An Event That Will Shatter World Equilibrium

June 13, 2015 at 9:59 AM 7 comments

A dam can be a blessing or a curse, depending upon the circumstances.

A dam can be a blessing or a curse, depending upon the circumstances.

I wrote an article on another blog site discussing the possibilities regarding Agenda 21 and how President Obama is making plans to use HUD to create Section 8 Housing in more affluent areas. This is another way he plans on “sharing” the wealth by forcing taxpayers to pay for poor people to be picked up and plopped right down in upscale neighborhoods.

I noted in that article that though the plan for this encroachment may begin very soon, it’ll likely be close to half a century before we really see this come to the fore in any real noticeable fashion. However, it is conceivable that in 50 to 100 years – should the Lord tarry that long – cities will start taking on the look of dystopian future cities seen in Judge Dredd comic books, or sci-fi movies like “Fifth Element.” It seems to be part of the elite’s plan as laid out in the document called “Agenda 21.”

Much of what we understand regarding the elite and their plans for humanity hinge on one very important thing: God’s plans. For instance, it is clear from Genesis 10 and 11 that Satan had a plan to unite all people together under a one world order, with his spiritual son as the head of that union. At that time, in Genesis 11, the chosen vessel appeared to be Nimrod, whom the Bible described as a “hunter of men.”

From the Genesis narrative we understand that Satan would have been able to accomplish his plans had he been left alone by God. In essence, Satan was attempting to bring about his promises recorded in Isaiah 14, in which he promised to be like the most high. He was pulled up short and literally, had to start over, completely from scratch.

When God introduced all the languages in Genesis 11, it confounded Satan’s immediate plans. He was forced to cast aside Nimrod as his chosen, “divine” son, who through him, Satan would have rule the world and been worshiped. Satan realized immediately that though he would be allowed to attempt once again to bring about a global union of all people and all cultures, it would not happen in Nimrod’s time.

Some argue that Genesis 11 occurred around 4,000 BC – give or take. Let’s use that as a starting point just for the sake of argument. Since that time, we’ve seen over 6,000 years of history go by. It has taken Satan that amount of time to once again bring humanity to the point where the one-world that Satan attempted to build during Nimrod’s day, is on the cusp of being completed in our day. I find that fascinating and not because of Satan’s power, but because of God’s. Satan has always been held in check by God. Whatever Satan accomplishes is allowed only because God allows him to do it and because it coincides with God’s purposes and therefore, brings glory to God and God alone.

I say this to point out this important fact. Though the elite have plans, any of those plans will only come to fruition as God allows. For instance, the elite have plans for this world. Their goal is to make it one in order that they might rule over the rest of us. That is their plan and to that end, they come up with “inspired” ideas like Agenda 21, which seems good and reasonable to them. They put these things into effect because they serve their ultimate purposes of ruling the world as they believe they were meant.

But while Satan will allow members of the elite to work toward bringing Agenda 21 to completion, they’ll only be allowed to do what Satan will empower them to do and ultimately, God still reigns. The elite will not be able to do anything that God does not want them to do. Here we are in 2015,  with plans a plenty to group the world into one.

The entire spiritual realm is waiting for something to happen so that whatever is thwarting the full force of evil will no longer have an effect. Everyone in Satan’s realm is looking forward expectantly to one event that will create such a vacuum that unmitigated evil will be able to rush in and fill it. That event will create such a void in society that the overwhelming scourge (cf Isaiah 28), will literally be let loose on the earth and the powers of Satan’s realm will direct themselves with all their ferocity toward the one thing they want more than anything else: Armageddon. They want that final showdown with God and they know until one specific event happens, they cannot actively work directly toward Armageddon either. They cannot now have what they want: major global change as quickly as possible.

The event I’m referring to is not the Tribulation. It is an event that must occur before the Tribulation to allow for absolute and diabolical change throughout global society when evil is unleashed to its full extent. That event is…the Rapture.

Oh sure, you’ve heard it before, the “great escape” clause for all Christians who allegedly have no stomach for persecution. Speak for yourself please and pay attention. If that’s all you think of the Rapture, you have completely missed the other side of the Rapture coin.

