Q: We the People Have the Power

February 13, 2018 at 4:06 PM 2 comments

One of the themes that Q continues to repeat is that we, the people have the power. He keeps telling us that we’ve simply forgotten how to play the game. At times, it feels hopeless because we wonder what we can actually accomplish?

Then I read a post from Q from yesterday that opened my eyes a bit more. Here is the post and it starts with the line, “The Inner Circle.” Generally, the post is about Mika Brzezinski. Q wants us to learn about her background and family connections and careers. Also, what has McLean, Virginia have to do with it?

I’ve known for a while that Mika’s dad was Zbigniew Brzezinski and he was involved in LJB’s presidency, Jimmy Carter’s, and Barack Obama’s. He was around for a while and was a member of Council on Foreign Relations (as is his daughter Mika). What is interesting is that the area where she was raised in (McLean, VA), is a proving ground for CIA spooks. In fact, the second college she attended is known for “drafting” students into service with CIA. Did that occur with Mika? Who knows, but it’s certainly a possibility. It is interesting that she ended up in journalism. Then again, it is alleged that Anderson Cooper also worked at the CIA and ended up in journalism as well. By the way, Mika’s dad had some interesting ideas as referenced in the image. In some ways, he’s right of course, but the fact that globalists think like that is frightening. It proves that they mean business when it comes to keeping what they think they own. If that means eliminating a few million people, what is that to them? It doesn’t affect them or any of theirs, right?

The globalists long ago realized that having the media in your corner was the best way to control the narrative. Take the time to view the mini-series Men Who Built America to learn how Rockefeller, Carnegie, and JP Morgan all “bought” a president (McKinley), against William Jennings Bryan (who was going to break up the monopolies those men owned). They bought a president by buying the media (newspapers, magazines, etc.). Those they didn’t own they would simply bribe the editors to print articles defaming Bryan.

This is the way it has worked for decades and decades. But notice Q’s statement after McLean, Virginia. He says, “The age of tech has hurt their ability to hide/control.” What does that mean? It clearly reflects the fact that because of the Internet, average people have a voice, who had none before. Now, we can go onto the Internet and argue our points. We can call fake news out. We can make all kinds of noise.

Never before have we been able to instantly send a message to some leader. Before we’d have to send a letter and maybe it would be read then tossed. We could make a phone call and likely not talk with anyone important. Now, we are receiving tweets from the president and others. Not only this, but when some politician says something that seems odd, we can go back and find where they said something opposite.

The MSM knows this all too well, which is why they are digging their heels in. They know they cannot control the message anymore. They cannot hide certain things, to keep them from coming out. The most they can do is lie about those things or ignore them altogether. But that doesn’t really work because too many people – average Americans – are finding their voice and speaking out against the false claims of many within the fake news medium.

Maybe that is what Q is trying to do. We know he can’t tell us everything that’s going on and in the end, maybe he’s not telling us much at all. He is holding out hope to us. He is telling us we have more power than we know. He is affirming that we need to take the bull by the horns and do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said.

Q’s posts are often encouraging even though they’re more than cryptic in many cases. He is lighting the fire and telling us what he can tell us. That situation would not exist were it not for the tech that is available today. Certainly, the globalists want that tech for themselves. This is why under Obama we heard constant murmurings of limiting what could be said on the ‘Net. It’s all an effort to silence the voice of we, the people. The tech that is in place now is a two-edged sword. The globalists of course, enjoy it and since their companies created it, they think they own it. They want free rein, but do not want that for us. They want us limited and enslaved. This is of course also why Twitter and Facebook and other social networks do their best to shut down conservative voices. It’s what Marxism demands because Marxism cannot survive when people under it are allowed to freely communicate their ideas. Marxism demands that the party line must not be crossed.

We see this happening with the MSM and the Olympics. While they are fawning over that dictator’s “sister,” and denigrating Vice President Pence, the reality is that they are fawning over a brutal regime that even the UN has declared is guilty of crimes against humanity. Their gulags, their tortures, rapes, and murders of average North Koreans, not to mention the lack of food, healthcare and generally deplorable conditions of those living in that country continue unabated. Yet, America’s MSM has only kudos for that terribly soul-destroying regime. Critically thinking people see through that and the MSM knows it.

The tide appears to be turning in some ways, though at times, like a friend of mine, I think ultimately, nothing will happen to those who involved themselves in treason against the United States. Q seems to imply that things are going to change. He tells us the MSM is almost dead. No one is going to get a deal. We can only hope that this is the case.

One thing is certain though. We, the people do have the power as we’ve really never had it before. We can create our own web pages. We can create our own news shows. We can tweet out our ideas, beliefs, and heartaches about what we see happening. Yes, Twitter and other social networks can try to shut us down, but they really cannot stop our voices altogether. Their silencing us is a temporary glitch in the Matrix if you will. We step back, recover, gain new strength and start again.

I wish I knew for certain how all this is going to turn out and I’m referring to the immediate future. I know how things will ultimately turn out because God already provided that information. But will certain people see the inside of a prison, a military tribunal, or even be sentenced to death for their crime of treason? It would be a great end to the viciousness used by these people to rule over us and keep us downtrodden.

In some ways, what America has gone through is not that far removed from aspects of the Roman Empire. We have been victims of attempts to turn America into a totalitarian nightmare. We have watched our rights disappear, rights that are not granted but guaranteed under the United States Constitution. The attacks continue because the Left has not lost yet.

We shall see what transpires, but I am encouraged that Q understands and reminds us that we have the power. Our voice is doing damage to the lies of the Left. We need that to continue.

Oh and one more thing for now. I hear a lot of people referring to the Leftists as “liberals.” I wish people would stop doing that. They are not liberals. Liberals by definition are people who may not agree with you, but would fight for your right to be able to believe and say it. That’s a liberal. Leftists on the other hand (also known as Marxists or Progressives), do the exact opposite. They seek to silence those with whom they disagree. They do it by insult and embarrassment. They seek to vilify conservatives, shaming us into silence. This is not how liberals work.

These people are MARXISTS. They are intending to overthrow the rule of law in America as delineated by the Constitution. They don’t like the Constitution. They want it changed (read: destroyed). Did you know that decades ago, David Rockefeller and his crew wrote a “new” Constitution for a “new” United States? You can read it at this link. The nerve of these globalists! It’s what they do. To them, we are nothing more than sheep, cattle, to be owned, used and destroyed when they are finished with us.

Thank God my destiny is beyond this world! In Christ, I will live with Him forever after I leave this life. I hope you will as well. God speed.

PS – I realize I did not post the article about Numbers, but will do that tomorrow.

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  • 1. roy1830  |  February 13, 2018 at 6:41 PM

    We also need to gather in large insurmountable numbers. Like minded in core beliefs and go to Washington and demand for our elected, sworn in leaders to do their jobs, prosecute those who undermine and disrupt the President and fire all who have brought politics into their neutral positions. Orderly but sternly.

    • 2. modres  |  February 13, 2018 at 6:50 PM

      Yes, we need to use every legal means at our disposal. There are several upcoming gatherings in DC for just this purpose.

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