How Long Will Your Church Survive Under a Clinton Presidency?

October 31, 2016 at 2:05 PM 6 comments

Thanks to a friend from church who forwarded this article to me via email by Simon de Hundehutte over at American Thinker. In his article, he certainly makes some thought-provoking points and worthy of consideration.

We are in the rapids and definitely moving swiftly toward the waterfall ahead. Things don’t look at all good from a human perspective, but we know it’s God’s perspective that counts. My wife and I voted today during early voting. It was interesting to see all the disabled individuals being brought in by friends or relatives, many of who seemed to have no clue where they were or what they were doing there. Never fear, because their handlers “helped” them with the voting. Aside from getting out to vote, these folks probably never receive that much attention at all. It was interesting to hear one of the handlers say to one of the voting officials, “He really wanted to do this himself,” referring to voting. I found that interesting considering he appeared to simply be staring off into space, slightly drooling. He wasn’t even coherent enough to follow her simple commands like, “Did you want to stand up or sit?” He just stared.

Immediately across the street from the voting precinct a man was hurriedly placing candidate signs in the dirt. When I questioned the people at the precinct, I was told that the signs were definitely at least 150 feet away. Without a tape measure, it’s difficult to know for certain, but maybe I have no clue what 150 feet looks like.

When I was done voting, one helper asked if I wanted a sticker that said “I voted.” I declined as I’m actually embarrassed of the low quality of candidates these days. This election in particular is bad, which is why, in my opinion, they had to knock everyone out of the race who was smarter than Hillary, leaving only Donald Trump and then all they can do is make him appear to be a sexual predator, as if Bill Clinton wears a halo.

One local candidate for District Attorney received over $100,000 from one of George Soros’ non-government organizations (NGO’s). Initially, the person running against the Soros-backed candidate held his ground refusing to be intimidated stating in the press that George Soros can’t come in and buy an election. One week later, he was gone, having quickly resigned without explanation, leaving the Soros-backed candidate as the lone candidate. That Soros machine goes for the jugular, doesn’t it?

As I voted, I half-expected the screen to change my vote as has reportedly happened in other parts of Georgia. I deliberately stared at the screen and waited almost daring it to change. When I got to the last page just before you hit the “submit” button, I double checked my choices again, just to be sure.

Frankly, I miss the paper ballots with those wonderful “hanging chads.” Look, if a chad is “hanging,” that means someone attempted to push it out and that only happens via vote. But because of all the unnecessary hoopla surrounding that particular situation, all of a sudden, America needed electronic voting machines that need to be programmed with code and experts have told Congress it doesn’t take much to code them so that votes are changed after an individual candidate is selected by the voter. Hegelian Dialectic or simply coincidence?

Anyway, vote your conscience and more than anything, trust God that His program will gain the victory ultimately.

Enjoy the article by Simon de Hundehutte below. Please remember, God…is…in…charge. That’s a bit 10-4 and an AMEN!


If Hillary Clinton becomes president, there is little doubt she will continue unabated the policies of President Obama. This will include Obama’s heavy-handiness (sic) towards dissenting religious organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor when it comes to abortion decrees, as well as pastors who preach sermons considered “out of bounds,” and individual Christians whose conscience dictates they refrain from baking cakes or taking photos for “gay weddings.”

So, with this in mind, just how long will it take for the church that you currently attend to either knuckle under to the new way of conducting “church business” or face punishment in Hillary’s America?

That all depends on the type of church you now attend. The way I see it, there are presently two types of Christian churches in our country: a church where Jesus Christ is in the denominator or one where Christ is in the numerator.

As in mathematics, the denominator and the numerator have two very different meanings. The denominator affects every number above the line. For purposes of this demonstration, the numerator can be a lot of different numbers, but the denominator is a constant. However, if that denominator changes, all the different numbers above the line in the numerator are affected.

A Christ-denominator church preaches that Jesus is Lord and what He says through Holy Scripture dictates how you and the church conducts itself privately and in public. Your personal feelings are trumped by Bible doctrines. Cultural fashions may change but what’s written in the Bible doesn’t. A Christ-denominator church preaches biblical principles in season and out of season – it does not matter which way the cultural wind is blowing.

A Christ-numerator church may also preach that Jesus is Lord. But what’s going on in the world is given full consideration as to how the message of the Bible is delivered. In other words, “the world” is in the denominator. A Christ-numerator church will talk about “social justice” and “saving the planet from man-made climate change,” for example.

In a Christ-denominator church, everything in a person’s life is affected by following Christ: how he thinks, who he dates or marries, what job he will take, and on and on. All these things are part of that person’s numerator, since following Jesus is in his denominator.

