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Is the world heading toward WWIII with Ukraine as the spark?

Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry indicated that the U.S. was going to provide one billion dollars in loan guarantees to the Ukraine. This would (with other loans) ostensibly cover Ukraine’s debt to Russia. This is, by the way, how the Global Elite (GE) works and it began with Mayer Rothschilds who began loaning money to countries and became exceedingly wealthy because of it. He had realized that putting a country in debt to him allowed him to call many of the shots. That country became beholden to Rothschilds.

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Global Elite begins grab of children in nation of Scotland

Colin Hart, director of Christian Institute in Scotland warned, “It is clear that this Bill breaches European rules through its attack on the family. This is Big Brother politics writ large. Ordinary Scots should be very afraid.”

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