Yes, the true CHURCH will be saved from what comes afterwards, but we cannot forget that Satan takes huge advantage of the aftermath of this world-changing event as well. Imagine millions of people gone in an instant throughout the entire world. Think of the disaster the Rapture will create for this world. Think of the shape this world will be left in, to pick up the pieces. But consider what will also be happening in the spiritual realm because of the Rapture and the removal of the true Church from this world.

Paul speaks of the “restrainer” who will be taken out of the way (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2). It seems fairly clear that the Restrainer Paul speaks of is the Holy Spirit working through the true Church (the invisible Church, not Christendom at large). If this is the case, the moral fiber that currently exists in the world (and actively stands against evil), because of the Church will be removed with it.

If the Holy Spirit is literally holding back the full force of Satan and his minions (and that is exactly what the Holy Spirit does through the presence of the Living Church), then imagine this world without that moral compass. Please, take just a few moments to consider what this world will become in the absence of the Church.

Think about how evil humanity has become today. Think of the things that humans are capable of doing to one another, if you can bear it. Consider the murder, the rape, the animal abuse, the abuse from people to other people on a daily, continual basis. Ask yourself, “how much worse will things become after God’s moral compass is moved aside and unadulterated evil is fully exposed?” The Rapture could easily usher in a global economic crisis like no other.

Try to imagine a world that has just experienced a cataclysmic change and a magnitude never before experienced. Millions of people gone instantly. Leaders will do whatever to calm everyone. They will tell people that all must work together. We must be calm. New Age leaders will step up to tell the world that those who were “taken” were the malcontents, who kept the Gaia from evolving to the next stage of spiritual enlightenment, and now that chance is ours, but it must be grasped. The world can and will evolve to the next spiritual level if all work together as one.

At that point, I can easily see American (and world) leaders telling everyone that for their “safety, protection, and ease,” they must move out of the rural areas into the cities. They will be cared for, but they must cooperate. Leave everything behind and take only what can be grabbed and move to the cities where a place will be found for all people.

With everything in upheaval, people will be forced to rely on the government. Those who don’t might eventually be “coerced” into relocating to the cities. Initially, the government will seem like “big brother,” with its collective arm around each citizen, calming them, while directing them toward their dystopian future. People will go along because they will be too happy to get “free” things from the government and also exult in the fact that those pesky, irrational, belligerent, cloying, arrogant, judgmental Christians are gone! What a day that will be. The elite will exult in their unforeseen opportunity to create a one-world system! They will pounce!

In the spirit of this new-found freedom experienced in the world, it also may be that leaders of the world will want to appear to play “nice” with Israel. Because of this, a leader eventually steps up who brokers some type of covenant (Daniel 9:27), with Israel for a period of one “week” (7 years). Things will be looking up for the world in spite of the disasters everywhere. There will be a seeming silver lining.

I can easily see this type of world chaos and collapse caused by the Rapture. It will at once pull all people together under the leadership of satanically-inspired elite who will be doing the devil’s work. Remember though, while the elite’s goal is to rule the earth (and Satan lets them think that), the true goal is for Satan to rule the earth through his spiritual son, Antichrist. To that end, the elite are merely pawns in the supernatural hands of Satan.

The Rapture’s occurrence will create world-wide chaos, fear, collapse, death, and panic. This will be when Satan steps up to call everyone to himself. He will ultimately use Antichrist as the focal point, the human being the world will focus on, but do not be deceived. Antichrist’s power is found only in Satan himself.

It is the Rapture that is expectantly waited on by the powers of darkness. They know that once it occurs, the Holy Spirit will no longer have the invisible Church through which to work, to convict the world of sin and to call them to righteousness. At that point, Satan and his minions will have far greater leeway to work. They will not hesitate to use every dark art to their advantage as they race toward the culmination of human history in Armageddon. Satan actually believes he has a chance of “besting” God, but we know that Satan (via Antichrist) will be destroyed by a word from the mouth of our returning Jesus, during His Second Advent (2 Thessalonians 2:8).

Until the Rapture occurs, Christians have a job and it is twofold. First, we must endeavor to stay the course, to remain true to our Lord and Savior. We must run without getting weary and we must finish the race! Second, part of running that race means warning others of impending disaster this world faces for its continued rejection of God. We must spread the gospel of God in our lives, in our deeds, and in our words.

