You Are Watching a Movie

May 9, 2018 at 11:42 AM

Warning: Political Commentary Ahead

Between November 12, 2017 and April 30, 2018, the mysterious “Q” posted something about a “movie” no less than nine times. Q made statements like the following:

  • Who lived in the movie (regarding Titanic)? November 12
  • Movie idea (thoughts?) November 21
  • What makes a movie GOOD? (January 4)
  • Why are movies made to glorify past ‘true’ events? January 27
  • Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop…February 12
  • You are watching a movie February 22
  • What makes a good movie? April 19
  • Think movie April 25
    In the movie, where did the material come from? April 30

Q also referred to Hollywood several times asking who really controls Hollywood? Decades ago, the head people in Hollywood were very loyal to the United States because most of them were first generation legal immigrants and because of the freedoms in America, made it very big. They were largely Republican and fairly conservative. Over time, the conservative Republican heads of studios were replaced by people who more and more Left. This ultimately morphed into extreme Leftism. Virtually everything out of Hollywood with only a few exceptions has been used to push the radical Left’s agenda for America. Viewing public tends to believe what they see as FACT without checking into it.

Movies, TV shows and even video games all push the same basic agenda. They are not simply “entertainment.” They are propaganda as they attempt to brainwash society into thinking a certain way. Consider there are virtually no real shows or movies that lean conservative. All too often, producers, actors, and directors are tripping over themselves to put out something that is more radically Left than anything previous to it.

Why is it Q has made comments about “movies” and “actors” and the theme of things? He stated at one point “SUM OF ALL FEARS” and then referred to that particular movie. Why did he also come out and directly state, “You are watching a movie”? Why did he say that?

Q has additionally implied that the plan to take back the reins of government and return it to the rule of law has been in place for quite some time. He continues to emphasize “trust(ing) the plan.” All of this has me thinking as I’m sure it has you if you’ve been following Q’s posts at all.

Recall when you watch any spellbinding movie, you are often on the edge of your seats, as though you were actually watching something unfold in real-time. Think of Rear Window or Vertigo. These Hitchcock thrillers were nerve-wracking for the tension they created within the viewer. How would the movie end? Would Grace Kelly’s character get out of the apartment of Raymond Burr’s character before she was caught? What could James Stewart’s character do since he was in a wheelchair? Movies like these kept people on the edge of their seats. We were so thoroughly drawn into the movie itself, it was as though we were watching real life happen. We were literally flies on the wall in that movie but could not participate in any way.

Once the movie was over and we saw how it all worked itself out, we relaxed. Our fears and tension quickly evaporated and we quickly came back to our reality. It was like a good carnival ride; exhilarating while on it and feeling great now that it was over. The movie was suspenseful, fun, and entertaining, but it was just a movie.

Is it possible that this is at least part of what Q might mean regarding his statements pertaining to “movies”? His references to “watching a movie” could include that meaning. He might be saying, “Relax, this is all part of the movie. It’s been mapped out way ahead of time and it’s really a completed project. What you’re seeing is only partway through the ‘movie’ though with the remainder predetermined.” Could this be part of what Q is referring to here?

I think it’s very possible. Why else would President Trump seem so nonplussed about so many things? Oh sure, he continues to tweet things out, in essence complaining about the lack of justice, the witch hunt, the collusion against him as president, but that could all just be Trump making noise to bring attention to those things as part of the “movie.” It could be his way of garnering public “troops” to get on the bandwagon and call for justice.

Between Q and Trump, it appears that things are steadily moving in the direction of justice. In fact, back on May 4, Q posted /patriotsfight/ which signified a new page Q had set up. It appears we entered into a new stage of the Plan, justice. Are things happening? Certainly appears to be the case. In essence, we, the public are privileged to learn and “watch” the movie as it occurs in real-time, but this movie is a bit interactive. We have a small part to play to keep us engaged. There are times when Q will ask us to “fight” for Internet freedom of speech. Other times, he’ll drop a hint that certain memes should be made and posted on social media. This helps us stay engaged and remain in the fight. But in reality, is 99% of the heavy lifting being done for us by those who have the power? Certainly. The other thing we can do is pray. We can continually ask the Lord to protect and provide wisdom to our leaders who are fighting the evil we call the “cabal.” Beyond this though, much of what needs to be dealt with must be dealt with by the government.

