New Q Posts But Too Many To Talk About…

February 12, 2018 at 11:28 AM

Over the weekend and in to today, Q has been busy posting. He’s posted a great deal actually and it is difficult to keep up. For those who like doing their own research, here is a link to a mirror site that automatically posts Q drops. It is updated every time he posts. Q has a board on the anonymous group boards, but it is private. This particular link – Q Mirror Posting Page – is the best place to see Q’s posts dating back to October 28, 2017. It is simply a running up-to-date page that houses all of Q’s posts.

If you choose to do some research on your own, keep in mind that these are just Q’s posts. They do not include all the research that the Anons over there do based on his posts. To see those posts (and here is where it gets a bit confusing), you would need to click on the six-digit number above Q’s posts. When you do, that will take you to another board and you’ll find that often, Q posts something in response to something an Anon has posted. It can quickly become like a can of worms so be warned. Also, another heads up…if you are offended by salty language, memes, or images, then I would suggest staying away from it.

Beyond all of this, there are people on the ‘Net who spend time cataloging and interpreting Q’s posts. A few of them on Twitter are Jerome Corsi (@jerome_corsi), Praying Medic (@prayingmedic), Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine), QAnon Posts (@QanonPosts), Brenden Dilley (@hublife), who actually has his own source for Intel but it is remarkably comparable to what Q sends out, and a few others. I can’t tell you who to follow on Facebook since I have not been there for several years, although my articles from here are posted there automatically.

Also understand that there is a certain amount of disinformation given out there as well. This makes sense because if anyone can see Q’s posts (and they can), that also means that people in the CIA and other Intel agencies can also see his posts. Several of those individuals most like post on the Anon boards and do so to discount the Intel posted by Q and to cast doubts.

Our last post related to Q was posted here on Saturday, February 10th. If you have not read that one, feel free to go back and go through it. Since that time, Q has posted no less than twenty-nine (29) posts. Obviously, in this article, we’re not going to be able to cover them all, but we will point out some that seem to stand out more than others though that’s based on our likes and dislikes.

At any rate, let’s start with this set of three that were posted on February 11th. You can click on the image to enlarge it for easier reading. Again, we will look at the earliest post first, the one on the far right. This is really a tragic post. Notice Q’s first line says, “71 [187]” Next line down reads, “[1] targeted.”

Q’s point seems to be that the Russian plane that went down over the weekend was done purposefully to kill one person. The other 70 were collateral damage. Reports indicate the plane went down shortly after takeoff. One on the ground eye witness states that she saw the plane in the air in a ball of fire. It apparently fell to earth at 22,000 feet per hour. Of course, there were no survivors. Was it a bomb on board? A surface-to-air missile? We don’t know yet.

Q then tells us “Dossier. U1. Would you believe [1] source was used for [2]?” In other words, Q is saying that the same source individual was used for the fake dossier and to help broker the deal with Hillary Clinton’s State Department in which Russia purchased 20% of America’s uranium. It is believed though Russia was the purchaser, the uranium either went ultimately to Iran, North Korea, or both. More information is coming out that proves that the Clinton Foundation reaped millions in financial rewards for this action. Of course, don’t expect MSM (mainstream media) to report on this. They’re still doing their best to obfuscate and redirect, just like the Democrats in Congress.

If what Q is telling us is true, “black hats” (the bad guys), took out a plane carrying 71 people because one individual on that plane apparently needed to be killed to keep him/her from talking. This is the depths that these evil people will go to protect themselves from prosecution. Their first line of defense is the MSM. The talking heads do whatever they can to confuse, redirect, and even lie when necessary to keep the truth from coming out. Q has been very clear that many in the MSM get their talking points at 4:00am from the CIA (Clowns in America).

Q finishes that particular post with, “Find the passenger list. Why [187] if inside Russia? No jurisdiction. Think logically. SICK! Q.” Clearly, he instructs Anons to find the passenger list, which they did fairly quickly. One name needed to be located. Q asks why were people killed (187) inside Russia? The answer is that the USA would have no jurisdiction even though, as it turns out, there were people on that plane who live and work in America. Q ends his post describing these evil people with one word.

Related to this, Anons got busy with the passenger list. One Anon in particular posted the list with an arrow next to a name, Ivanov Vyacheslav. Q responds to this question with “Over the TARGET.” He is either saying that the Anon is extremely close or that person was the target. Turns out that this Vyacheslav Ivanov was educated in USA, if that is the same person, who was on the plane. It is difficult to know.

Some Anons also believe that Christopher Steele (Russian Dossier), could have been on that plane under an alias. Still others believe Ed Snowden may have been on the plane also under an alias. Was the alias “Ivanov Vyacheslav”? Regarding Snowden, Q seems to have indicated repeatedly that Snowden is not a good guy, but actually works for the Clowns in America (CIA), and only worked at the NSA in an undercover capacity to thwart their efforts. CIA and NSA have been at odds for some time. We may never actually know, but there are some believable ideas out there. I will do more research and see if this can be pinned down.

