Let’s Talk More About Mark Taylor Okay?

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Mike Thompson (and his wife CK), self-appointed prophet and apostle...

Mike Thompson (and his wife CK), self-appointed prophet and apostle…

NOTE: For updated commentary on this article, please follow this link: What Can We Expect or Hope For Now that Election is Over?

As I previously stated in a post about ex-firefighter who became a self-professed prophet Mark Taylor, he firmly believes that God has revealed a message to him concerning the man He has chosen to be the next president of the United States. Taylor believes without equivocation that the man is Donald Trump. He has his reasons which are many and varied. He first received what he calls his revelation in 2011, yet it wasn’t until fairly recently that all the pieces apparently came together allowing him to see what they meant.

A reader wrote to me and shared his belief that he also is confirmed in thinking that Donald Trump is God’s choice to be the next president of the USA. He also sent me a link to another YouTube video featuring yet another guy – Mike Thompson – who also believes that The Donald is the guy chosen by God for the next phase of America’s future.

I did some research on Thompson whose ministry is called “Word of Life World Outreach,” based out of Las Vegas, NV. As I read through their information, it becomes quite clear very quickly that these folks are part of the Charismatic Movement/Pentecostalism. From the ministry’s “About Us” page, we read the following information:

Excerpt From a Third-Heaven Encounter (as recounted by Mike):
…I was standing before Jesus and He continued, “I want you to keep coming upward…

“I’ve called you to preach the word of Grace. This will bring people into intimate relationship with Me and deliver them from religious bondages.

“I will use you to bring restoration to people’s lives, so I can heal them and renew their broken dreams.  They will be set free.”

At that point I was thinking, “What do I do with this?”  And Jesus said, “Tell the people.”
The Lord continues to take Mike to Third-Heaven, instructing him about Third-Heaven authority.

He has a heavenly assignment to take the message of Third-Heaven authority to the Body of Christ:
To teach others how to see their situation from Heaven’s perspective, and instruct them how to conduct spiritual warfare “from above.”
Jesus personally “mantled” Mike with this anointing, and gave him an assignment: Take this message to the Body of Christ.
Raise up & equip “Third-Heaven people.”

Mr. Thompson refers to himself as a “prophet,” “apostle,” and “pastor.” First of all, who told him he is a prophet or apostle? Secondly, while the term “apostle” can be used generically or in general terms, the truth is that when these guys refer to themselves as apostles, they are essentially claiming to have the same authority as the original apostles. Yet, it is clear from Scripture that only 12 apostles are recognized as true apostles as noted in Revelation 21:14:

And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

The above text is still yet future, not only from John’s perspective but still from ours since it has not happened in our space-time-continuum yet. According to Jesus, there are “the twelve apostles of the Lamb” representing one foundation for each of the 12 foundations of the future physical city of the New Jerusalem. But apparently, Mike Thompson is “another” apostle. He’s also a prophet.

Folks, from my short tenure within the Charismatic Movement of the 1970s, I can tell you that this is normal for people who are involved in that movement or within Pentecostalism. They are constantly seeking signs and wonders, a new “word” from God, or a new direction. They are never disappointed either because if you consider the landscape of the Charismatic Movement and Pentecostalism, there is always something “new” going on but it always peters out and leaves questions and unfulfilled aspirations in its wake. It also tends to make a laughing stock out of the Church as a whole.

In the 1960s, America and some of the world experienced the ministries of people like Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, and others. Their emphasis was always on miracles, tongues, signs and wonders.

In the 1970s, we had the Charismatic “renewal” in which people were clamoring after a new, intimate relationship with God, one that we were taught was evidenced by speaking in tongues. Those who didn’t speak in tongues were too often seen as the “inferior” brother or sister because of it.

During this time, people like Jim and Tammy Bakker, Richard Roberts, Demos Shakarian, Pat Roberts, James Robison, Kenneth Copeland, and too many others to list here came to the fore. They also emphasized the signs and wonders they believed evidenced God’s Presence.

Since that time, the world has witnessed the following:

  • Toronto Blessing
  • Latter Rain
  • Holy Laughter
  • and more

All of these situations/experiences have come and gone with no real change or substance. But the one thing that each of the above movements or experiences has confirmed is “signs and wonders.” Each of these movements have taught people to chase after the experience even when that experience makes no sense at all and might even go against Scripture. It has taught people to place their intellect on the shelf and determine truth through felt emotion due to the experience itself.