For instance, we know that voter fraud is an issue, though Leftists deny this as another one of those “conspiracy theories.” Q has intimated that there are several investigations ongoing into voter fraud. At one point he even said “midterms are safe” likely meaning that the Feds have good control over the voter fraud issue and have worked to ensure that the results of the midterms are credible and not tainted by fraud. However, we still have the responsibility to vote, don’t we? If we don’t vote, we may lose by default. We must vote, but we have absolutely no control over the problem of voter fraud. That’s out of our hands and we cannot lose sleep over it because there is nothing that the average voter can do about it, not when you have factions within shadow government/the swamp that have gone out of their way to help illegal aliens and others vote, often more than once. It is the responsibility of government to ensure that voting regains (and remains), its credibility.

I’m starting to think that first with FBI Anon (October of 2016), followed by Qanon (starting in October 2017), the public is privileged to learn that a huge, multi-faceted plan had been crafted and put in place to salvage America and bring it back under the rule of law. Furthermore, Donald J. Trump was asked to run and given certain guarantees. In other words, he was probably told that everything would be done to keep the presidential election fraud-free. He was likely told that everything would be done to ensure his and his family’s safety.

Trump is not an idiot in spite of what the Left would like us to believe. Bottom line is that they protest too much and it gives them away. Trump agreed to run, effectively giving up his somewhat private lifestyle to live in a 24/7 365 day/year fishbowl where his words, his actions, his very thoughts would be torn apart and shredded continuously. He would be vilified daily. He would be threatened routinely and ridiculed by Hollywood elitists. In short, Trump gave up everything (so far, he has lost over a billion dollars of his own personal wealth, by being elected president), to do what he could – to be part of a plan – to help turn American back to the rule of law.

There is no way on earth things could have gotten where they are now without a very in-depth plan in place. In many ways, the evil of the Left is being thwarted on a daily basis. This doesn’t happen by accident. Things must have been thoroughly thought out way ahead of time before even beginning to put things into place. Yet, people still believe Jess Sessions is “deep state.” He can’t be. I admit I have considered that opinion myself, but it simply doesn’t fit the narrative. I think Sessions is working solidly behind the scenes. What we hear he’s doing or not doing includes disinformation to keep the guilty off-balance. Why would Sessions tell people (or even telegraph), what he’s doing and the investigations he’s involved in? It would be foolhardy until everything was perfectly in place to bring the hammer down for justice.

What we are seeing is this “movie” happening, but I have to wonder if a great deal of that movie is beyond our sight. In other words, we are seeing bits and pieces or highlights of all that is taking place. This is why it appears to be happening at a snail’s pace and at times, it appears as if nothing at all is happening.

But the Left’s reaction to Trump, Q, “the plan,” and everything connected to it is the biggest giveaway. Their near-rage gives them away. They appear besides themselves and even apoplectic. If they truly had nothing to fear, they would not be reacting like they are and would, in fact, be laughing it off or ignoring it completely. Not only are they not doing that, but they are actively taking the time to remonstrate (both directly and indirectly), President Trump and his administration for the way their “friends” are being dealt with by this administration (Comey, McCabe, etc.) or the “mistakes” Trump is allegedly making with respect to North Korea and now Iran.

Who knows exactly how much some of these top FBI people or DOJ people are “singing” behind the scenes? We just don’t know but cornered rats always attack others wanting to preserve their own life. If that means throwing another rat associate under the bus, they have no qualms about that. In the end, corrupt people will do whatever they can to save themselves and don’t really care about others.

Are we watching a movie? I think so and even though at least some of it appears to be interactive, most of it is not. It’s simply happening and we hear snippets of it here or there. In the end, if we’ve gotten this far with “the plan,” then chances are great that we will see it to the end, even if that takes many more months or a year. The United States government did not become corrupt over night. It took decades to get to this point. It cannot be cleaned up overnight. It takes time.

I think it’s safe to say that before President Trump finishes his second term, we will see a great deal more of the plan that has come to fruition. I’m quite sure we won’t see everything because I think at least some of what we cannot see is so hideously evil. Does the public need to see that? We need to see enough to know the sense of evil that has so pervaded American government.

For the sake of all that is holy and good, we won’t see everything, but hopefully we will see enough to understand that the tremendous presence of evil that nearly overtook America completely was repelled.

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