That Didn’t Take Long – Q is Back

February 21, 2018 at 9:26 AM 2 comments

I must say I’m a bit relieved to see that Q has started posting again. After what appeared to be his swan song, Q is back, but quite possibly another Q team member. There will probably be a number of posts from here today. I have at least one other Q-related post, which is a blend of politics and end times events. I also have another “Behold Your God” article in the works. Please check back.

Last night was interesting. I stayed up late trying to catch up on things and noticed that my Twitter feed had nearly zero movement on it. I found that odd. I have (had) close to 4500 followers and it was hard to believe that they were all silent. This doesn’t take into consideration the people that I follow who don’t follow me back, but I follow them because they are conservatives. People like actor James Woods, and numerous high-profile conservatives and patriots.

I woke this morning to learn that apparently, Twitter went through a “bot purge.” For the longest time, conservatives on Twitter have been accused of being “bots” sent out by Russia. You may recall both Feinstein and Schiff wrote a letter to Twitter demanding that they do an internal investigation to determine whether conservatives were all Twitter bots or not. This was done and it turned out that Feinstein and Schiff were both completely wrong.

Yet, in spite of this, Twitter did a “bot purge,” which left many conservatives with hundreds or thousands of fewer followers in their profile or they were locked out of their accounts altogether. This is the way the Left rolls. If they don’t agree with your opinion, they will do what they can to shut you down.

This is also why I try to remind people that the Leftists of today are not the Liberals of yesterday. Liberals, by the very definition, will argue for your right to say what you think/believe even if they do not agree with that opinion. Leftists on the other hand, work to silence opposition. On Twitter as well as many other social networks and even news pages, conservatives still tend to refer to Leftists (Marxists) as liberals. This is completely false and actually compliments Leftists. These folks want nothing more than to take away God-given rights guaranteed under the Constitution as well as silencing those with whom they disagree.

But why did Twitter all of a sudden do this purge? After several days of silence, Q has resurfaced and has weighed in on the situation with several posts. His posts can be found here: This is not his private board. It is a mirror site that simply finds and houses all Q posts.

Note his first post from this morning at 1:44 in the morning. Apparently, Q doesn’t sleep. By the way, Q has often said things like, “Think mirror.” People disagree over what that means, but I agree with several anons who believe that we should read Q’s posts from bottom to the top, as a reflection of how one would normally read it. I’m not sure if this should be done with every post, but if we do that with this one, it seems to make more sense.

Q says “Phase [2],” which ostensibly means that things have moved from Phase 1 to Phase 2, which MAY mean that the military tribunals are moving ahead. Reading back through Q’s very early posts from late October to early November 2017, it is clear that several BIG names had been “indicted” but not yet arrested. Remember, the cabal that has been in charge for so long will not give up easily or go away quietly. Though apparently given the chance to do that, they refused.

The next line up says, “@Jack – getting nervous?” Again, @Jack is a reference to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who has tweeted out among other things, how much he enjoys reading the Satanic Bible. Q is asking Jack if he’s getting nervous? About what, we might ask?

Notice the next image. Q is actually responding to an Anon who posted about DeepDream (recall from previous article) and concluded that Twitter is Deepdream based on the description of the social network CEO in the Jason Bourne movie. The Anon did this by comparing scenarios from the Bourne series of movies and CIA’s “Iron Hand” program. One thing that amazes me about social networks is how it creates such an attachment to it by so many.

You see people constantly on their phones wherever they are, while real life continues all around them. They prefer being in the artificial world of social media, a construct designed to direct our lives. Consider that most, if not all, social networks, news bureaus, and even Internet search engines are owned and operated by people on the far left who try to control the narrative often by suspending/expelling conservatives for the slightest thing, while Leftists continue to vomit the most disgusting, vile, verbiage imaginable. Why is this the case?

It is due to the fact that because of the age of technology and the digital platforms, the Left cannot contain the narrative like they used to do. The very Internet their tech companies created are being used against them. The MSM (MainStream Media), has tried very hard to do what it can to control and direct the narrative, but because the average person has access to the Internet, it gives every day people a voice. We can research things, learn the truth, and post that truth. The Left is playing a losing battle because they cannot control the information that is available. The only thing the Left can do is ridicule and when that doesn’t work, shut people down on the social platforms they control. But even that is going to backfire because of coming lawsuits.

Notice Q’s next posts from 1:58am. Q says, “Big post.” He follows that up with “@Jack though he was protected.” Recall from our previous article that, according to Q, Jack went to Nancy Pelosi’s office to seek some sort of protection. Apparently, the protection he thought he had didn’t pan out. When Q says, “No sleep since drop,” he is referring to the last series of posts on February 18th and the fact that Jack is truly troubled. Recall that it would appear Jack has gotten himself involved in something that he may have thought was little more than a game. Turns out these people – on both sides – play for keeps. Jack is just a Leftist wuss, who probably couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper sack. He’s in way over his head and things are closing in.