So now, some 50 to 60 years later, we have an entire generation of churchgoers who determine God’s truth not through His Word (because the Canon of Scripture is still being written as far as they’re concerned), but by how things make them feel.

The people who are going ga-ga after Donald Trump – even though conservative and/or Christian – are no different, in my opinion, from those who went ga-ga after Barack Obama. To these people, Trump can do no wrong and now that many are coming to believe he actually has God’s anointing, then anyone who speaks against Trump is essentially speaking against God.

The Bible tells us that God places and deposes leaders of nations (Daniel 2:21). In context, that applies directly to Israel and the nations that God allowed or raised up during the Times of the Gentiles to exercise control over Israel for their rebelliousness. However, as a general rule, that is also applicable to all leaders of all nations. Yet, clearly, not all leaders are what we would consider good, are they? Yet, they are allowed to be rulers/leaders, just as President Obama has been allowed to be so.

Why is this? Why has God seemingly allowed things to get worse in America instead of better, in spite of the fact that so many believers have been praying and many even working to bring what they believe is His will to bear on the situation?

The only answer that is plausible is the fact that God is allowing rulers/leaders who are even evil and/or corrupt to be leaders at this juncture because of where this entire world needs to get to and that ultimately means the coming Tribulation.

This idea that Donald Trump is going to bring America back from the point of destruction is patently absurd. If Trump is elected, he will simply do what Obama (and many presidents before him) has done. No one gets into the Oval Office without the Elite’s approval because God has been allowing Satan to do everything he can to bring his promises of Isaiah 14 to fruition. This ultimately involves Satan creating a Counterfeit Trinity with Satan as the “Father,” the Antichrist as the “Son,” and the False Prophet as the “Holy Spirit.” Satan will do all he can to work through his spiritual son Antichrist in order to “be like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:14).

But Satan doesn’t want people to see that truth so he works very hard to create complex “prophecies” that are designed to pull the wool over the eyes of people who cannot see beyond themselves. The more complex the so-called prophecy, the better because it keeps people’s eyes off the clarity of Scripture and onto something exceedingly convoluted. Because it is so convoluted, people have to pay a great deal of attention and because it sounds so “deep,” people are in awe.

Check the first 22 seconds of this video out to see what I’m talking about. Feel free to watch all of it – it’s only 17 minutes total – but for now, listen to the first 22 seconds.

As soon as Thompson says that God revealed to him “the two primary political agents in the United States that were trying to capture…the government was the spirit of Jezebel and Pharisaism.” What is very interesting is how people react immediately to his words. There is total agreement and awe.

Folks, I’ve seen the same thing happen when someone channeled a familiar spirit or demon with the crowd ooing and awing. Thompson then goes onto make several statements that he never backs up with fact. He says the spirit of Jezebel is from Europe and it is antichrist, anti-God, very liberal, etc. Okay, but in reality, the spirit of Jezebel is from hell itself. anti-God, antichrist, liberalism itself is from hell, spawned by Satan.

Thompson is speaking to a crowd of people who are already in full agreement with him and even though they appear amazed, he’s not telling anyone anything new that does not already exist. He’s simply couching things in biblical or spiritual terms, which gives him a greater sense of authority. Remember, he’s also an “apostle” though I have no idea who appointed him one.

He then talks about Pharisaism, which is correctly defined as legalism. However, he doesn’t go far enough there either because it is religious legalism, not simply generalized legalism.

The most troubling thing about videos like this one and from the Mark Taylors of the world is that they all imply one very sad thing without saying it. They imply that God is not in control at all and if the Church remains silent or fails to take up her mantle of responsibility, then God cannot be victorious. This is clear when he says that “our job is to not let them” in referencing the spirits of Jezebel and Pharisaism that are attempting to control society.

In short, like Mark Taylor, Thompson believes that Donald Trump is God’s choice for the next president of the USA. What I find fascinating is that it appears as though God needs our help. Without our prayers, without our efforts, without our ability to recognize lies and ignore them, Donald Trump just might not win. What does that say about what these men are teaching about God?

There are people on YouTube who also call themselves prophets and believe that Donald Trump won’t be president. Who’s right? I think God has already decided who will be America’s next president and I don’t think He needs to let anyone know ahead of time by bringing them up to the “third heaven” where they can speak with angels to learn about it.