However, in a Christ-numerator church, making the world a better place is in the denominator. That means, faith in Christ (even personal salvation) is just one of a number of other important things that are in the numerator. All things that a person believes are affected by the foundational question: “How can I make the world a better place?”

To people on the outside of the Christian religion altogether, members of a Christ-denominator church might appear narrow-minded, exclusive, self-righteous, and uncaring about the world and its problems. That certainly can be a pitfall of a Christ-denominator believer. However, since Christ came to “set the captives free” and “make all things new again,” Christ-denominator believers follow His lead. They don’t make things up because “it feels right” or to “go along to get along.”

Under a Clinton presidency, as under the Obama administration, believers in Christ-denominator churches will continue to be pressured and punished – with an acceleration and intensity not yet experienced. By the end of Hillary’s first four years, Christ-denominators may very well be completely marginalized and “silenced.”

And what about the Christ-numerator churches? Right now, they’re playing Hillary and Obama’s game. In fact, if it wasn’t for these kind of churches, Obama would never have been elected. Christians, whether Protestant or Catholic, make a formidable, even overwhelming, voting bloc. And Christ-numerators are about to hand Clinton the presidency, as they did Obama in 2008 and 2012.

But, the tide will eventually turn against Christ-numerators — it has to. The state will not tolerate dissenters; the Christ-numerator churches will become dissenters by default simply because Christ has at least a fraction of influence. In eight years, when Hillary’s second term grinds to an end, Christ-numerators will either join the already vilified Christ-denominators in retreat, or drop out of the ranks of church membership altogether.

Either way, Hillary and the state win.

By the election of 2024 when the Democrats choose again who will win (perhaps they will want to “make history” a third time with the first transgender* president?), those who live by any remnant of Christian faith will have zero influence.

And those who had Christ in the numerator may finally realize that they only have themselves to blame for the fall of Christianity in America.


*or maybe it’ll be time for an open, uncompromising, and avowed Muslim in the White House after this next president’s 8-year run, where the Islamic flag can be flown over the dome and everything will be out in the open. I’m sure that’s what the Saudi Royal Family would want and may be working toward, which will most definitely signal the “fall” of America without firing a shot. – Editor

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  • 1. Barb Kennedy  |  November 12, 2016 at 12:05 PM

    Are Christians just citizens of america, are we not citizens in this world also? Is there a difference between communism and socialism. Capitalism, where the rich take from the country they live in, which helps them get rich, and doesn’t see to basic needs of the whole, that find ways even to avoid paying taxes to better their country or even leave to be able to make even more money, surely can’t be sustained. There is a difference between people who are so called bums and people working hard just to eat, thou I am reminded of the prodical son.


    • 2. modres  |  November 12, 2016 at 2:05 PM

      Hi Barb and thank you for voicing your comments and concerns.

      As I’m sure you know, Christians are actually and ultimately citizens of HEAVEN. The Bible says that Christians are merely strangers or sojourners, passing through (1 Peter 2:11-12, etc.). However, at the same time, Christians are certainly citizens of the country in which they are either born or immigrate to and become citizens there. We are not really “world” citizens, but certainly we are obligated to help whomever we can help first in our church, in our communities, and then also in the world.

      There is nothing inherently evil about capitalism or socialism for that matter. The problem is when people abuse those systems and that is very easy to do under either system. For instance, at its root, capitalism is a system that allows and even encourages people to pave their own way. It rewards business acumen and hard work. However, the system itself can be taken advantage of and the richer a person becomes, the easier it is to take advantage of that system because of that person’s spending ability.

      Regarding not paying taxes, there is this belief that rich people don’t pay taxes or not enough. In fact, Warren Buffet has more than once bragged that his secretary paid more in taxes than he did one year. He was actually not telling the entire truth. Because he is a multi-millionaire (or better), he DID pay FULL taxes on the money he earned when he initially earned it and he likely paid the required roughly 25% taxes on it, just like most of us do. However, as a millionaire/billionaire, he does not cut himself a paycheck as you or I would be paid so he does not pay taxes every week as the average taxpayer in America does every time they receive a paycheck. So, he is being misleading when he says he only pays about 10% or so on his “investments.” That is true for anyone BUT he is conveniently ignoring the FACT that he originally paid roughly 25% on everything he initially earned. The same applies to you and I when we “invest” any additional money we have AFTER we have earned it (and paid taxes on it).

