Mr. Obama’s Committment to America

November 25, 2012 at 5:30 PM 2 comments

Ever since Mr. Obama was installed in 2008, he seems committed to three goals:  1) destroying America’s economy, 2) moving America toward national (read global) socialism, and 3) empowering the Muslim Brotherhood.

America’s Economy
Since taking office, among the very first (of many) things that Mr. Obama set out to accomplish was not to help America’s economy, but to provide all Americans with socialized medicine, which would add trillions of new taxes to our economy.  It is not so much that the government will become the insurer by providing insurance.  Instead the government has made it mandatory that everyone have insurance.  Not having it will mean being fined.

We already know what Obamacare is going to do to this nation because we see it happening.  Rather than go bankrupt, many companies are doing whatever they can to remain viable.  Unfortunately, that includes either laying off people, reducing their hours so that they are no longer full-time, or both.  This will have dramatic effects on our economy and the majority of families within the United States.  As usual, the Middle Class will be hit hardest.

Just mere days after Mr. Obama’s re-election, companies began announcing layoffs.  Obviously, they didn’t decide after the election to lay off employees; at least not all of them.  Numerous companies were going to announce layoffs prior to the election, but were asked not to do so because of the chances of this information hurting Mr. Obama’s chances for re-election.  In one case, Mr. Obama promised that the government (e.g. taxpayer) would pick up the tab for a company’s decision to layoff 23,000 workers since they would not be getting their full 60-days notice.

Thousands upon thousands of employees will be let go, out of work, and likely finding it very difficult to become gainfully employed.  These out of work employees cover many types of businesses, including nurses at hospitals.

Beyond this though, the Obama administration continues to do its best to put the coal business out of business.  The amount of coming EPA regulations are such that most coal companies will not be able to remain in business and of course, coal miners will be out of jobs, permanently.

When Obama took office, the economy was not in the greatest shape, but unfortunately, under Obama, our economy has not only not improved, but has drastically become much worse.  Obamacare, EPA regulations, and more have added to the economic bad news facing America.

Also interesting to note is the fact that Mr. Obama has not stopped giving American money away to other countries.  Billions have gone to Gaza.  Billions more have been poured into other nations like Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere – all of them Muslim nations that were spurred to civil war with the belief that democracy would rule the day.  That has not happened.  We’ve seen bloodshed, American troops on the ground in those countries, and money being pumped to bolster those nations’ economies, while America’s economy continues to suffer badly.

Obamacare will become a one-size-fits-all type of system, as is the case with many countries that have some type of socialized medical scheme.  Hospitals will be fined for taking in a patient for a second time for the same problem.  Unfortunately, in reality, medical ailments are not always determined by seeing a patient once.  Some illnesses require time and many tests to determine the actual problem.  Obamacare gives an incentive to hospitals (by way of fines) to avoid seeing the same patient again for the same problem.

There are all sorts of major difficulties with Obamacare, including forcing companies to provide birth control.  For numerous companies, this goes against their own beliefs and policies.  But the larger question is why should companies pay for birth control for anyone?  It’s not a health issue at all.  There are many things that insurance companies do not routinely cover.  Why should they cover this?  I recently had to pay for my own test called a Calcium Score.  My insurance company doesn’t pay for it and the test itself is very accurate in determining the amount of plaque build-up in arteries near the heart. So why cover birth control?

The short answer is because the elite wants it that way so that population is reduced.  Wars have that result.  Certainly, abortions reduce populations as well.  Now, under Obamacare, people will be able to get something “free” to help them avoid getting pregnant.  Obamacare will also cover abortions.

Again, how does this move America toward Socialism?  It does it by minimizing the value of the individual and maximizing the value of the state.  It’s not good for the state that people should not have access to birth control and abortions.  It is good for the state to have fewer people in the world.

Under Obamacare hospitals are forced to make the decision to avoid costly medical techniques done on the elderly or even younger people who still might not enjoy great health after those expensive techniques are completed.  In other words, if it’s better to simply allow people to die naturally, rather than do what can be done to fix their health problems, so be it.  If that person would never be able to give back to the state what the state paid for in terms of costs of medical care, then the person should be left to die. In other words, does the cost of services outweigh the potential benefits of medically fixing a person?  If so, let them go.  It’s an easy decision for the state to make.

Muslim Brotherhood
Decades ago, the world saw the horror of Hitler and his Nazi regime.  We saw a true madman that endeavored to take over the world because of the goals he believed needed to come to light.  His National Socialism (Nazism) was, for him and those who served under him, a dream that would usher in a new world order the likes of which this world had not seen before.  It would be a 1,000-year reign of Nazism that would catapult this globe to heights never before seen or achieved.

The Muslim Brotherhood came into existence just a few years before Hitler came to power.  Once Hitler realized that the Muslim Brotherhood could be used to help reach the goals that he saw as necessary for the entire world, he wasted no time in aligning himself with them.

I’ve already written about the fact that one of Hitler’s right hand men by the name of Himmler, understood that even though the Nazi war machine would one day die, the goals and aspirations of that system must remain and carry the work of Hitler forward.  There are so many similarities between Hitler’s fascism and Mr. Obama’s ideals that it is too uncanny to be merely coincidence.