Here’s what we know. Jesus told us that we essentially have one job to do as Christians. That job is the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:16-20. That is our job, our commission. It is not to worry about this political leader or that one. It is to evangelize the lost. This is how we glorify God in Christ. It is not through politics. While we can and should vote, our job given to us by Jesus Himself, is to evangelize the lost.

Instead, too many Christians are worried about the “destruction” of America. The 150,000 people who die daily? No worries, but let’s be sure to enter into spiritual prayer warfare about the next president.

Christians need to have their heads on straight and wrapped around God’s Word, not some self-proclaimed prophet or apostle who has no clue and speaks from his vain imaginings.

The lost and dying need Christ. Who will tell them if Christians are too busy involved in politics?

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  • 1. karen2590  |  May 23, 2016 at 1:30 PM

    Mark Taylor is a very sincere man who may love God, but he is truly a sincerely deceived man. He is a genuine example of a “dominion NAR” (New Apostolic Reformation) self-proclaimed prophet. Those involved in this heretical movement are tapping into the realm of sorcery and are “experiencing” very real supernatural experiences. The root word for “sorcery” as defined in Hebrew in the Strong’s dictionary is that of “learning by experience”.

    As I listened to Mark on a radio broadcast, I paid close attention to what Mark Taylor said regarding his “visitation experience” that he said happened to him in 2006. In that “visitation” he said he was told that an “angel” was assigned to him “for the gift of faith”– what does that mean?? According to Scripture ONLY the Holy Spirit is the distributor of all of the spiritual gifts–not angels. He also said that during this visitation he was told that his prophetic gift would be in the form of “writing”–many occultists and new agers engage in “automatic writing” or writing under the inspiration of a demonic spirit–which Mark calls “anointed writing”.

    Writing under the influence of another spirit is sorcery–or automatic writing. The Holy Spirit will not influence a person to write something that is not Biblical, such as Marks prophecies that are “omen” based…Such as his prophecy concerning the “Great Horse” …the winner of a horse race being a “sign” (omen) for the end time church.

    He was also told that his angel was also going to hear words from the throne of God (is this where Mark gets his messages?) and this angel would immediately bring these words to pass. Mark received 3 prophecies that he said were suppose to happen in 2012, which did not come to pass, because he said the Lord told him the church was not ready for their fulfillment.

    His prophecies all revolve around a false preterist “dominionism” teaching which states the last day church is going to usher in a world wide “harvest” (revival)—which is not what the Bible prophesies for the end times. As a NAR prophet Mark believes the church must establish Christ’s literal kingdom on earth before Jesus can come back–which is again not Biblical. Many Christians are going to fall for this false prophecy becuase they want to see America restored and not judged. That however, is not what the Bible teaches.


    • 2. modres  |  May 23, 2016 at 1:32 PM

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Too many today do not understand the many errors that are coming to the surface. They want to hear things that scratch their itching ears instead.

      The one thing that bothers me (aside from the error these false prophets teach), is that they always manage to find a way to excuse themselves when their “prophecies” don’t come to pass. The idea that the “church wasn’t ready” for the fulfillment of what God allegedly told him (Mark Taylor) was going to happen is simply a cop-out. This would not have happened in the Old Testament.

      Yes, there are examples where God seemingly changed His mind or modified His plan as in the case of Hezekiah when God gave him an additional 15 years. At that point, Isaiah had to turn around, go back, and tell Hezekiah that God had granted his plea (cf. Isaiah 38; 2 Kings 20).

      But today’s “prophet” can make all sorts of claims and is never held up to real scrutiny. Those who do attempt to put their words under a microscope are denigrated for questioning God.

      God bless you, Karen.


  • 3. Jack  |  May 17, 2016 at 12:41 AM

    Thanks for this blog, I will be sharing this, and it clears up a lot of what I was thinking. It goes to show when people’s response is to threaten you with God’s wrath, it almost sounds like a cult to me, where they speak for God. It saddens me that people will become a part of that and become deluded but I guess our lord Jesus told us this would be the case after he left. Evil men and imposers will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13). So not only do they deceive others. These false teachers themselves are deceived.

    I believe this is the case with many of these self appointed old testament style prophets. I think they are so much in denial they may actually convince themselves they are being truthful. The battle is fought with the mind. The thing is their is a huge increase in false prophets coming about. 2 Timothy “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

    I believe these people are the ones who are only listening to what they want to hear. A large part of what they claim and believe is not based on the biblical scriptures but on self-proclaimed “prophets.” They claim Donald Trump as some kind of demi-god but they ignore the truth to satisfy their itching ears. In fact it is kind of ironic that these same circles have multiple prophecies some say that Obama will be the last president and will not step down, and now this man claims Trump will be the president. Someone is wrong, but I suspect they will simply state that if they are wrong, God changed his mind.

