What People Do Not Realize…

November 23, 2012 at 12:20 PM

What people do not realize is that the Muslim Brotherhood is being thoroughly used by the global elite to advance the goals of the elite.  A number of months ago – as noted this before – the one question that nagged at me continuously was why was the Muslim Brotherhood constantly being allowed to do what they do with the seeming approval of most leaders throughout the world?  They seemed to move from one nation to another with no checks placed on them.  The reason became obvious after reading more articles by Dr. Dennis Cuddy and others.

Issues of the Big Picture?
The truth of the matter seems to be that people are continually focused on the issue of why Gov. Chris Christie – as a for instance – seems all too eager to promote Islam, even by appointing judges who are hardcore Muslim (leaning toward the radical side of Islam).  Beyond this, the Attorney General of NJ has appointed “four Islamists for an advisory panel intended to improve relations between the government and the state’s small but growing community of Muslim immigrants and settlers.” [1]

Even though rational people who have legitimate concerns about the growing encroachment of elements of radicalized Islam within the United States, voice their concerns, they seem to fall on deaf ears where our leaders are concerned.  Those leaders who do express concern are routinely ridiculed and marginalized by others in Washington.  These people are portrayed as racists or bigots because they do not wanting to reach out the Islamic community within America and instead want to investigate things about Islam’s encroachment that simply seems untoward or even illegal.  In the end though, what is happening is that people are getting completely sidetracked by issues.

Here, Yet Apart
The plain fact of the matter is that within several states (such as Michigan and Tennessee), Muslims are being encouraged to push their own agenda.  Rather than helping them find ways to become part of the fabric of the United States as most immigrants found a way to do, Muslims instead are slowly being given more room to ignore the Constitution in neighborhoods that are essentially all Muslim.

Who else in America is allowed to do this?  I can only think of the Amish, yet they are some of the most peace-loving people in the world!  They keep to themselves and they depend solely upon themselves as their own support group.  They do not speak against this country.  They take nothing from our government.  Yet, many Muslims come here and immediately go on Welfare.  They take as much as they can from our government and yet believe that they should be allowed to live the way they want to live.  This is absurd.

The report mentioned above related to the NJ Attorney General provides some interesting information.  “The panel meets with state police and political leaders, giving Islamists an opportunity to push their top-level demand that Muslim neighborhoods be allowed to govern themselves by their own rules, including Islam’s Shariah law.” [2]  The question of course, is why are they allowed to govern themselves using Sharia law?  This portrays to them that they are literally exempt from the laws (with accompanying values) that stem from the rule of law in this country, which is based on the United States Constitution.

Keep Asking What is the Big Picture?
Again though, we need to be looking at the bigger picture, which is beyond this one particular issue.  The global elite does this quite a bit, in my opinion.  They like to use specific situations to distract from what they are doing in the whole and this is certainly no exception.

People will look at this issue and become angered that one group is being given special privileges, while the rest of us are duty bound to the rule of law in this land.  If allowed, Muslims will create “No Go Zones” as they have done in the UK and parts of Europe.  What this means simply is that they do not welcome anyone from outside their “community” who is not also Muslim.  In many cases, law enforcement does not go into those communities as they have effectively become self-governing.  Of course, the authorities as well as the average person knows that if they “offend” Muslims by entering those uniquely codified Islamic communities, they may well be taken their own life in their hands.  There have been many violent responses by Muslims from these types of communities who believe their “rights” under their own self-imposed Sharia law has been violated.

This is now starting to come to America as we have seen in the Dearborn, MI area for some time, where people who have lived in areas of Dearborn for generations have felt there was no reason except to move out because of the tremendous growth of the Islamic community and their increased movement toward self-governance.  This is also what is happening in parts of Georgia above Atlanta.

While city officials will come down hard on a Christian man for having a weekly Bible study at his home, even sending him to jail, time and time again, Muslims who illegally park, crowd the streets, or illegally occupy a neighborhood by simply throwing together ramshackle buildings as abodes that are completely unsafe and done without permits are given a pass.

Is It Just One Big Soft Spot?
Again, we must ask why this is the case?  What does all of this point to?  It cannot simply be because all of a sudden, community leaders and politicians have developed a very real soft spot for Muslims.  That might be the case here and there, but throughout the world and within parts of the United States in growing numbers?  I find that extremely difficult to believe.  There is something much bigger at work behind the scenes.

