Mosab Yousef’s Prediction Regarding Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

July 31, 2011 at 7:54 PM

A few months ago, my wife and I along with several hundred others sat in a church and listened to Mr. Yousef discuss problems in the Middle East.  He has told the world that he is a Christian, having converted from Islam.  This act of course, puts out a warrant for his death, yet so far, it would certainly seem that one of three things has taken place:

  1. He has experienced tremendous luck in remaining alive
  2. God has protected him thoroughly
  3. He has lied about his conversion to Christianity

I don’t believe there is such a thing as luck, so I will quickly rule out possibility number one.  That leaves possibilities two and three. Out of those, I do cannot say that I know the man’s heart.

I can say that his book sounds convincing and he himself in public certainly also sounds convincing.  Since I’ve not been given any revelation regarding the actual condition of Yousef’s heart, then I cannot comment on whether or not he is a true Christian, a Christian in name only, or someone who is simply pulling the wool over the eyes of those in the West and within the visible Church.  Anything is possible within Islam.

As we sat there, listening to Yousef, I must admit that I was impressed with the amount of carefree spirit he now possesses.  He says he is unconcerned about whether he lives or dies.  He believes, as should all authentic Christians, that his life is in God’s hands.  Because of that, he just does not care what might befall him.  He has stated that he travels the globe, yet does not see his family.  That makes sense because if he did in fact, become a Christian, then he would be treated as if he did not exist and if the chance was ever there, he would be killed because he has left Islam and become an infidel.  In fact, he has become worse than an infidel because Muslims would say that he once knew the “truth” (Islam) yet left it for something inferior; something that is a lie.

As Yousef continued his presentation, we learned his feelings about the Middle East and countries like Egypt, along with the surrounding areas.  He unequivocally stated that Egypt would never be taken over by Muslim Brotherhood because he told us there are too many young people who yearn for Democracy.  As most know, radical Islam hates Democracy because it views it as a harbinger of death to Islam.  Islam must be supreme and rule over all things on this planet.  In essence then, radical Muslims and all good Islamists look for the coming time when the world will be governed by an Islamic Theocracy, or what they term a Caliphate.  In order for Islam to reign supreme, nothing can stand in its way.  It is all Islam or nothing and of course, it is ironic that most do not seem to be aware of the problem with the bumper sticker that uses the various signs from the main religions to spell out the word “COEXIST.”  That certainly sounds and looks good on a bumper sticker, but Islam in its truest sense will have none of that.  It cannot share the spotlight and has no patience for those who want the people of various faiths to live in peace.  As an authentic Christian, I know this cannot happen either with respect to Christianity.  The stark difference though, is that I do not go around using violence as a means to get my point across that in order to receive true salvation, all people must go through Jesus who is “the way, the life, and the truth,” (John 14:6).

At the time I heard Yousef guarantee that the Muslim Brotherhood would never be able to control Egypt (in spite of the fact that this same group began in Egypt), because of Democracy, it was not long afterwards that we began to see something other than Yousef’s prediction come to the fore.

Just today, I read an article by Ryan Jones (Israel Today) in which he stated in part, “Tens, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Egyptians poured into Cairo’s now-famed Tahrir Square on Friday to demand their nation become subject to Sharia Law and form the cornerstone for a new Islamic caliphate.

“The unplanned demonstration erupted following Friday prayers at mosques around the Egyptian capital.

“The demonstrators, who were led by the increasingly powerful Muslim Brotherhood, demanded that Egypt’s interim military regime give way to an intolerant Islamic dictatorship.” [1; emphasis added]

The above information is certainly interesting.  Either Yousef’s predication was simply an honest mistake of not reading the signs correctly, or severely underestimating the power of the Muslim Brotherhood, or he has set about to soothe the fears of those in the West and specifically within the visible Church.  If he can successfully get Christians to lower their guards regarding Islam, then it is quite possible that the Muslim Brotherhood will make greater gains because they are simply not being watched as intently.

Jones continues by stating, “When Egyptians ousted former dictator Hosni Mubarak in February, the international media made much of how conservative Muslims, Coptic Christians and Egyptian secularists worked together for the common goal of democratic freedom.

“The prevailing assumption was that Egypt would serve as a model of how a diverse, but tolerant Middle East society could throw off the shackles of dictatorial oppression and build something better.

“But Egyptian commentators are now saying that what is happening in their country more closely resembles the Iranian revolution.” [2]

While it is certainly possible that Mosab Yousef was simply wrong.  He himself may be surprised at the outcome of Mubarak’s overthrow.  Why do I get the feeling that he is not suprised?

Could it be things that Walid Shoebat has stated regarding Yousef?  I’ve visited Shoebat’s web site and read a number of his articles and statements regarding Yousef and the fact that Yousef apparently says one thing to Americans and other Westerners, yet on Arabic TV says something completely different that not only winds up disagreeing with the statements he has made to those of us in the West.