    It’s the same old story and bears no fruit. I just think it’s sad that people are lead astray with imaginations, thinking they are connecting with God, when we already have the means through Jesus Christ to connect with God. These people anger me to arrogantly appoint themselves beside God, and deny Jesus his power. It’s sad because we can get to know God through his son Jesus, we can experience the supernatural, with our relationship with him, we can understand the power of truth and to trust in God and their is nothing stopping us but yourself. People need to stop looking at these people, and only look at Jesus and God because that is the purpose of our life. They may die from eating all the meat in the world but it will never satisfy them. God is real, and we can experience the supernatural with him, and have peace and joy and that is the meaning of life alone.


    • 4. modres  |  May 17, 2016 at 8:42 AM

      Thanks for your comments and thoughts, Jack. I concur. There are a great deal of people with itching ears these days and their eyes are not on the Great Commission at all, but of saving America. Of course, they fully believe that to save America IS to fulfill the Great Commission. However, it is clear that the Great Commission involves evangelizing lost INDIVIDUALS throughout the world.

      These folks unfortunately believe that there is some type of spiritual connection between Israel and America and they will not be convincved otherwise. It is this error that drives them onward and because of it, I believe Satan has blinded them God’s true purpose for them. One day America, like all other nations, will fall. That is clearly foretold in Scripture because in the end, no other nation will end up standing with Israel and there are quite a few Scripture passages that confirm this – Joel 3:2; Amos 9:9; Zechariah 14:2; Matthew 24:9; Ezekiel 38-39; Revelation 20:8, etc.

      In reality, the only nation that survives God’s wrath is Israel and even then, only the final remnant. Every other nation will be destroyed. If Donald Trump is elected, he will in no way stem the tide and he will begin offering excuses as to why he cannot accomplish his goals from the beginning, just as President Obama and every other president before him offered excuses.

      Are we on the Lord’s side or do we stand against Him? I’m not talking about America, our nation. I’m talking about us as individuals. America will not be salvaged and it doesn’t matter how Dominionism or any of its offshoots continues to add numbers to their ranks.


  • 5. John Fletcher  |  May 13, 2016 at 10:21 AM

    Whatever your views on the charismatic/pentecostal movement may be, one thing all Christians need to agree upon is that God is in control and still rules in the affairs of men. So many Christians have been saying for years that Christ is soon to return. What we are seeing in these days, I truly believe, is that God is bringing things together to usher in the last years of the existence of this world as we have known it. What we can all agree upon is that, whether we like it or not, there is going to be a generation of Christians that will have to face the end times. Whether you believe we are raptured before, in the middle up or post tribulation, the things coming together clearly are times of great trial. Whether Taylor is true or false, it matters not to our God and His plans. And what should matter to us is that the Lord God Almighty is in charge and we can absolutely trust Him and His word. The no-questioned asked prophecies of Scripture are there for all of us to study and know. Wars and rumors of war, evil waxing worse, etc. These are both exciting times and times of great concern. Christians are having to make some pretty challenging decisions these days. Do I continue to send my kids to public school? Do I store up rations for what possibly might be coming upon the earth? What we see is the reality that indeed things are getting spiritually worse. And yet, God still calls us to come to Him and to know Him more and more. He is still changing us into the image of His Son Jesus. Jesus is still making intercession for us so He can save us to the uttermost. Jesus warned us that we would go through tribulation in this life, but He also encouraged us that we could be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. The reality is that Obama is not on the throne, Neither is Putin, ISIS, and neither will Clinton or Trump be. They are all pawns in the hands of our God and truly His will WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven. I find the prophecies on Trump to be interesting, but in the scheme of things, they should have very little to do with Christians. True or not. We end up standing with the Lord in victory. Let me end this by giving a prophecy. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. That includes Trump. Obama, Clinton, Putin, Taylor, George Washington, Hitler, David, Solomon, and you and me. We Christians can do it now. Aren’t you joyful about that?