If we go back up to our first picture we posted, looking at the middle image, Q’s post is in response to an Anon who asked, “On it, what about Russian detained in Bangkok?” He is referring to the situation in Thailand that connects to the Shanghai Airport. In that situation, a man was arrested.

BANGKOK • A Russian man accused of co-running an international cybercrime network shuttered in a US-led crackdown this week has been arrested in Bangkok and will face extradition, Thai police said yesterday.

Mr Sergey Medvedev, 31, is accused of co-founding the “Infraud Organisation,” an online network that stole and sold credit card and other personal identity data, causing US$530 million (S$705 million) in losses, the US authorities said.

On Wednesday, the US Department of Justice indicted 36 people on charges of racketeering conspiracy and other crimes for their roles in the crime syndicate. Thirteen defendants hailing from around the globe were arrested in the United States and six other countries – Australia, Britain, France, Italy, Kosovo and Serbia.

Clearly, this is a big fish! He was allegedly removed from Bangkok, via Shanghai airport (Gate E), and is now at Guantanamo Bay. Notice Q asks “what picture was posted?” and “Cages full.” I’m not sure what picture he’s referring to (unless he means the photo of the Shanghai Airport), but it seems clear that the “cages full” comment is related to Guantanamo Bay prison. Q seems to be saying that it is full. GITMO is said to be able to hold over 700 inmates. If it is full, they will have to find another place for more. The picture Q is referring to may also be explained in this post also from Feb 11, when he posted the picture of the interior of the Shanghai Airport (PVG) showing the capital letter E near the roof of the terminal. The suspect in question may have hacked into the underground massive data center located in Henderson, NV. This would explain why the Henderson PD and Nevada DOJ are involved in this Bangkok hacker case.

Also in this group of posts, we see once again that Q clearly has no respect for Sen. John McCain and I understand why. It is possible that he was a traitor to our country while in captivity. When he was caught by the enemy, he may have started singing right from the beginning that also condemned others in his outfit to death, who had not yet been captured. People disagree on this of course, but there appears to be evidence of it. I’ll leave you to do your own research.

However, Q’s point where McCain is concerned (Q refers to McCain as “we don’t say his name“), is that he is even now a traitor to America. How do we know this? Well, for one thing, he’s a known liar. He ran for re-election on repealing Obamacare, but was actually the deciding vote to not repeal it and allegedly stated afterwards, “Let’s see Trump make America great now!” Beyond this, his McCain Institute receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from full-on Leftist organizations and people, including George Soros, the Rothschilds, Saudi Arabia (SA), and many others. You can see his donor list here:

But aside from this, Q reminds us of the time that McCain, at the behest of President Obama, went to the Middle East and met with Syrian rebels (ISIS terrorists trying to bring down Assad). Note the image with John McCain in the picture at the top. What Q says about McCain is not the least bit flattering. Q states, “We don’t say his name returning to prime time. Wonder if his so-called illness/condition will flare up. “He’s not a war hero.” He’s a mega millionaire.” What does the first line mean? Will McCain be in the news this week? Note he’s been pretty much AWOL for the past number of weeks due to his claim to be fighting cancer. With McCain, it’s difficult to know the truth. Does he actually have cancer? Who knows. He’s offered no proof and since we know from past experience that he’s a liar, it’s difficult to take him seriously.

Note that Q says, “Define money laundering. Define the word ‘Traitor’. A world w/o this man is a world better off. Q” Here, Q implies that McCain’s institute is a grand scheme of money laundering, quite possibly for Soros, Rothschilds, Saudi Arabia and others. Their foreign money flows through McCain’s Institute and “cleans” up on the other side. What happens then? Is some of the money sent back to those groups? What is money laundering after all?

Q also wants us to define the word “traitor.” Mirriam-Webster defines “traitor” in two ways.

  1. one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
  2. one who commits treason

Does this apply to John McCain? Clearly, it seems he has lied. He has also met with ISIS terrorists (proof in the photo). Are ISIS terrorists good or bad as far as the USA is concerned? If I have to answer that, you’ve not been paying attention to ISIS. Remember, Obama never seemed that concerned about ISIS. He even referred to them as ISIL at one point, which was a slam against Israel.

A person who commits treason is a person who works in some capacity to overthrow a country. John McCain is an American citizen and Congressman. As such, he has taken a vow to uphold, support, and defend the United States Constitution. If he is working with those who hate America and want to see it overthrown, the answer about whether or not McCain is a traitor becomes obvious. In fact, it is becoming very clear that those involved in the witch hunt against Donald Trump may also be guilty of treason. They are attempting a coup to overthrow a duly elected American citizen, who became president. This country has spent over a year on the asinine fake subject of whether or not Trump and Russia colluded to keep Hillary from winning. This is such a waste of taxpayer dollars and it has been a complete distraction. Weaker men would not have been able to accomplish half of what Trump has accomplished under the same situation.

I’m hopeful that those who are guilty of treasonous actions will be found out, arrested, tried, and convicted. It will be the only way to keep something like this from happening again. There’s much more to cover, so stay tuned! We will start with the image with mutliple pictures on the top having to do with North Korea and Q’s questions underneath it, next time.

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