Just a day or two after the Benghazi attack, Mr. Obama spoke before the UN.  As we know now, the Obama administration was essentially lying to the world about the events that led up to and caused the Benghazi situation and our consulate there.  During his speech, he made it clear that those who offend Islam should have no part in the future.  He made no such statement regarding those who offend Christianity.  He merely said that they need to stop doing that.

His speech was very carefully nuanced to allow for greater responsibility for those who deign to do things that offend Muslims, but for those who kill Christians and involve themselves in other forms of persecution (as Muslim have been doing throughout the Middle East and Asia, well, they simply need to recognize that this is not right and shame on them.  The problem with Mr. Obama stating that those who offend Islam should have no part in the future, is that it implies a very diabolical solution against those who do offend Islam.

How can people have no future if they offend Islam?  What does that actually mean?  On one hand, it could mean that they will become fully ostracized by society, kept completely outside of it and not allowed to participate in it.  On the other hand, it could also mean that those who offend Islam have their own blood on their heads.  In other words, if harm comes to them, oh well, they were warned, weren’t they?  They brought it upon themselves.  Obviously, we do not really know what Mr. Obama meant by those words, which is why I have stated they are so nuanced.  They admonish us, while being cloaked in a fog of implied evil.

No One Cares About Offending Christians
Christians are offended daily and no one cares.  Why is that?  It is because Christians do not strap bombs on themselves or kill innocent people because they are somehow offended.  No one is afraid that groups of Christians are going to pick up bats, knives, and guns and go after those who have said or done things that are offensive to them.  In fact, Jesus tells us to pray for those who spitefully use us, yet this is obviously not the case regarding Islam and instead of our leaders coming down on that type of behavior, they are nearly given free rein.

Again, why is this the case?  What is behind all of this?  Why are Muslims almost encouraged to react violently because time and time again, no real  recourse is taken against them?  They are simply allowed to blow off all of their anger until it dissipates.  Sure, some of them might get hurt during their protests, but imagine if Christians went after this atheist group or that one physically because they were trying to sue to have Nativity scenes removed as one group did successfully in Santa Monica, CA.  If Christians reacted like radical Muslims, the National Guard would be called out along with law enforcement and they would likely shoot to kill

Years ago, when Christians participated in peaceful and legal protests regarding abortion, they were treated horrendously.  Many were beaten and some even had bones broken by the police.  I don’t see this happening to Muslims, do you?  Very recently, in Dearborn, MI, Christians were pelted with rocks, concrete, and urine during the Arab Festival.  What did the police do?  Nothing.  They actually threatened to arrest the Christians in spite of the fact that they witnessed Muslims assaulting Christians who did not provoke physically or even fight back.

It’s Your Fault You Were Robbed
This kind of mentality is like leaving your door unlocked and when you experience a home-invasion, law enforcement simply says, “You should have locked your door.  We can’t arrest this guy because you technically invited him in.”  The same applies when we’ve heard the statement “She asked for it” with respect to a woman who was molested and it usually refers to the way she was dressed.This thinking is absolutely ridiculous, yet in some ways, this is what it is coming to in various countries throughout the world and even in parts of America.

Recently, I read of a psychologist who claimed that Jesus was fully deranged and if a Christian group did not remove their nativity, he was going to sue them.  The Christian group has two choices:  1) fight back through the courts, or 2) give up so they won’t be sued.  Those are the two choices.  No one will expect them to respond violently and they shouldn’t.

However, if something like this occurred with reference to Muhammad as a deranged pedophile, Muslims would go crazy as has happened on numerous occasions.  What is the response of those in authority?  Leaders bend over backwards to make amends to the Muslim who were offended.  This treatment empowers Muslims to react like that again and even with more fervor.  They are being taught that they can be as violent as they want to be and virtually nothing happens, in most cases.  Again, why is this almost routine?

Seeing the Big Picture Yet?
It is because there is a much bigger picture that most people seem to be completely unaware of and so they are simply reacting to a specific situation.  They wonder why they are seeing more Muslim groups being given special treatment here in America where the rule of law is based not on the Qur’an, but on the Bible?

Moving toward the larger picture, the world saw what happened in Gaza recently with Hamas sending rocket after rocket into parts of Israel (which they’ve been doing for quite a while), in which Israel finally retaliated.  It looked like war was in the offing and Mr. Obama chose to send Hillary Clinton to that region to see what she could do to broker a cease-fire.