    • 6. modres  |  May 13, 2016 at 10:50 AM

      Hi John,

      Thanks for writing. There is certainly much that you write of which I fully agree. I think it is ALWAYS accurate to say that His return is imminent solely because of the fact that it reminds us of where our focus should be and how that thinking will purify our thinking, action, and lives (1 John 3:3). The other reality is that God exists in the eternal present, unlike us. This means that He sees everything – past, present, and future at the same time. Of course, we do not. This also means that it is as if He is merely on the other side of the wall so to speak and is always that close to returning. In fact, in His economy – the eternal present – it’s already a done deal.

      You also stated, ” Whether Taylor is true or false, it matters not to our God and His plans,” and to an extent, I would agree with you. The problem with Taylor is that he is either correct or he is incorrect. If he simply spoke from his own opinion, that would be one thing. However, he is speaking FOR God, specifically stating that God told him, that God has “anointed” Donald Trump, that God is going to “kill” people who stand in Trump’s (or God’s) way here. The fact that he is attributing that to God DOES matter to God, in my opinion.

      But if you mean that regardless of what Taylor and others say, as their words will have no impact on what God does, then yes, I would agree with that. However, my concern is for the people who are misled by Taylor and others, who do not use discernment to discern the source of Taylor’s words. As Christians, we have an obligation to do that, to “test the spirits.”

      And yes, I am really regaining my JOY because for too long, I listened to the doomsayers and the “prophets of woe” warning about the fall of America, etc., and it was keeping me from the joy that He wants me to have even during these tumultuous times. I found I was more concerned about turning America around than evangelizing the lost!

      You are 100% correct – God IS on His throne. He REMAINS sovereign and all things are in His hands.

      Your “prophecy” is not a prophecy. It’s actually a declarative statement from Scripture: “so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,” (Philippians 2:10; see also Romans 14:11).

      And yes, that WILL happen. I am terribly afraid for those who ignore that truth, continuing to live lives that fail to bring Him glory now in this life. Against their wishes, they will do it if not in this life, in the next.


    • 7. Douglas Carter  |  May 13, 2016 at 11:10 AM

      Go forth to all nations declaring that Christ is Lord, teaching repentance, baptising by water and the Holy spirit. The link below offers some excellent teaching!


      • 8. modres  |  May 13, 2016 at 11:13 AM

        Hi Douglas,

        I removed the link from your comments because I have not had any time to check it out. I’m concerned about new things and new people that seem to come out of nowhere. I’ll research things and offer some insights possibly. In the meantime, I don’t simply allow people to post links to things here unless I’ve had time to check them out and ultimately agree with what’s being taught.

        Thanks for understanding.


      • 9. Douglas M. Carter  |  May 13, 2016 at 11:44 AM

        No problem and glad you are! God bless you and your calling!


    • 10. Nancy Rietow  |  May 26, 2016 at 5:57 PM

      Amen! That is the bottom line…..however, I know that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever, and still speaks to His people, and his people know His voice…..He is the unmatchable supreme Master of all things including “the Author of the Greatest Story Ever told and of “mystery” which I believe is to keep us continually seeking His face, guidance and truth; and whether Mark’s prophecy is true or not, Jesus is still being preached……and it seems to me, that quite possibly, the Lord may be giving His church, ambassadors for His Kingdom, one last opportunity to preach the gospel to every creature in His Great mercy and love because He takes no pleasure in punishing the wicked, but rather is long suffering and not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and live righteously which is the evidence of a repentant heart and living a Christ centered life…loving Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.


  • 11. Michael  |  May 10, 2016 at 7:40 AM

    Interesting perspective. I always seek Godly discernment and understanding whenever I read things like this or listen to the likes of Mark Taylor, Mike Thompson, James Robison, Kenneth Copeland or a host of others.
    One of the perspectives you offer here that I do have issue with is when discount what they say they experienced because “I don’t think He (God) needs to let anyone know ahead of time by bringing them up to the “third heaven” where they can speak with angels to learn about it.” Well you’re right he doesn’t “need” too. But scripture is loaded with examples and events where he DID. After all John wrote Revelation after such an experience. And many times God required ordinary men to step up and step out. To do more than just spread the word but to take action. Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Isaiah, Daniel, Jonah, Gideon, Paul, John… Not because he “needed” them too – but because He CHOSE them too.
    I’m no theologian but with the exception of the initial creation – I can’t think of anything in scripture that God did where he didn’t use people in action to accomplish His will. He even used Mary to come to Earth as Jesus. Surely he has the power to manifest himself as a man without the process of birth and growing up human. But he chose to use Mary.
    Do I believe Mike Thompson and Mark Taylor received prophetic words from the Father? I simply do not know. But I do know I can not discount them simply because “God doesn’t need to do it.”