      The so-called tax loopholes are not loopholes. Without them, capitalism would crash and burn and with it, the economy and the jobs that most people have. It’s been shown that if taxes were raised on the super-wealthy, that additional money would only last a few years in government programs and then it would be gone. But by raising taxes on the people who actually create the companies that provide jobs for every day citizens of America, we would be cutting our nose off to spite our faces. Remember, these types of jobs actually give back to communities. Government jobs give NOTHING back because they are solely created not on any product that consumers can purchase but on taxes paid to the government and in return, the jobs created there are normally paper-pushing and oversight.

      This same problem of the rich abusing their wealth and leaving the lesser fortunate without was alive and well during Jesus’ day and He taught against that in His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 8) and James deals with it as well (James 2). The problem of course, even for Christians, is that we deal with our sin natures and must flee from those things that try to enslave us and riches can quite easily do this. Those Christians who are rich have far more responsibility to be generous with what they’ve been given and few are, causing wealth to be a very serious and deceptive trap that should really be avoided. This was clear enough with the rich young ruler who thought he was doing really well spiritually, but clearly, he was worshiping his wealth and could not part with it (Mark 10).

      Socialism is another system that can easily be taken advantage of by those in charge and that’s the problem with any system. There must always be some group of people in charge who make the decisions. Those who are in charge can learn to manipulate and gain for themselves just like what is happening in Venezuela now, where the average person is suffering greatly and having to deal with food that is extremely scarce in supply as well as other public services while the leaders of that socialist regime do NOT go without.

      The European Union perfectly exploits this by forcing certain countries to pay greater taxes (like Austria) to help other countries (like Slovakia or Hungary) to come up to the same level. Unfortunately, the people in Austria are losing a great deal of their livelihood because of all the additional taxes they must pay, while the people in Slovakia or Hungary are ecstatic because of all the additional money pouring into their country for “free.”

      Communism is the extreme form of socialism where usually a tyrannical dictatorship determines who needs what and how they will receive it (if at all). Everyone gets exactly the same thing and the same amount except for those who are high up in the government system. Everyone is treated exactly the same. If someone owns 12 acres of land and others around them own only three acres each, the person with 12 acres has some of his/her land taken from them and spread out among those who have less. This brings a sense of “equality” to the system but at the expense of how hard the person may have worked to obtain and work the 12 acres they had.

      Usually, under communism, variety of thought and differences of opinion are not allowed. Anyone deemed an enemy of the state can be imprisoned, tortured, or killed. This can also happen under certain forms of socialism.

      Jesus never pushed for the Roman Empire (government) to take care of the needs of those in society. He taught that people should care for people and that’s part of the reason He started and is building His Church. If not for the church, missionaries would not have gone around the world seeking to save those who are lost. Charities would not have been formed and sustained. There are many, many things that Christians have done and continue to do because like Jesus, they believe that while people most assuredly need salvation, they also need basic necessities of life. The government cannot do this because too much time, money, and effort is wasted on administrating such programs.

      I agree with you that there is a HUGE difference between people who have no interest in working to meet theirs or their families’ needs and people who are working one, two, or even three jobs to make ends meet. However, the less people rely on government to meet their needs, the better of they will be, in our opinion.


      • 3. Barb Kennedy  |  November 12, 2016 at 3:53 PM

        Thank you for your very thoughtful answer. Much for me to think on. I do realize we are ultimately citizens of heaven and not citizens “of” the world, thou are “in” the world, and of course we work from home outwards. I am still pondering the value of capitalism to fit with my beliefs, on caring for the least among us. So far, it seems to be the system that’s the most easy to corrupt and causing the worst outcomes. I know the elites like it but it still puzzles me why Christians do. Thank you again for your insightful answer. I’m still seraching the bible and God for answers.


      • 4. modres  |  November 12, 2016 at 8:14 PM

        I hear and agree with you. I really do not believe Christians should be chasing after wealth and the tendency of capitalism is to draw people into do just that. At the same time, in its basic form, capitalism will also take a person who has been steadily working hard at their job and is rewarded for it through raises and promotions, allowing them to provide better for their families, there is not only nothing wrong with that but it can actually glorify God because of their work ethic. This is as long as the person does not put their work ahead of their families.

        The allure of the world can and is often too much for most people including Christians. This is why Jesus said to seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added (Matthew 6:33), but I also think He meant that once our priorities are aligned with God after gaining salvation, we learn to live FOR Him and not for ourselves. He realigns our priorities and gives us a new focus that glorifies Him.


  • 5. Mike-Bobbie Ashmore  |  October 31, 2016 at 5:26 PM

    Yes, Fred, I’ve been waiting for the ISIS flag…or ISIL as the current resident prefers to say…to be hoisted over the WH any day now. Perhaps before Jan 20, 2017.


    • 6. modres  |  October 31, 2016 at 6:25 PM

      Wouldn’t surprise me if at some point during the next presidential term, it happens, Mike.



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