Once there, she began working with President Morsi of Egypt who it is now stated, “sponsored” the eventual cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.  We’re not really sure what “sponsored” means as it seems to mean different things to different people.  What we do know however, is that Morsi was officially brought into the situation to likely give him a show of greater power and influence.

It seems that in return for “helping” to broker a cease-fire, Morsi, the US State Department turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to Morsi’s power grab that occurred just one day after this Egyptian-sponsored cease-fire.  Even though the United States is silent, officials from the UN noticed it and spoke out of their concern.  Daniel Greenberg reports that the UN stated, “We are very concerned about the possible huge ramifications of this declaration on human rights and the rule of law in Egypt,” Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, said at the United Nations in Geneva.” [3]

Greenberg also notes that many protestors were on hand to shout against this attempted power grab.  “Thousands of protesters marching from various points in the city are converging on Tahrir Square Friday afternoon, chanting slogans such as ‘Down with the Supreme Guide,’ ‘Wake up Morsy, (sic) it’s your last day,’ and the popular “The people demand the fall of the regime,” eyewitnesses report.” [4]

Muslim Brotherhood
Whoops.  What is happening?  Are things falling apart?  No.  It’s all part of the same big picture.  Morsi wants to turn Egypt into a full and complete nation governed solely by Sharia law.  This is understandably not setting well with those who want true Democracy in Egypt and are not willing to roll over and play dead because of Morsi’s dreams and aspirations.  We haven’t seen the end of it either.

I and many others voiced concerns about this whole thing even before Morsi became president.  Originally we learned that the Muslim Brotherhood would not offer a candidate to become Egypt’s president.  Then we learned that they changed their minds and decided to do just that.  Lo and behold, Morsi – an Islamic hardliner – won the day.  How?  Who knows, but he did.  Was it voter fraud, peer pressure, or both?

In an article from this past May, 2012, Dr. Dennis Cuddy commented on the situation.  “The main reason the MB in Egypt in March decided to reverse its position of not fielding a presidential candidate was that although they had achieved almost a 50% majority in the parliamentary elections, they have been blocked by the military generals’ ruling council and its appointed governing body (which is running the country until a new president is elected). Even if the MB candidate wins the presidency in the runoff, and the MB has its way in parliament, the generals may try to retain much of their power.” [5]

So we see that the Muslim Brotherhood was willing to not provide a candidate if it appeared that they would have the necessary majority in their parliament to bring about their intended goals.  When it appeared that this was not going to be so easily accomplished as they originally thought, they then proceeded to offer a candidate, who won the race.

With Morsi’s determination to push Egypt toward a far more radical Islamic agenda than existed under Mubarak, we can be assured that civil strife and even war will break out between the Muslim Brotherhood and the average Egyptian citizen.  A true power struggle seems to be developing.  What will the global elite do?

People in the Middle East truly understand all the ramifications of a government that is controlled by Sharia law.  It turns the clock back to the 600’s BC where woman were treated as less than slaves and homosexuals are executed, among other things.  This is what is happening in places like Iran right now, yet many in America refuse to see it or prefer to believe that it won’t ever exist like that in the United States or other areas of the world if Muslims were allowed to govern themselves.  Really?  Rise and shine sleeper!

So, the big picture should be coming into focus.  As the Muslim Brotherhood takes over one geographical area after another, their influence is felt far and wide.  The tremendous restrictions that come to exist because of Sharia law are implemented, leaving people with absolutely no recourse.  A woman who claims to be raped under Sharia law must have four men who will agree with her testimony before anything is done to the rapist.  If she is unable to find four men who will stand with her, then not only is nothing done to the rapist, but she herself can be charged and put to death for adultery.  This has happened many times and will continue. However, we never hear Hillary Clinton or any other female in our government condemning these atrocities.  They simply choose to ignore them.  Again, why?  This is an issue that is cause for concern but is it part of the big picture?

I believe the reason for all of these things happening throughout the world that appear to be individual issues is due solely to the fact that the global elite is using the Muslim Brotherhood to foment change throughout the Middle East and the world.  As I have stated before, those who simply focus on this incident or that one over there have a very difficult time seeing the big picture, or the whole plan.