    • 12. modres  |  May 10, 2016 at 8:13 AM

      Hi Michael, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I think we’re on the same page.

      God does not NEED to use anyone. Yes, He has chosen to do so many times throughout history as recorded in His Word. In my view, He has always used people where Israel is concerned and where evangelism is concerned.

      The reason He came into this world as a CHILD was so that He would be BORN of a woman. In other words, so that He would be FULLY human, while retaining His deity. Had He simply come into this world manifested as a man, He would not have been actually human and that was one of the requirements. Yes, He “needed” Mary as He “needed” Noah or the others He specifically chose.

      Regarding the book of Revelation, that was specifically given to John to outline the events toward the end of this age. It is part of the Canon of Scripture.

      I find it fascinating that Mike Thompson says he was brought to the third heaven and had several conversations with Jesus. Not once did he react as John (or the prophets) initially reacted when he saw Jesus in His GLORY. Not once. They all fell down as dead people. Not Mr. Thompson. Nope, it was a pretty casual conversation, if you ask me with Thompson STANDING the whole time.

      I appreciate your heartfelt concerns and questions. Here’s one thing you may wish to consider and I’ve just begin a short series on this (not published as yet): Dominionism.

      People like Mike Thompson, Mark Taylor, and too many others to count all believe – to some degree – that it is only as Christians work hard to CHANGE society (the after- effect of people being changed with the gospel) that this world will actually get to a point where Jesus will be able to “return.” In other words, Dominionism (as it is often referred to), teaches that Jesus cannot return to this earth until and unless we Christians exert all sorts of godly energy to change society, from a political, secular, and educational perspective.

      They also believe that if Christians do NOT get on board with Dominionism (Christian Reconstructionism, Kingdom Now, the New Apostolic Reformation, etc., etc., etc, yada, yada, yada), then God’s hands are seriously tied. In other words, our lack of effort LIMITS what God is able to do.

      It is also interesting that the people within Dominionism come from all walks of life. Mike Thompson, Mark Taylor and many others within the “signs and wonders” movement can easily (and do) work right alongside people like Rick Warren, Fred Price, and many others, as well as politicians. The goal is to “bring heaven to earth” and these folks fully believe that is the Christian’s mandate. I do not see it as biblical though.

      In fact, for many of them, the Great Commission is infantile and the Church needs to get WAY beyond that. We need to change society in order that Jesus might “return.”

      In your comments, you stated, “And many times God required ordinary men to step up and step out. To do more than just spread the word but to take action. Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Isaiah, Daniel, Jonah, Gideon, Paul, John… Not because he “needed” them too – but because He CHOSE them too.”

      I fully agree, but if I may, you seem to be missing the point. ALL the men you mention and all those you didn’t but serve as examples for us, were used by God to have indirect or direct impact on God’s plan of redemption through the nation of Israel. Had God destroyed everyone including Noah, no one would have been left. He chose Noah because Noah wanted to live righteously. It was through Noah that Abram/Abraham was eventually born. Through Abraham that Isaac, and then Jacob were born. Through Jacob that the 12 patriarchs were born. Joseph was specifically used by God to PRESERVE the nation of Israel before it became a nation. Isaiah was a prophet to the nation of Israel as was Daniel. Jonah was used to preach the “gospel” to Nineveh, part of the Israelite nation. Gideon, the Lord’s angelic messenger, is specifically given the task of ministering to those within Israel and protecting Israel itself. All of these individuals played/play their part in protecting God’s plan of redemption, which was carried through in the NT with the birth of Jesus, from the tribe of Judah, through Paul, John, and the other apostles, teachers, and disciples.

      The people who are somewhere in the Dominionism camp actually see the Great Commission has secondary. The primary thrust – they believe – of Christians today is to take “dominion” over all the earth, changing it, improving it, bettering it, in order that Jesus can return. They distort and allegorize Scripture to suit their agenda. They are no different from when the Church got in bed with Rome in the 3rd century. Yes, persecution of Christians stopped, but what happened to the church for the next 1100 years?

      Most Christians seem completely unaware of the Dominionism movement in the world today or in America. But the leaders within that movement have done everything they can to package their beliefs in a slick, difficult-to-disagree with manner. It is packaged to patriots one way and to Christian conservatives another way. To liberal Christians, it is packaged yet another way.

