Out of the Shadows, Pt. 1

December 6, 2012 at 7:05 AM

I’ve been doing a great deal of research for a new book I’ve just started writing.  In the process, I have come across some interesting information about a subject that is actually directly related to my new book: the shadow government that seems to control things from behind the scenes.

I am well aware that there are people who fancy themselves intellectuals of a sort and because of that, they believe they are guided by logic.  Logic tells these folks that though our government (or aspects of it) may be corrupt, there is no government behind our government that really pulls the strings.  For these people, the plain fact of the matter is that they don’t like anything that smacks of a conspiracy theory because by their nature, conspiracy theories are plainly something that people with tin hats wear.  They are the fringe of society, not the mainstream.

The problem with this type of “logic” is that it really doesn’t hold water when it comes right down to it.  In fact, the more you study things, the more you realize that there are some extremely intelligent folks who tend to believe that many of the conspiracy theories are, in the end, truth.

There are too many coincidences, too many of the same names, too many similar tactics that have been used repeatedly over the years that warrant a more serious and intentional look into some of the things that are almost always classified as conspiracy theories.

I said a while ago that it appears to me that the elitists have actually started coming out in the open with their plan.  I have recently found others who think the same thing.  What I believe we are seeing is the plan that has been normally kept under wraps (in the shadows) from the average person, now clearly in the open.  More and more people are realizing that our government here in the United States was hijacked quite some time ago.  What we have are merely puppets who do the bidding of people behind the scenes.  So while those people remain secreted away, their plan has become much more obvious.  They are either really brazen or very confident.

Yesterday, I spent some time on a social network discussing various aspects of what our government has obviously become and what I noticed is that people are fed up.  They are very angry, extremely frustrated, and desperately want to change things.  Unfortunately, no one knows how to do that because it is abundantly clear that no one in our government listens to the majority of people in this nation.  Just one example is Obamacare.  Though well over 75% of the people of the United States did not want this monstrosity, our “leaders” voted for it anyway.  They do not really care what we think.  They are obviously not interested in doing what is best for this country.

It seems clear that our so-called leaders are only interested in moving us toward a complete socialistic lifestyle that suits them and benefits those who are secretly in power.  There have been many examples of this type of action from our government and we can see that in the presidencies of George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and now of course, with Mr. Obama as just recent examples.  While it’s a bit more difficult to find in the administration of Ronald Reagan, it is there. It’s not at all that difficult to see when you know what you are looking for within each administration.  Normally, it comes down to finding out who is involved in that administration and whether or not they have any ties to the Council on Foreign Relations or Trilateral Commission.

The names are all there.  The people who have been around for what seems to be an eternity go in and out of aspects of all these administrations like so many revolving doors.  You’ll find them in one administration doing one thing, and then doing something else in another administration and it doesn’t even matter whether the particular administration is Democratic or Republican in nature.  That alone should tell us something.  For instance, when you hear the name Zbigniew Brzezinski for instance as being around well before Jimmy Carter, yet helping Carter to become positioned to be president of the United States and then seeing Brzezinski’s name reappear with several successive presidents and their administration, you begin to take notice.

These people are there to ensure that their program grows and takes shape, regardless of who is president.  It doesn’t really matter to them.  All that matters is the goal and how it is achieved.

People who notice these things understand that the hijacking of the United States’ government took place quite a while ago, but many are just now finding out about it.  Because of that, tremendous frustration and anger has been generated and people want a change.  Unfortunately, I believe it is too late to change anything.  Others disagree with me, but my reasoning is based solely on the fact that the global powers that be are decades ahead of us in putting their plan in motion.  So why bother learning about what’s going on then if it’s too late to change anything?  Because knowledge is power and it frees us to understand what is taking place in the world.  We are then free from the control that the government wishes to establish over us.  We understand what they are attempting to do and can prepare accordingly.  We are no longer at their mercy.

I honestly believe that with our latest presidential election, the global elite went way overboard in ensuring that Mr. Obama was re-elected.  This has caused people to realize that our vote counts for nothing.  With the onset of voting machines, it has become that much easier for the elitists to fraudulently gain and election for their candidate.  The percentages that we have seen coming out of various voting precincts is absolutely ridiculous and telling.  The fact that we can hear of percentages well over 100% in many precincts indicates that something is very clearly wrong.  How can there be more votes than people who either live or are registered to vote in any precinct?  Yet, voting officials say they see nothing wrong with the numbers or percentages.

People know that the election was stolen and they are angry.  At the same time, if the election was stolen, they know that voting doesn’t matter and our voice is definitely not heard in Washington, DC.

So, what about this shadow government that more and more people are becoming aware of today?  What are the goals of this government and why does it exist?