While some are busy focusing on Gov. Christie’s Attorney General appointing several right-leaning Muslims to a new committee to study the possibility of allowing local communities made up of largely Muslims to govern themselves under Sharia, these same people may wind up missing what is happening in Egypt and the rest of the world.  We all need to step back and understand that the larger picture or plan is allowing the Muslim Brotherhood free rein to do what they want to do because it will ultimately make it far easier for the global elite to absorb these nations later on.

Some See It
By the way, there are people in our government who are aware of what is going on and are trying to stop it.  Cuddy notes that “U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and four other members of Congress had inquired about the possible influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) within our federal government.”  Since that time, Bachmann has been held up to ridicule as a racist and bigot.  How dare she question any involvement of the MB in our own government!  Yet, they are there and we are supposed to believe that their connections to our government are completely altruistic.  The Obama administration dutifully ignores any concerns related to the Muslim Brotherhood within his administration.

The MB is being allowed to work toward toppling one government after another, replacing that government with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They are working for that here in America as well.  As one nation after the next comes to be united under the common law of Sharia, those nations will become essentially one large block of nations that all share the same goals and values; Sharia.  They will not be fighting against one another because Sharia and the Qur’an have united them.  People who do not want to fall in line will be dealt with…harshly.

The Coming Caliphate
In essence then, the global elite is doing what it can to help build the next Islamic caliphate (an Islamic empire governed by Sharia).  It is just like Rome and how that empire became so large.  It was done with sheer force and that is what is happening now.  Radical Islam is like a bulldozer flattening everything in its path.

Once this Islamic empire becomes large enough, the global elite will be able to merely go in and take control of it and continue on from there.  The Muslim Brotherhood will have done all the grunt work.

We know that among all nations throughout the world, the United States will prove to be the most difficult of nations to take down.  This necessitates small encroachments over time and that is what has been happening in America, until the momentum carries it forward seemingly of its own accord.

The mainstream media has dutifully played along by keeping real information from us and presenting us with information that they want us to hear.  For instance, with this latest cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, what were we given?  News bureaus showed us images that were designed to make us feel bad for the Palestinians.  We saw short video clips and photos allegedly of people having been killed or maimed by Israeli fire in spite of the fact that many of these images were doctored or simply set up to show something they did not really show.

In another instance, when Bush was president, the media hounded him unmercifully from his Texas twang to his mispronunciation of certain words and phrases.  The media would not give him a pass on anything.  Yet, Mr. Obama mispronounces words or names and it goes completely unnoticed by the same media.  By the way, I’m not saying that they media should be going after our leaders for this type of thing.  The fact that Mr. Obama gets a pass, but not Bush tells us of the media bias that operates ceaselessly.

Brian Williams Shows His True Colors
Recently, Brian Williams went so far as to ridicule Mitt Romney for now being just an “average guy” who pumps his own gas.  This report was accompanied by a photo of a seemingly “angry” Romney with his hands in his pockets standing there by the gas pumps.  There was a second photo that Williams chose not to use of Romney in that same situation, but this one showed him smiling.  It simply shows how small-minded, petty, and biased the American news media truly is that they would take time on a nightly news show to present something about Romney that is simply used to castigate him.  That was the only point to that bit of “news.”  The campaign is over.  Leave Romney alone.  He played his part and has moved on.  Why can’t you, Brian?  You spent plenty of time attempting to portray Romney as something he’s not: a right-winger.  Focus on what is actually happening in the world and stop presenting your biases to the people of America, will you?

It is because of this that I do not watch any mainstream media news program any longer, including FOX News.  It seems pointless and a complete waste of my time when I can find what I need on the Internet.

More Media Bias
Now that the cease-fire in Gaza has been “sponsored,” what have we been hearing?  The news keeps asking the question of whether the cease-fire will hold.  The truth is that even since this new cease-fire, Hamas has not stopped shelling Israel, but this is something American news programs do not point out or discuss!  What they really mean is will Israel continue to recognize a cease-fire even though the shelling from Hamas in Gaza has continued?  As far as the news is concerned, the cease-fire is working as long as Israel does not retaliate with return fire.  This is in spite of Hamas’ continued shelling.  If Israel responds with shelling of their own, they will be portrayed as the ones who broke the cease-fire agreement.  It is a complete double standard and it goes on without hindrance.

The global elite needs to have Israel portrayed as the evil aggressor and they’re doing a fine job of it.  Ultimately, this same global elite wants to be able to control Israel and they know they cannot do that unless they get Israel out of the way.  The tool they are using for that purpose is the Muslim Brotherhood and its many offshoot extremist groups.