      As stated, I’m going to be presenting a short series on Dominionism, but don’t wait for me. Start doing some research on your own. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at what you find.


  • 13. Tim  |  May 8, 2016 at 3:30 PM

    Here’s another one…there coming out of the wood work on Trump…



    • 14. modres  |  May 8, 2016 at 4:38 PM

      Tim, it really doesn’t matter how many people from the Charismatic Movement come out in support of Trump. The overriding problem is the THEOLOGY behind it, which is form of Dominionism. I was reading several articles from Charisma News today (not just on Trump) and they would be hilarious if they weren’t so sad. I have a few articles in the que about them.

      You and I see things from a fundamentally different perspective. I rely on the truth and strength of God’s Word. You rely on words of knowledge and prophesy. You don’t even know how to test the spirits or measure truth as the Bereans did (Acts 17).

      I’m sorry for you, Tim and I’m hopeful you’ll see your error one day.

      Why are you so concerned about America’s next president but seemingly unconcerned for the lost of this world?

      You’re putting your hopes for America on Trump yet 150,000 people die EVERY DAY. What about them, Tim?

      By the way, in your original reply to my article, you stated, ” I did as Paul tells us to in 1st Thes 5 and test it myself with the Holy Spirit. I asked God to reveal His truth to me concerning this…” but in 1 Thessalonians 5:21, Paul tells the Thessalonian believers to literally “examine all things” (NET). How did you “examine” anything, Tim?

      Acts 17 provides a beautiful illustration of what Paul meant to “examine” things when the Bereans compared what Paul taught to SCRIPTURES. Let’s take a look at Acts 17:11.

      “These Jews were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they eagerly received the message, examining the scriptures carefully every day to see if these things were so.”

      These individuals heard what Paul taught and immediately went back to SCRIPTURE to see if what Paul was teaching was TRUTH. What did you do? You prayed and you had a sleepless night. Did you open the Word? Did you compare Mark Taylor’s theology to God’s Word at any point?

      You prayed. Though you THINK you obeyed Paul’s instructions, you didn’t even come close, Tim. You NEED to compare what Mark Taylor and others are teaching with God’s WORD, do you understand that? You cannot just PRAY about it and think you have it covered. How is the Holy Spirit supposed to instruct you if you merely PRAY about it (and obviously prayer should be PART of what we do)? If you never go to His Word, you won’t be comparing what Mark Taylor teaches with the truth of God’s Word like the Bereans did where Paul was concerned. They examined the Scriptures, Tim.

      THAT’S what you need to be doing. Learn if Mark Taylor’s THEOLOGY lines up with God’s Word, not whether or not you lose sleep but then “believe” that God has somehow answered your prayer.

      Dude…take it seriously. Go to God in prayer, yes, but ALWAYS go to His Word as well.


  • 15. Lou  |  May 7, 2016 at 8:58 AM

    You are talking about yourself when you put down Mark…it is annoying when people like you decide to be God’s voice too. SHUT UP!!! Better keep your mouth shut than speak and look like a fool. God will show us His will and He doesn’t need you either to correct an anointed prophet. You too will be removed if your interfering with Gods plans. What out!!


    • 16. modres  |  May 7, 2016 at 9:49 AM

      Here are a few things you need to be aware of…

      First, IF I am in fact speaking against one of the Lord’s anointed, He is quite capable of making me aware of that. Do you honestly believe your non-Christian and worldly attitude is going to have any effect here?

      Second, the more I listen to and/or read what Mark Taylor has to say, the more convinced I become that he is not only NOT one of God’s anointed, but what he is teaching borders on vain and profane babblings mentioned in Paul’s second letter to Timothy.

      If you or anyone else believes that Mark Taylor espouses truth, that’s totally up to you. As for me, I see nothing that even comes close to resembling truth. In that case, I believe I have an obligation to warn others about the disastrous effects of someone like Taylor. Too many Christians today are worried about “taking America back” but have no concern for the 150,000 people who die DAILY.

      People also said Harold Camping was a “prophet” and yet we know nothing he predicted came true. In fact, after the third thing he got wrong, he suffered a stroke that eventually took his life. Jonathan Cahn has been called a great man of God as has Mark Biltz and too many others to list here. They have all been wrong.

      If Mark Taylor is the real thing, nothing I can say will hurt his testimony. However, the trouble with Mark Taylor’s teachings is manifold. I’m sorry you don’t get that. I’m not condemning the man, Mark Taylor. I’m in full disagreement with what he teaches and there is a huge difference.