Hitler’s war machine did die, but not surprisingly, the Muslim Brotherhood has remained alive, but has gotten much stronger over the decades.  They continue to promote the same goals they had in Hitler’s day – that Zionism and the Zionist enemy (Jews and Israel) need to be destroyed and erased from the map of the Middle East.  This ties in with the goals of the elite as well, because they need to have absolute control of Jerusalem and once they gain global dominance, they will have it.

Interestingly enough, since 2008 and Mr. Obama’s first term as president, he has spent billions and billions of dollars on projects directly or indirectly related to the Muslim Brotherhood.  We know of his involvement with ousting Libya’s dictator, as well as Egypt’s Mubarak.  We also know that he has called for the Syrian president to step aside and he has personally – by phone – asked the current president of Iraq to do the same.

Why is Mr. Obama so interested in getting things done in the Middle East and with the Muslim Brotherhood?  Moreover, why does Mr. Obama simply hand out American dollars like candy, even though in order to keep programs going in America, he is forced to continue borrowing from countries like China?  Lastly, why does it appear as though everything Mr. Obama does attempt to accomplish here in America has the look and feel of socialism to it?

I think that all three of these things can be summed up quite nicely.  Frankly, I fully believe that Mr. Obama has been literally installed as president (not voted in) of the United States to do these three things at the same time because he was put in place for that purpose.  His job is to pilfer the economic holdings of the United States for the elite.  He is also to empower the Muslim Brotherhood. He is also to help move this country (and others) toward national socialism.

Liberals, socialists, and communists in this country will point to how wonderful it is that finally someone in our government created socialized medicine.  Now the poor people will have access to it!

It really has nothing to do with providing medical care for all Americans.  It has everything to do with ruining this country economically.  If one stops long enough to consider the fact that Mr. Obama’s first big program did not put one person to work, but instead is going to create massive expenditures, that should tell you something.

But the liberals, socialists, and communists see the bigger picture, while the average American does not.  They know what they are working toward and they look for it longingly, though I believe when it finally arrives, many of them will be sorely disappointed.  They don’t see that now of course.  They see rewards for themselves at how they have helped the American economy to be taken over by foreign sources and internal socialism.

In the end, Mr. Obama does what he does to steal this nation’s wealth, making Americans poor in the process, while enhancing the nations that are being taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Eventually, everything will come toppling down.  This is what must happen and there is absolutely no example of a nation where either communism or socialism ever worked and worked well.  It simply destroyed economies and the will of the average “worker” to take pride in what they did for a living day-to-day.

Do not look for Mr. Obama to create jobs in America in the private sector.  He will create jobs in government, but we know that government exists because of the taxpayer.  As jobs and companies continue to evaporate, the ability to continue to support government programs also diminishes.  What will be the government’s answer to this problem?  Higher taxes, which further depresses the economy and the people who are trying to make ends meet.  It is a true downward spiral with disaster in the end.

Since Mr. Obama’s re-election, he has done a number of things.  He has approved $6 billion to China and $147 million to Hamas.  Beyond this, the Federal government continues onward illegally without a budget.  On the economic front, there is no plan of which we know to create new jobs nor is there any real economic relief in sight. In short, there are still no answers to America’s economic woes coming from either Mr. Obama or any of our elected officials in Washington.

However, Mr. Obama truly is doing a good job.  We’ve simply been looking in the wrong direction for the answers.  We need to realize that Mr. Obama does not work for the American people.  He works for the people who have put him in office: the global elite.  He was made president of America not to help this country, but to be the individual that takes it down.  This is exactly what the elite have been working toward for America.  Under Mr. Obama, it now appears to be within their reach.

All in all, it looks as though Mr. Obama is doing the job for which he was installed.  He has been dutifully busy 1) destroying America’s economy, 2) turning America toward Socialism, and 3) helping the Muslim Brotherhood to become far more powerful than they have ever been, even under Hitler.

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  • 1. Deacon Dan aka Daniel Webster Lowell  |  November 26, 2012 at 4:36 AM

    I was showing the Obama Phone Lady video to my oldest son, whom I couldn’t believe had not seen it. His comment was that she seemed to think her poverty would be lifted by the government More importantly he sensed she thought the color of the president’s skin determined who makes out in our society, thats why the white people ‘all’ seem to do so well.

    Then I read an article in Pravada that mocked President Obama and scolded the American public for their new found taste for soviet style government. The article pretty much says if Americans want to see their future they should read the history of the USSR.

    I do not consider politics an important part of my theology. I do think often of the parable of the 3 servants and the talents. America is much to precious a gift to squander without risking judgement.

    Sorry Mr. Franklin, it would appear we cannot keep this republic.

    Like St Marin of Lebanon or the Picts of Britain we may have to take the Gospel and hide in the hills to keep the Truth alive. My gut tells me God is tired of his people having too flee. May He have mercy on those that pursue us.

    • 2. modres  |  November 26, 2012 at 6:36 AM

      Authentic Christians are here, behind enemy lines. Our job is to warn the lost of their eternity without God if they continue to refuse His offer of salvation.

      I think now more than ever, we are to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves as we live in enemy territory.

      This is the first time in my life though I have felt that our government is not our own. To navigate the path ahead will require a closeness to the Lord that we may not have sought for or experienced.

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