Far from being the “escape” clause that many accuse it of being, the Rapture is truly more like a physical dam that holds back the powers of darkness, keeping them in check. Once the Rapture happens, hell will envelope the world.

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  • 1. rutnerh  |  June 13, 2015 at 11:32 AM

    “…Until the Rapture occurs, Christians have a job and it is twofold. First, we must endeavor to stay the course, to remain true to our Lord and Savior. We must run without getting weary and we must finish the race! Second, part of running that race means warning others of impending disaster this world faces for its continued rejection of God. We must spread the gospel of God in our lives, in our deeds, and in our words.” Amen!
    But our words in this busy world should be concise and thought provoking “salvation seeds” in conveying God’s life saving eternal salvation plan to unbelievers with minimal reliance on abstruse or lengthy Bible verses. We must use the brief attention span of the busy “walking dead” briefly glancing at a message about the most important decision in their lives (a recent report cites human attention span of mere 8 sec versus 9 sec for a goldfish).
    My personal seed planting strategy uses home made tracts (with no attribution) with few words in few lines, but commonly including Jesus.
    E.g. inviting the unsaved to “Live Carefree”, truly free and forever, not merely for a brief earthly life at huge premiums as promised in the concise 2-word bill board ads of an insurance company.

    Other examples of my postings on bulletin boards, street corner display cases… literally in every high visibility location in urban or suburban settings, legal or otherwise:
    Only One Life, It will soon be passed, Only what’s done for Christ will last.
    JESUS in first line, second line: Lord of ALL… (alternative second line endings:… ALL Humanity;… Every One; Absolutely truthful (John 14;6) Lord of ALL), followed by third line: Savior of the FEW wise who seek Him (note: the intent being to call ALL unbelievers fools)
    No-Brainer…Who has More Credibility? JESUS or Darwin?…The TRUTH or flawed evolution fables not theories?..The Potter or the clay. .. Q.E.D. Amen
    Nietzsche (“God is dead!”), Mohammad, Sagan, Hubbard….
    Darwin and the dead know better NOW….
    But many of them too late to accept Jesus’ free gifts:
    Unconditional Love, forgiveness of Sins, offer of eternal Life….
    How about you?

    Or at Christmas time:
    Jesus is the Reason not only for the Christmas BUT for ALL seasons!
    My tracts are intended to be thought provoking challenges for the multi billions of unsaved and false believers who may find them offensive as the truth often is. Hopefully they will serve as salvation seeds for sprouting, now or later. But if ignored or rejected, Jesus will surely remind the unsaved dead of any missed salvation opportunities when standing in judgment before Him.
    So let’s march onward as Christian seed planters not as unchristian violent soldiers or activists.


    • 2. modres  |  June 13, 2015 at 12:10 PM

      Thank you, yes!


  • 3. Sherry  |  June 13, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    I would like every person who mocks the Pre-Trib Rapture belief to study the ancient Jewish marriage traditions. It lines up so neatly to the Pre-Trib Rapture. From the Bridegroom going home to His Father to prepare a place for His Bride (and that place was always built off of the father’s house if his son was the eldest or the only son!)to the waiting virgins (bridal attendants) to the coming for His Bride at His Father’s command (when the father deemed it a fit abode for his daughter-in-law) to the Marriage Supper and everything in-between! I can’t believe any other way now that I saw the comparisons! \o/ (race ya there! >blink< lol!)


    • 4. Sherry  |  June 13, 2015 at 10:59 AM

      Actually it begins with the betrothal and bride-price being paid. 🙂


    • 5. modres  |  June 13, 2015 at 12:10 PM

      Thanks Sherry! I agree completely.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 6. Sherry  |  June 13, 2015 at 5:15 PM

        Its beautiful, huh? I never knew this-at least not all of it. I just knew about our Groom, our Holy Lamb of God, coming back at any time for His Bride at the Father’s command. The father has to approve of the son’s house which he builds directly onto his father’s house before he can return for his bride. OK, I could go on… 🙂


      • 7. modres  |  June 13, 2015 at 6:09 PM

        Yes, but I am amazed at how some deny the connection.


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