Question: Why Are U.S. Taxes Helping to Rebuild Babylon in Iraq?

January 6, 2011 at 7:14 PM 1 comment

I find this to be an interesting subject.  Most of the Islamic world hates the United States and to their way of thinking, it is with good reason.  After all, the United States is the Great Satan and Israel is the Little Satan.

We have many radical Muslims throughout the world including here in America who are working toward the day when they believe Allah will bring the United States to their knees.  From al-Qaeda to President Ahmadinejad, they have sworn to obliterate Jews from the Middle East and America from the globe.

Yet, in spite of this, Iraq seems to have no problem taking our money, in the form of a 2 million dollar grant from the United States State Department, which was granted this past November.  Why did we earmark that money for Iraq?  To rebuild Babylon of course!

Babylon was originally built by Nebuchadnezzar and is known for its wonders, including the hanging gardens.  No one knows exactly what they looked like, but they have been described to an extent both in the Bible and elsewhere.  This is the same Babylon that Saddam Hussein began rebuilding and the work continues today.

Archaeologists have located the ruins of what they believe to be the Tower of Babel, the grave of Old Testament prophet Ezekiel in the town of Kifl, as well as parts of Nebuchadnezzar’s palace and other areas as well.  This is all interesting, but I’m still wondering why our government believes that it is a good thing to send money to a country that hates us. 

Probably more interesting than that is the fact that during the coming Tribulation period, the book of Revelation clearly indicates that Babylon will have been rebuilt, at least to some extent.  When the book of Revelation (chapters 16-18) highlights Babylon, it is not only referring to a rebuilt city, but also to a system.  Babylon was in fact a system and it is where Nimrod became the leader of all people at the time and gathered them for the purpose of building the ziggurat known as Babel. 

God saw what Nimrod was doing and chose to confound languages so that people would section themselves off into various cultures and groups.  You can read about this in Genesis 11.  Since this occurred after the great flood of Noah’s day, it also explains nicely why nearly all major cultures have a story of a global flood.  Only the names and a few other details were changed from culture to culture.

Now of course, Revelation provides details of this coming Babylon in somewhat symbolic or allegorical terms.  “… and upon her forehead a name was

Please note that Babylon is seen by God as a harlot.  Why?  Because it is where Satan began his work to substitute worship of God the Creator with himself, the god of this world.  Of course, he was not stupid enough to come out and tell people that they were worshiping him.  He let them believe whatever they wanted to believe about the mystery religion that he formed in Babylon.  Ultimately, when people became involved with this religion, they wound up worshiping Satan.  Babylon is where it all began and it looks as though from the Bible, it will in some ways, culminate there.

The entire Bible has references of Babylon throughout, and much of it is brought together for us in the final book of the Bible, Revelation.  For instance, in Revelation chapters 16 – 18, we have numerous Old Testament passages that line up nicely with the view of Babylon we gain from Revelation: Psalm 137:1; Isaiah 21:9; Genesis 11:1-9; and Daniel 4:30.  The thread that connects Babylon of old with the Babylon of today and tomorrow still exists.

In one sense, I think it’s fascinating that we are seeing more and more of God’s Word coming true.  I never doubted it, but to be able to see concrete evidence of prophecies that were written thousands of years ago find fulfillment in today’s world leaves us with nothing to do except glorify God with our praise.

If as Revelation declares, Babylon is going to be rebuilt and we see that happening now, then we must also look seriously at other areas of Revelation that describe the End Times and the time leading up to Tribulation.  Jesus Himself explains a number of the things that will be prevalent prior to the Tribulation and His physical return in the Olivet Discourse found in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.  Much of this information is the basis for another book I’m writing called Living in the Last Generation.

The Bible is absolutely fascinating for its consistency, its purity, its inerrancy, and the fact that God wrote it, using over 40 human authors, over a period of roughly 1,600 years.  What other book can boast of that?  Nothing, especially not the Qur’an.

Unknowingly, the United States State Department is helping to bring part of God’s prophecies to fruition.  I’m sure those in the State Department have no clue that this is what they are doing.  As far as they are concerned, they are simply providing funding for something from antiquity. 

You have to appreciate God’s timing and His ability to oversee all situations.  Two thousand years ago, He directed the apostle John to write Revelation, mainly by seeing what was to come.  These were words written long before people like Saddam Hussein were even born to begin thinking about uncovering the destroyed city of Babylon.

Here we are today, on the cusp of more and more archaeological finds that verify the efficacy of God’s Word.  Of course, to atheists and doubters, nothing will do that.  Noah’s Ark could be discovered intact and pulled off one of the high mountains of Ararat.  Though they would be looking at it, they would be seeing it through blind eyes, insisting that it is not Noah’s Ark and that even if it was, it would not prove that there was a global flood.  People who do not want to be convinced, will not be convinced, at least in this life.  Once people leave this life, they will immediately be convinced because nothing will stand in the way of their seeing the truth, once and for all.  Of course, by then it will be way too late because NOW is the time and today is the day to receive salvation.   

I cannot wait to see what God allows humanity to uncover next!

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  • 1. Jacob  |  October 5, 2011 at 12:37 AM

    Great article don’t stop telling those who are willing to listen the truth. God Bless Always

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