Immediately after WWII, when our leaders saw that the League of Nations was not capable of doing what they thought it could (eliminating war), it appears that on the heels of the demise of this League of Nations, the shadow government went fully underground but they continued to work on creating a new world from the shadows.  It also appears that their goals became the following:

  • To introduce a world authority called the United Nations (with associated bodies like the World Health Organization), which could evolve into a world government with powers to control the lives of everyone on the planet.
  • To continue to cause conflicts across the world and to use the fear of the Soviet Union to massively increase spending on nuclear weapons and ‘conventional’ weapons, thus adding to the terror of nuclear war and demands for global security. To set up an American-European defense alliance (which was called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)) and a United Nations ‘peace’ keeping force, which, through the engineering of conflicts, would eventually be fused together to form the world army.
  • To create three ‘free trade’ regions in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, which would be sold to people initially as merely economic groupings. Gradually, however, these would be evolved into centralized political unions, with one central bank and one currency. These would be stepping-stones to the introduction of the same institutions on a global scale. The European Economic Community, now the European Union, was the first of these, but the other two are now underway, also.
  • To advance the control of public opinion and to research and expand the understanding of how to manipulate the human psyche, individually and collectively. Today this agenda includes the microchipping of people and their permanent connection to a global computer.
  • To create a welfare state while destroying alternatives to the economic system and, when the desired dependency had been achieved, to dismantle that state welfare support, so creating a vast underclass without help or hope.
  • To make fantastic amounts of money in the course of realising (sic) all of these ambitions via the Elite-controlled companies and banks.
  • To continually add to the debt burdens of people, business, and state, thus increasing the control exerted over them.” [1]

The image above is from the same page as noted in footnote #1 and it shows how the various groups – six of them – are all connected to the main group called The Round Table.  Now, just because someone creates a graphic like this, does that mean it’s true and authentic?  No, but again, if we begin to look deeper and note the names of individuals associated with each of these groups and then attempt to determine whether or not any of them have consistently been associated with presidential administrations (as well as leadership groups from other nations), we may begin to see a relevant pattern.

However, don’t get lost in that right now.  Look back over the list I’ve included above the graphic.  Note them.  Take a good, serious look at them and then ask yourself, is it possible that these individual items have come or are coming to fruition?

It certainly seems clear enough that the United Nations was introduced and created as a follow-up to the failed League of Nations.  Looking back over the years since its inception, we see that countries have endeavored to grant sovereignty in various ways to the UN.  In fact, we spoke recently of the Arms Trade Treaty and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), as well as the UN-desired control of the Internet that our House of Representatives just yesterday passed a resolution to oppose such control. [2]

In essence, the more treaties and agreements the United States enters into with the UN, the more U.S. sovereignty is literally given over to the UN.  Some of these treaties – on their face – seem fairly innocuous so what’s the problem with entering into a treaty with the UN?  It is because of what these treaties might become as well as the fact that simply entering into a treaty with the UN obliges the US to obey the dictates of the UN in these matters.

I was talking with my wife yesterday who learned from a number of teachers associates of hers that they were so disappointed when they learned that the US is not going to be entering into the UN regarding the CRPD treaty.  They do not understand why our government is resisting this because they believe that had our government entered into this treaty with the UN, this would have forced all the nations of the world to do what we currently do in the United States regarding people with disabilities.  This manner of thinking simply proves how uninformed these educators are about the way it works with the UN.

Had the U.S. signed onto this treaty, here is what would have taken place:

  1. the U.S. would have been required to create another government department that would have overseen how this treaty is implemented in the U.S. at great expense to the taxpayer
  2. the newly created department would be in charge of creating reports and filing them with the UN
  3. the U.S. would have given another chunk of sovereignty to the UN

At no point, if the U.S. entered this treaty with the UN, would the entire world have been forced to do anything!  This belief is not only ridiculous, but simply shows how naive and unlearned people are in this regard.

Signing the treaty would have simply meant that the United States is now part of this treaty and as such, agrees to abide by the directives within the treaty.  In no way, would signing the treaty by the U.S. have forced any other country to do anything.

The sad part is that the United States already has a plethora of laws related to people with disabilities.  The UN treaty does nothing to enhance these laws.  They simply would be the body to whom the U.S. reports, thereby giving the UN greater sovereignty over the United States.  In fact, every treaty we enter into with the UN has this same effect.  I’ve already discussed the Arms Trade Treaty, which essentially is a toothless treaty that ultimately, would simply grant the UN more power to control what the United States does as far as exports and imports of weaponry.  Moreover, eventually, the treaty could be amended to include items that would essentially work to eliminate the 2nd Amendment altogether.

We will be back with another part of this series on the shadow government that has effectively come out of the shadows.  In the meantime, I would encourage you to research using the links below and read through the bulleted list above to see what this shadow government is believed to be trying to create.  As yourself how far along are they?

[1] http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/biggestsecret/andtruthfreebook/truthfree08.htm

[2] https://apps.facebook.com/thehillsocial/content/271153

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