Notice Q’s next line: “Tasked [3] to remove followers in drip order and restrict.” Then, “Coincidence?” Several Anons believe the numeral 3 refers to Pelosi. She was the one tasking Jack to censor conservative accounts. Clearly, the Twitter “bot” purge aimed at conservatives last night was not conincidence. It was a strategically planned event to minimize conservative impact there and to silence truth.

“HOT in DC” could mean a number of things. The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that many on are the “hotseat” and the pressure is building tremendously. Things are coming to the boiling or tipping point. What is happening? Again, could military tribunals be underway? We’ve not heard peeps from several big names connected to the Obama administration. They may be out of circulation. Whatever the problem is, “No sleep” for anyone involved. Q’s “Stay tuned” is music to my ears. There will be more and there was.

Q next turned to the subject of the “gun.” He appears to be referring to the gun found in the bag of the driver of the press caravan following the president’s entourage a few days ago. The driver stated he “forgot” the gun was in his bag. That’s the type of person who should not be carrying since he was clueless about his weapon’s whereabouts.

Q notes that “The gun found by the USSS was an intercept we provided. This is not a game. Protect code went live. Code signals clean. We are moving up the timetable. Q” At first glance it appears Q is saying that his team planted the gun. The result of that? Three drivers were replaced in the caravan. One Anon stated, “Do not misunderstand this. An intercept is a message that was intercepted between bad actors. Q’s MI contacts told the USSS that the gun would be found there.” Another Anon stated, “I think Q is saying that the press pool driver that had the gun was information provided from Q team to the USSS.” Yet another Anon believes the “intercept” means that the NSA intercepted a conversation about the gun and that information was passed along to Q team, who ensured that the Secret Service removed the threat. If there was a conversation about this gun between the gun owner and another individual, then it would be clear that the gun owner did not “forget” he had his weapon with him. In fact, he would have deliberately brought it. Hopefully, that driver wasn’t just replaced, but is in custody somewhere.

You have to wonder why a press pool driver would bring a personal weapon? It is very difficult to obtain a CCW in DC. That location does not recognize CCW’s from any other state. The fact that this driver was allegedly not cognizant of the fact that he had his personal weapon with him near the president is a bit absurd to say the least. Again, Q emphasizes that what they are doing has nothing to do with a game of any sort. It is serious business. “Protect code went live” likely means that because of danger of driver with gun, all stops were pulled to ensure the president’s safety. “Code signals clean” may mean that after searching through everything, it was determined that there was no other threat. The last statement is intriguing, “We are moving up the timetable.” Good! Maybe we’ll see things happening faster in real-time.

Q’s last post (for now), is this one about AG Sessions and the Cyber Task Force. The three lines, “AG Sessions. US Cyber Task Force. Important. Q” say a lot. It was just announced on February 20, 2018 that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had formed a US Cyber Task Force. What is the purpose of this unit? There are at least two reasons for its existence. First, it will deal with voter fraud to safeguard our elections, and second, it will deal with cyber threats. This comes about on the heels of Mueller’s recent revelations that 13 Russian operatives attempted to hack our elections. Rod Rosenstein recently noted that though they tried to hack our elections, they were not successful and were not able to make any difference in the outcome.

Sessions now has what he needs to go after election hacking and voter fraud related to it. It is certainly possible in dealing with what the DOJ might consider to be cyber threats that they will come down very hard on social networks where it has been shown that Russian operatives were active in running ads that promoted at the very least, division among Americans related to the presidential and other elections.

As we move toward the midterm elections, it appears that Sessions will have ample time to shore up and ensure that voter fraud is minimal and will play no part in election results. Q notes that this task force is “important” and it seems clear as to why that is the case.

We’ll do our best to keep everyone posted on upcoming developments. Other articles are in the works for today!

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  • 1. Debbie O  |  February 21, 2018 at 9:33 PM

    I have just found your blog – thank you for both the political and non political sides. I am enjoying them both very much as I now am realizing seeing what is being posted by Q how much prayer is needed for our country. How long will our Lord continue to have mercy on us as a nation?
    I cannot agree with you more regarding the definition of Liberal verses Leftist. We are now dealing with socialists plain and simple. My heart grieves because our tax dollars (which in my particular state school taxes are part of property taxes so therefore compulsory) for the past 30 plus years have been used to fund progressive ideology in public schools and now we are reaping the results. With each graduation year I see more and more how conservatism’s voice is being attacked. Because kids are not educated in American History but rather propagandized, we now have the MSM taking full advantage of using these emotional uneducated youth to help exploit any crisis that occurs to further “the agenda”. My only solace with all of this is to know Jesus Christ controls history and He has already won the battle, but as I stated above, how long will He have mercy upon us? I think a lot of that depends on Christians waking up to realization of the power they have through Christ if they are in the Word and in fellowship with the Lord and their need to be light and salt for whatever time we have remaining until He calls us home. I also believe there is a famine in the land of sound Bible teaching.

    • 2. modres  |  February 22, 2018 at 4:50 AM

      Amen, Debbie. Glad you found us and thank you for taking the time to comment.

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