Supporting Islam While Throwing Israel Under the Bus

March 1, 2015 at 7:43 AM 1 comment

israelhamasFor anyone who does not believe that there is an all-out attack on Christians and Christianity in America and the nation of Israel, all one has to do is open his/her eyes to see what’s actually going on in the world. First, we have Susan Rice telling the world that PM Netanyahu‘s visit to America and speech to Congress is destructive to Israeli-U.S. ties. Anyone with half a brain cell working knows that not to be true. First, Netanyahu was invited by Speaker Boehner, yet I find it fascinating that instead of coming all unglued at Boehner (the one who invited Netanyahu), it’s apparently all Netanyahu’s fault…for accepting the invite. It’s a bit like blaming the victim, but that’s only one of the ways the left rolls.

But finally, it appears as though at least part of our government has grown a backbone.

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution welcoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress.”

Interestingly enough, “No Democrat senators sponsored the resolution but none caved to reported pressure from the White House to vote against it.” Well, isn’t that just swell? For once, Democrats didn’t stand in the way of progress as they’ve been doing for too many years. I’m sure President Obama is disappointed but in reality, the lack of Democrats willing to oppose Obama (by not voting against the resolution) speaks to a problem that is larger than just this resolution. It would appear that President Obama’s credibility even among Democrats is severely waning.

The big issue here is that the Obama administration has been working on relationship with its new BFF, Iran, and they are afraid that allowing Netanyahu to speak to Congress will place that new, growing relationship with Iran in jeopardy. It probably will, but why is the United States even worrying about becoming friends with an Islamic nation where civil rights for the average person don’t matter and where they have been attempting to build a nuclear bomb? Oh wait, I’m sorry, they said they would never do that and that they would only use nuclear energy for…energy. While the Obama administration says they believe Iran, most people don’t.

But the senate has gone overboard not only in welcoming Netanyahu to speak before Congress, but has vowed to “strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself from threats to its very survival.”

I’m sure these things are galling to President Obama who, at every turn, has chosen to support Islam and Muslims. Though he publicly states he won’t meet with Netanyahu when he comes to the U.S. so as not to appear supporting one candidate or another (in Netanyahu’s coming bid for re-election), the plain fact of the matter is that Netanyahu IS now the current Prime Minister of Israel and as such, should be given the courtesies due any head of state. Instead, President Obama is simply using an excuse that smacks of childishness, insincerity, and discourtesy than anything else that might be construed as legitimate.

If this administration isn’t failing to support one of America’s oldest allies – Israel – it goes out of its way to support Islam/Muslims. Since Obama took office, counties, states, and even parks like Six Flags have adopted “Muslim Day” celebrations. I’m wondering when the last “Christian Day” celebration occurred anywhere? Can’t remember? That’s because there has never been a Christian Day celebration. You would never catch the government sponsoring a day when Christians or Christianity are/is celebrated because that would tear down the imaginary wall between church and state.

Moreover, pundits and critics alike would simply argue that aspects of Christianity are highlighted daily. People complain that Oklahoma for instance, has been trying to put the Ten Commandments back up. We all know how terrible those commandments can be. “Thou shalt not steal,” “Thou shalt not murder,” “Thou shalt not bear false witnesses,” etc., etc., etc. My goodness, what is this world coming to when people are told they shouldn’t lie, kill, or steal?! Unbelievable.

But on a day when being Muslim is actually celebrated in an Oklahoma State house, Muslims came, knelt, and prayed to Allah (Satan, by another name). I don’t recall ever seeing a situation where Christians were actually invited into a government building, allowed to kneel, and pray to the God of the Bible. In fact, there have been numerous cases where DC police have stopped Christian groups from praying on the steps of the Supreme Court building. They were told if they continued, they would face arrest. I have no doubt that this would not be the case if Muslims threw down their prayer rugs and knelt in prayer. In fact, they have not been interrupted when groups of Muslims have gotten together to pray on or near the White House property. Christians are not given the same courtesy and respect.

In the video below, you’ll see a Christian interrupt the proceedings of “Muslim Day” when she appears and begins praying the Lord’s prayer. Of course, she is escorted out, while Muslims are allowed to continue to pray to their heathen god. I fully understand that these individuals are lost, without God in the world, and on their way to hell. In that sense then, all true Christians should be concerned about their lack of salvation. We should undertake to pray for them daily and witness to them whenever we have the chance.

I point these things out in this article to note that America is drastically changing and that what was once allowed and expected is now disallowed and even forbidden. Christianity is becoming the plague to many in America. We are constantly being accused of doing things we don’t do and made out to be worse than actual terrorists who brought down the World Trade Center towers and routinely slaughter Christians and others on a daily basis throughout the world.

We see it in the way our government attempts to dictate to Israel and in fulfillment of Scripture, during this end time prior to the end of this age, Israel will stand alone, with no one there to support her. Zechariah 12:3 says, “And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces although all nations of the earth are gathered against it.”

The above statement is tragic. That means that not even America (or Canada) will be there to support and stand with Israel. That day is surely coming and so we should not look at what’s happening in the world as though all of this is a surprise. Zechariah (and others) wrote about it generations ago and we are seeing the start of that fulfillment.

Things are drastically changing in America and the world. We are watching it change. The most maddening part of it is seeing how easily it is happening.

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How Should Christians Live in the World? Though They Claim to Support Israel, Netanyahu Speech Leaves Dems Angry

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  • 1. Jason  |  March 1, 2015 at 11:47 PM

    I have said before Obama was elected the first time, that he was the one coming that would turn America away from Israel, as to fulfill biblical prophesy that Israel shall stand alone that she may know that it is GOD that protects her


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