The more I look into the situation, the more convinced I am that maybe Mr. Yousef is not being totally honest.  Maybe he is either a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or someone who is simply misguided and unable to figure out which way the wind blows.  Is that possible for someone like Yousef, whose father was one of the founding members of Hamas?  It is difficult to say.

One thing I have also noticed where Walid Shoebat is concerned is that he receives flack from some who believe that he is simply jealous of Yousef and attacking him because of it.  In fact, one particular individual posted often on Walid’s own web site with vehement disagreement over the entire issue regarding Yousef.  This individual has called Shoebat a wolf in sheep’s clothing and has pointed out that Chuck Missler has also uncovered the real truth about Shoebat’s allegations concerning Yousef.

However, the one thing that Shoebat says that cannot be disagreed with is that Yousef has made many statements on Arabic TV that purportedly show the real side of Yousef.  Shoebat points out that these videos are available on YouTube and other places and all someone needs to do is find someone who could translate what they hear from Arabic into English (or their own native language).  That makes sense, but unfortunately, I do not know anyone who could do that and certainly do not have the money to pay someone for their services in that regard.

Here is what appears to be crystal clear.  Egypt is moving toward becoming dominated by Muslim Brotherhood.  For the past several months, Muslim Brotherhood has actively engaged in burning and destroying churches and killing or injuring Christians they find within them.  Coptic Christians have been singled out of course because of the fairly large population of Coptic Christians in Egypt.  The liberal media takes no notice of this at all, because it goes against their party line of political correctness where Islam is concerned.

The other thing that appears to be obvious is the fact that for Egypt and that area of the world, things will not settle down quickly.  In the end, when the smoke clears, it is very likely that Muslim Brotherhood will play a very large part in whatever government rises to the top within Egypt.  In his article, Jones points out that though there is no current charismatic leader that radical Muslims can follow, that can change on a dime.

Currently, Libya is a hotbed of radical activity.  We here in America still have no real idea of what our troops are doing there.  It has been difficult for leaders in Congress to determine the exact nature of our involvement, but it is very likely that we are not simply in an advisory role, as Mr. Obama said we would be.  It is funny how we hear so little about that war (characterized by this administration as a “kinetic military action”) in Libya because the liberal left would rather focus on a war that began under Mr. Bush’s presidency.  It allows them to focus on that and ignore the “kinetic military action” in Libya, in spite of the fact that no one really knows what that is, but it is clear that the Obama Administration is using the term instead of calling what we are doing in Libya a war since that would have required Congressional approval.  In this regard then, Mr. Obama can simply do what he wants just as any other dictator would do.  Between the many uses of “executive orders”

Executive Orders are controversial because they allow the President to make
major decisions, even law, without the consent of Congress. This, of course,
runs against the general logic of the Constitution — that no one should have
power to act unilaterally. Nevertheless, Congress often gives the President
considerable leeway in implementing and administering federal law and programs. Sometimes, Congress cannot agree exactly how to implement a law or program. In effect, this leaves the decision to the federal agencies involved and the President that stands at their head. When Congress fails to spell out in detail how a law is to be executed, it leaves the door open for the President to provide those details in the form of Executive Orders.” [3]

It seems that Mr. Obama has used the executive order far more than Bush or any other president in modern history and will likely use as many as possible to create the policies that he wants created.

Be that as it may, the truth concerning Mosab Yousef may not be forthcoming any time soon.  It may be that more things will need to occur before the world will know with surety whether Yousef is telling us the truth about himself.  If he is, then it is clear that Walid Shoebat is the liar.  If it turns out that Yousef has not been honest with us, then Shoebat is vindicated.

In either case, what we are experiencing in Egypt is not what Yousef confidentially stated that we would see in that portion of the world.  In fact, we are seeing quite the opposite and for someone who at one time served as a double agent, it is questionable that he could make such a big mistake when it comes to Muslim Brotherhood and the direction they are trying to get Egypt to take.

As you can imagine, the situation between Shoebat and Yousef is ongoing.  For those who are not sure and wish to engage their minds in the debate to at least try to determine the truthfulness of both parties, here is a web site in which at least some of the basics are printed:

The above site is Mosab Yousef’s and there is a good deal there, but in my mind, it doesn’t solve anything and may not for you either.  The biggest dilemma I have at the moment is how Yousef could make such a grievous error with respect to his determination regarding Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

I do not know as much about Muslim Brotherhood or Islam as do Shoebat and Yousef, that is clear.  However, even in my own imperfect understanding, I doubt that I would have underestimated Muslim Brotherhood as it seems Yousef has done.

Mosab’s fault may be that maybe, while he is a Christian, he is simply not a Zionist.  Maybe, as a Palestinian, Mosab believes that he and his people should have at least some of the Land that God has given to the Jews.  Maybe that’s where the entire dilemma rests.  Maybe that is the difficulty I have with Mosab and this may also be the reason that certain things he says come off as sounding severely anti-Israel.

Time of course will tell us what we need to know, but then again, time is not a commodity that we have a great deal of, do we?


[2] Ibid


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