially, he was not at all interested in working with Republicans and he did not have to do so since the entire Congress was held by the Democrats. Now, he is forced to at least pretend that he is going to play nicely with the Republicans. President Obama has consistently shown disdain for the American people. Over 70% of Americans did not want Obamacare. That did not matter to him. There have been any number of issues with which Obama and the American people (majority) did not see eye to eye, but Obama rammed his desires through to become law. He is not a president for the majority of Americans in spite of the fact that initially the majority voted for him.

      The Ground Zero mosque is something that the majority of American people do NOT want because they understand what the presence of that mosque would mean to all of Islam. Radical Muslim terrorists destroyed the WTC and sacrificed over 3,000 people that day to Allah. Building a mosque in the shadow of that tragedy is no different from what Muhammad did whenver he conquered an area. He either totally destroyed the existing churches and synagogues to build mosques on those sites, or he converted those churches and synagogues into mosques. This is Islam’s way of claiming victory for Allah.

      Why is calling President Obama a fascist degrading, if that is what he is? I was not using it in a degrading sense. I am basing that on what he is attempting to DO in this country. You really have little to no clue about what I am referring to when I discuss prophecy. A conservative president would NOT necessarily lead to the fulfillment of any prophecy at all. On the contrary, keeping President Obama and those like him in office are the things that will lead to the fulfillment of prophecy.

      President Obama has been SPENDING, SPENDING, SPENDING, since he got into office. He has taken more vacations than any other president in recent history at tremendous cost to the tax-payers of this country. He pushed for Obamacare, which will cost TRILLIONS of dollars in additional taxes; taxes he said he would NEVER raise during his campaign. He is the first president to sue one of the states in this United States, yet his administration is doing NOTHING to curtail the flow of illegal immigrants into this country. He also likes to refer to illegal aliens as “guest immigrants.” They are not guests. They are law-breakers and to allow them to be here or want to enact the DREAM act so that they can be given amnesty is a slap in the face to every person who came to this country through legal channels.

      President Obama is the first president in recent history to actively come out against Israel, placing the oneness on them for peace in the Middle East. President Obama has deliberately picked people who have ties to terrorist organizations for this nation’s defense committees. I could go on and on, but I doubt that you would be interested in it, simply because you likely believe that President Obama is doing a great job. My healthcare premiums have already gone up nearly 50% this past year and I’ve been told they will go up again during the first part of 2011. This is due solely to Obamacare. Many insurance companies have already stated that they cannot implement many of the facets of Obamacare. They will go broke. This – in my opinion – is what Obama wants because then the government will take over healthcare and we will be far worse off then, than we are now.

      Of COURSE God is in control. There has NEVER been a point when God has NOT been in control. But look at the Old Testament. When the Assyrians, the Chaldeans, or someone else went in and conquered Israel, they did so because GOD allowed and/or directed it. However, those armies were STILL held fully accountable for touching the apple of God’s eye, even though He directed it! What does that say to you. It sounds like you would be DEFENDING the actions and presence of the Assyrians and Chaldeans because God put them in power and allowed/enabled them to overcome the Israelites. Yet God, held them accountable for their actions, so you would be standing against God with your frame of mind.

      I firmly believe that President Obama was made president ultimately because God made that choice. I also believe that Judas did what he did to Jesus because God made that choice. However, notice that Scripture holds Judas fully accountable for his actions (cf. Matthew 26:24; Mark 14:21; Luke 22:22). Do you notice that Jesus did NOT pray for Judas here? He did NOT pray for the very person who betrayed Him.

      The Psalmist who wrote the words in 109:8-9 was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write them. In the grand scheme of things, the Psalmist was asking God to rid the world of the evil person. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that at all. This world needs to be relieved of evil and it will happen one day, when God does it, as He clearly states in His Word throughout.

      Every time I turn around, I see President Obama doing something to remove more of the freedoms that are built into the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These freedoms are granted by these two documents, yet President Obama’s administration is doing what it can to shore up and remove those freedoms one by one. You seem to be completely oblivious to that fact. I think you are the one who needs to wake up and actually see what is going on in this country.

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