The average person seems to not see this at all and I must admit that for the longest time, I didn’t see it either.  The whole question of why Islam was being allowed to make such inroads and impact so many nations was something that I could not answer and it was a constant frustration to me.

Leaders Fold
It seemed one leader after another eventually bowed the knee to Islam.  Tony Blair did it in the UK and there has been nothing but upheaval since then.  The president of France has done it and they have had major civil problems because of it.  This has been repeated over and over again in too many nations to list and the global elite is behind all of it with their money, their arms, and their political power.  Yes, I fully realize that this sounds conspiratorial, but there is no better answer that I have read anywhere.

The global elite has determined that they are on the cusp of a huge overtake and they want to continue to ride that momentum until they gain viable global dominance.  It is what they have been working for and they will continue to do so until it becomes that goal reality.

If the global elite is the power behind the Muslim Brotherhood’s expansion, then they literally control the Muslim Brotherhood.  If they control them, then they obviously have the resources necessary to take them out if they need to do so.  One day, that will happen because they will no longer be useful to the elite.

Think of this in biblical terms.  Once Satan used Judas for his specific purposes to kill Christ, he was done with him.  Judas was left to himself to realize the horror of his own actions.  What did he do?  Suicide.

My wife and I were watching 48 Hours last night and we learned of a man named Scott Kimball, aka Hannibal.  He killed at least four people and the FBI agents surmised that the reason he killed them was because after he used them for his purposes, he simply got rid of them.  How many criminals have done that or attempted to do that to cover their own rear ends?  Is it so hard to believe that if the elite is behind all the upheaval in the world that is being caused by radical Islam, that once they are done with them, they will eliminate them?  It won’t be hard for the elite either.

Going Back to Hitler…Again
I think it is absolutely remarkable that this exact same scenario was almost played out during the time of Hitler’s Third Reich.  He chose the Muslim Brotherhood as allies to help him win his war over the Jews.  He had plans to install a Muslim Mufti in Jerusalem once his troops were able to decimate it and take control of it.  That did not happen, but the goal of the Third Reich (as we have previously discussed) lives on and the global elite that lives today is carrying it forward.

It is always been of interest to me that the global elite wants to also control Jerusalem.  So does the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why shouldn’t the elite use a group that is already violent to its core and will stop at nothing to eliminate Israel, a nation they consider to be their biggest threat?  The elite will most certainly use that group.  They both want the same thing but for different reasons.

Now What?
So what do we do in the face of this?  One thing we do not do is lose our heads.  We cannot afford to allow ourselves to become so intensely angry and emotional that we stop thinking straight.  We need to keep our heads on straight, stand resolute, and push back through every legal means we possess.  If we simply give in, we have given up.

I’m sure there are groups that are making plans for an eventual physical confrontation with authorities.  They realize that our government desperately wants and needs to remove all guns from society, not because they care about the deaths that occur from guns each year.  They want them gone from society because they need to remove the chances of active resistance by the people of this country.

This is exactly what authorities did in the UK and other nations and all we hear from people there is to not allow the US government to take away our guns.  How did that happen over there?  It happened when UK’s political leaders signed a treaty with the UN and it is the same treaty that Mr. Obama announced one day after his re-election that he would resume talks on through Clinton.

IF our government signs that treaty with the UN, it would still need to be ratified by our Congress.  However, even if our Congress does not ratify it, I can picture the Obama administration taking their case to the Supreme Court.  If this Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare, what are the chances that they will rule in favor of the Administration’s position on a UN gun ban?  The chances are excellent, in my opinion.  Though he has spoken against the Supreme Court being an “activist” court when he was concerned that they might overturn Obamacare, he will have no such qualms going to that same Supreme Court to get the decision he wants if Congress fails to approve the treaty.

This is what took place in Fascist Germany.  Guns were outlawed and with it, the freedoms that the people of Germany had long-lived under.  In fact, if you look at virtually every revolution where guns existed, the powers that be did everything to remove guns from society in order to gain control of the populace.  This is why the issue of gun control is so vehemently pushed to the forefront time and time again by those on the Left.  I’m sure not all of them fully understand the ramifications, but there are too many people in our government (and even in society) who erroneously believe that removal of all guns from American society would make society much safer.  This is simply not true and it has nothing to do with the real reason our government wants guns out of the hands of civilians.