      Even the apostle Paul had absolutely NO issue when the Bereans took what Paul taught and compared it to Scripture. In that case, they learned that what Paul taught was truth. In the case of Mark Taylor, all we have to go by is what he CLAIMS. There is NOTHING in Scripture that backs him up, yet you are upset with me for daring to question what Mark Taylor teaches.

      One other note of concern: if you cannot come here and at least ACT in a respectful, courteous manner in your comments, then it would be best to not come here at all. Thank you.


    • 17. Kelly  |  May 31, 2016 at 6:28 PM

      Loved your reply Lou, like that Mark Taylor said there would be all these nonbelievers especially the ones that recite bible quotes wishing they were the one to receive these messages, God does work in mysterious ways


      • 18. modres  |  May 31, 2016 at 7:12 PM

        You “loved” Lou’s reply did you? Then you must be filled with hatred and judgment.

        You and Lou are simply repeating the type of thing that Mark Taylor himself would say and has said. The problem of course is that you neglect to note that Mark Taylor has already been wrong on several occasions. That doesn’t bother you though. Why? Because it is likely you go strictly by how something makes you FEEL. You likely don’t care whether or not what Mark Taylor says is biblical or even truthful. It FEELS truthful, therefore it IS truthful to you. Because of that, you can lambaste people, wrongly judge people’s motives (like mine for writing an article or two about Mark), and essentially opt out of any real responsibility where your Christianity is concerned. There is a huge difference in holding someone’s teachings up to the scrutiny of Scripture and essentially accusing a person of being jealous (as you have implied about me in your comments).

        But let me correct a couple of your misconceptions. First, I’m not “wishing” I was the one receiving the alleged messages that Taylor receives. There is no truth in them so why would I want that? You have certainly judged my intentions and assigned them with evil motivations. What I have done is judge Mark Taylor’s WORDS, not his motives, something that the Bereans of Acts 17 did with Paul. Second, God does work in mysterious ways, however He also works in full alignment with what He has already revealed in His Word. Anything that does not line up with that must be rejected. People will not reject Mark Taylor’s “revelations” because they believe them because it makes them feel hopeful. Yet, there is TREMENDOUS hope and knowledge of God’s very plans for the end of this age in His Word.

        You and Lou (and countless others) might follow Mark Taylor because he SOUNDS authoritative. He comes across as someone who SEEMS to have God’s ear. He sounds FORCEFUL when he speaks about what God has allegedly revealed to him. He is simply using elements of neuro-linguistic programming that many con artists and salesmen have been using for years on gullible people like yourself. It’s what cult leaders are made of as well.

        Tell me please, what will you do when it turns out that Mark Taylor is wrong? He certainly will not admit his error if that occurs, but assign blame to those “nonbelievers,” won’t he? He’s already made provision for that. Many will give Mark Taylor a pass just like they gave Jonathan Cahn, Mark Biltz and numerous others many passes when it turned out they were wrong.

        It seems that both you and Lou believe you need to take me to task for my biblical opinion regarding Mark Taylor’s alleged revelations from God as though God Himself is incapable of doing that. I have not attacked Mark Taylor, the man. I have attempted to shine the Bible on his revelations he says are from God. The Bible tells us HOW to do this, but because your FEELINGS tell you otherwise, my article severely upsets you.

        It is truly a sad state of affairs within Christendom today because too many people go strictly by FEELING to determine truth. Many within the church have become thoroughly anti-intellectual because they wrongly believe that THINKING and God’s truth are opposed to one another and faith precludes understanding. We are supposed to simply and blindly accept what some self-appointed “prophet” tells us as coming from God’s own mouth to our ears. Satan appears to be having a field day with these false prophets and too many fall in line behind them.

        I am not in the least interested in receiving direct revelation from God. I have His Word and the Bible tells me that His Word is already alive and active (Hebrews 4:12). Mark Taylor claims to speak the very words of God and if he isn’t, he is placing himself under God’s condemnation. Yet, you simply accept what he says as being from God without verification.

        I fully understand that there are many people who gobble up everything Mark Taylor says and they disagree with me. However, THIS blog – while available to be read publicly – will NOT become a place for every malcontent to stop by with their “hit and run” posts. If you disagree with me that vehemently, then start your own blog where you can dedicate yourself to doing and saying whatever you’d like to say.

        Thank you, Kelly.


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