Stuart Varney on Mr. Obama’s Intentions for America

November 6, 2012 at 11:07 AM

Here’s a brief, but interesting look at what another four years of Mr. Obama may mean for America, courtesy of the opinion of Stuart Varney.  In this short video, Varney explains why he originally left Great Britain over 40 years ago.  He speaks of the government of Great Britain as being socialistic and virtually in every part of a person’s life.

As Varney rightly points out, Mr. Obama has stated he will raise taxes and do the types of things that actually curtail private industry.  Socialism creates low-paying, one-size fits all jobs for the average person.  Taxes are normally much higher.  In the Great Britain, the VAT tax now stands at 20%.  This is value added tax for nearly everything that the consumer purchases in Great Britain.  This VAT fee is what is added on to the normal price and the normal tax.  In other areas, such as Canada, taxes are also much higher there due to socialized medicine.

Here is the URL for the video and you’ll need to scroll down the page to view it once there.  For the liberal, you will of course, be sorely inclined to disagree with the points raised by Varney.  You will probably want to post your own comments.  Instead, why not start your own blog where you can post your liberal gibberish to your heart’s content?  I think that’s a great idea.

Varney points out that another four years of Mr. Obama’s policies will bring us much closer to becoming what Europe has already become in many places.

But what if Mr. Obama loses today’s election?  Is it over?  Not really, considering Mr. Obama would have roughly two more months to push through as many things as he can push through before he officially leaves office.  What might some of those things be?

Well, for one, there is talk that the Obama team are wanting to push through new EPA regulations that would essentially kill the entire coal industry.  Implementing these new regulations would cost millions of dollars for coal mines.  Most, if not all, would be forced into closure, resulting of course, in the mass layoffs of thousands of coal miners.  This in turn would drive up energy costs here in the United States as well as put more people on the unemployment line.  This is simply not a good policy while our economy continues to suffer.

“President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has devoted an unprecedented number of bureaucrats to finalizing new anti-coal regulations that are set to be released at the end of November, according to a source inside the EPA.

“More than 50 EPA staff are now crashing to finish greenhouse gas emission standards that would essentially ban all construction of new coal-fired power plants. Never before have so many EPA resources been devoted to a single regulation. The independent and non-partisan Manhattan Institute estimates that the EPA’s greenhouse gas coal regulation will cost the U.S. economy $700 billion.” [1]

Who can honestly believe that our economy would survive if new EPA regs are pushed through like this?  This is something akin to what the Clinton administration pushed through prior to leaving office.  What I find fascinating is that our leaders actually believe doing things that eliminate companies and jobs for Americans is a good thing.

So what might be the result of this if Mr. Obama’s EPA has their way and if Romney becomes the next president?  Will there be recourse?

“President Obama won’t tell the voters of the Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania the truth about his plans to shut down the coal industry. Even after he loses on Tuesday, it appears that the President will still try to continue his efforts to kill their jobs and drive up their energy prices. Mitt Romney is committed to reversing the damage caused by the Obama Administration’s disastrous liberal agenda as soon as he takes office.” [2]

The above quote is from Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams.  The Romney campaign is aware of the potential problem.  Mr. Obama is being completely disingenuous to withhold this information from voters, especially voters who will be directly affected by these new regulations.

Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in 2008 that he wanted gas prices in America to equal or surpass the price of gas in Europe.  That means Americans would be paying nearly $9.00/gallon for gas, or doubling what we currently pay.  However, several months ago, (and possibly due to the political fallout to Mr. Obama?), he has stated that he no longer wants that. [3]  Who knows what the truth is here though.  Certainly, if Mr. Obama is re-elected, there is no reason to believe that Chu would be replaced and we could just as easily hear him say that he has reconsidered his position and now believes that achieving gas prices equal to those in Europe for the US is a good thing.

In any case, if Mr. Obama loses the election, he will have several months to continue to work feverishly to do whatever he wants to do and since he knows that in January, he will be out, then he won’t care who likes what he does.  Some have called Mr. Obama extremely arrogant and even narcissistic.  If he loses, we might see a side of Mr. Obama that no one has seen to date because there is no reason for him to care about anything or anyone, except what is important to him.

Here is a video from a younger Mr. Obama back in 2008 when he talked about how his plan would make electricity rates skyrocket.  Why?  Can poor people afford skyrocketing rates?  Should the Middle Class be further squeezed by outrageous energy costs?  The answer of course is “no,” but too many of the haves (both Dems and Republicans) seem not to care.  There is no earthly reason why energy rates should skyrocket, but this was his plan back then in 2008.  Has he “flip-flopped” on that, or is he simply not talking about it in those terms any longer?

Mr. Obama has already said that voting is the best revenge.  For him, the best revenge is what he can to America before he leaves office in January, 2013.

[2] Ibid

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