What we need to do is always look for the larger picture or plan.  We need to understand what the global elite is attempting to accomplish not only in America but throughout the world.  Only when we see that reality will we stop focusing on individual issues with so much vehemence that we are destined only to wear ourselves out.

Clear-Headed Action and Resolve
This situation calls for action, but it also calls for very clear thinking and keeping a constant check on our emotions.  A soldier who gets so angry in battle isn’t worth much and could actually not only do harm to himself but those around him who fight with him against the enemy.

As a Christian, I believe that God is fully in control of all outcomes.  I understand that things are looking bad but that is only the way it looks to us.  God will be victor even though some of us may wind up being victims.  The truth is that we can approach the coming mayhem with diligence, a clear head, intelligence, and discernment so that we are not destroyed by our own emotions that have overtaken and controlled us.

The global elite wants you to submit.  Are you willing to do that?  Are you willing to simply give up and give them whatever they want?  There are things we will not be able to stop from happening.  However, I also believe that the Christian who faces what is coming with their head held high and filled with God-given discernment will be the absolute best testimony to a lost and dying world.

This is what Jesus did.  On the night He was betrayed, He did not cower in a corner.  He went to Gethsemane to pray and commune with the Father.  When the soldiers came for Him, He deliberately stood there and declared His identity to them.  Fear engulfed them.  He demanded that they came for Him and they should leave the others alone, which they did.

In one way or another, this world is filled with evil that is so powerful, it is almost palpable.  We simply must not give into any fear we are tempted to embrace.  We must understand that while we are in this world, the battle always rages against the unseen evil forces of the spiritual realms.  If we give into fear or even anger, we will not only be worthless for ourselves, but will also fail to see the spiritual needs of those who have not yet escaped Satan’s kingdom of darkness.

Persecution Will Increase
In the coming days, months, and years, I believe Christians will face tremendous persecution.  Our rights will be removed and we will almost be dared to stand against the powers that be.  Are you going to do what Peter did on the night he denied he knew Jesus, or are you going to react as he did at the end of his life when he demanded to be crucified upside down?  It was the same man who had been changed through his devotion to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Now is not the time to turn tail and run.  It is not the time to find a place to hide underground until things blow over.  They won’t blow over.  It is the time for authentic Christians to show their mettle and their devotion to Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of Lords.  We must stand against evil as He empowers us so that those who are still in the clutches of the kingdom of darkness might see the truth and come to embrace it.

Spend time in God’s Word.  Memorize it.  Repeat it to yourself throughout the day.  Spend time in fellowship with other authentic Christians.  Stop arguing about senseless things.  Let go of the things that have no real value and put your eyes on our Commander, Who leads us into battle.  I believe as Paul states, that we are not only to avoid the deeds of darkness, but we are to expose them, (Ephesians 5:11).

Paul follows that up with these words; “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is,” (Ephesians 5:15-17).

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm,” (Ephesians 6:12-13).

As we go through each day, we should do so with an attitude of certainty that God is guiding our steps and providing for us.  We should not give into any fear that may come our way.  Paul says that we should, “in no way alarmed by your opponents– which is a sign of destruction for them, but of salvation for you, and that too, from God,” (Philippians 1:28).

Don’t Give into Fear
How do we not fear when there is so much change that is coming?  There is only one way and it is through deep dependence upon God to help us walk uprightly and in a straight line.  We cannot give in.  We cannot emotionally cater to the powers that be.  We must always resist so that God’s love will be evident to all.

You want to see examples of how it was done repeatedly by saints of the past?  Read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.  It will open your eyes.  God gives grace to the humble, but opposes the proud, (cf. James 4:6).  Humble yourself before Him and He will lift you up, (cf. James 4:10).  He will give us exactly what we need to move through the coming time of judgment on this earth because of what the global elite are unleashing on this earth.

Do not give up on God and His ability to carry you.  We need to be people of God who know how to praise Him.  We need to be obedient to Him and His calling.  We need to look to Him for His care and refining.  Let me end this article with Psalm 100, a psalm I have just memorized for myself to remind me of what my attitude should be before God.  Fill your mind with His Word.

Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth.
Serve the Lord with gladness;
Come before Him with joyful singing.
Know that the Lord Himself is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving
And His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him, bless His name.
For the Lord is good;
His lovingkindness is everlasting
And His faithfulness to all generations.

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