Opposing Truth and Hiding Sin

July 24, 2018 at 10:42 AM

The Bible has a great deal to say about those who purposefully dilute the truth, changing it to mean the opposite. It is often done by those who want to hide certain things about their own lives, things that would be seen as reprehensible by the average person.

Isaiah was a prophet who routinely called out Israel, Jerusalem, and the false prophets of his day. But interestingly enough, Isaiah was often given insight into future times when the Lord would bring judgment upon the very people He created. After the purging of His judgment, peace and righteousness would exist as the norm within Israel. However, long before we get to that point, Isaiah points out the continuing problem within Israel. His words from Isaiah 29:15-16a sum things up.

Woe to those who seek deep to hide their counsel far from the Lord,
And their works are in the dark;
They say, “Who sees us?” and, “Who knows us?”
Surely you have things turned around! (NKJV)

As noted, this is a recurring theme not only in Isaiah but in many portions of God’s Word. The Israelite nation was created by God Himself and was originally intended to be a light of truth to all other nations. This day will eventually come shortly after Jesus returns to this earth and sets up His Messianic Kingdom, otherwise known as the Millennial Kingdom. During this time and under His strong rule, evil will be vanquished, actual peace will exist on the earth and Israel will be exalted as the most important nation. Finally, Israel will do what God created them to do.

But it’s not just Israel that does what the verses above tell us. Isaiah states a “woe,” which is really a declaration or harbinger of coming judgment. The reason Israel will be judged is due in part to the way leaders and people within Israel have dealt so treacherously with truth. They have sought very hard to “hide their counsel” from the Lord. They live in darkness, meaning, they continually do evil things away from the public eye, thinking that not even God can see their waywardness and evil. They are 100% wrong.

This statement of Isaiah really assesses much of society today. If you consider the abject hatred of President Trump, it’s coming from the news as well as many individuals within Hollywood. Why is that? What’s going on? It appears that their unbridled hatred has unhinged them and it clearly has. Many celebs in Hollywood – A-list to D-list – are joining in the throng in condemning President Trump. It seems unnatural, almost satanic. Why is that?

Yesterday, I read a very long article by “Neon Revolt.” It was eye-opening. I hesitate to include the link but will do so with this warning: If you are easily offended by off-color language, do not view the article as it contains quotes from people who take full advantage of the First Amendment to explain what they believe is the problem within the Hollywood system. In fact, as you’ll see – if you read the article – much of the conversation occurs on what are known as the Chan boards (4 Chan, 8 Chan, etc.). If you are familiar with Qanon, you know that he also began posting on the 4 Chan board but that was compromised so he moved to the 8 Chan boards where he appears to have controlled things so that the board could not be compromised.

At any rate, people posting on these boards do so with a high degree of anonymity because rarely are names used and it is difficult to trace computers although it can be done. Because of the anonymity people who post there say all kinds of things that many would find offensive (swearing, labeling, etc.). But it also allows people to simply say what they want to say without fear of being censored as all the social networks do, mainly censoring conservatives.

In trying to sum up things regarding this article (called “How Hollywood Insiders Are Taking Down #TheCabal from the Inside-Out“), the upshot is that a man started posting anonymously (at first), who stated he was an A-list actor in the 80’s but is now retired. He has remained quiet for some time because he still receives passive payment for movies he’s been involved with in the past. Those payments are close to running out so he has nothing to lose. He has positioned himself so that he is financially secure and doesn’t worry about the “cabal” in Hollywood destroying him financially. He has also shared much of his information with close friends and family, providing them with hard copies of things he said he has that proves just how corrupt and evil all of Hollywood is and how it is ruining not just America but is used by high-level elites to propagandize society, “softly,” through movies, TV, video games, etc. Rather than directly preaching at people, this constant undercurrent of evil is simply piped into people’s homes.

We canceled our Netflix membership about six months ago after we learned that Susan Rice (from the Obama Administration), was placed on the Board of Directors there. Shortly after that, we learned that the Obamas were hired to create original programming. Clearly, that programming will mirror Obama’s own Leftwing politics in documentaries and other shows he plans on producing. Now we have learned that a cartoon aired on Netflix highlights pedophilia. If you are a Christian and you have Netflix, you may wish to ask yourself why you have it because of these changes.

Pedophilia is coming more and more out into the open. Groups like NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) are pushing their message. They want it to be seen as “normal.” Years ago, while in California, Prop 8 came to the voters to decide whether same-sex marriages should be made legal in that state. It was initially rejected by the voters. Brought back again a few years later, it was approved because parts of the rejection had been overturned by California’s courts. The argument was that gays simply wanted to be treated the same and even though they had civil unions, that wasn’t good enough. They wanted the full benefits of “marriage.” They got it and now, because of the Supreme Court, it is the law of the land throughout the United States.

Transgenders also starting pushing their message. We are told that just because someone was born a girl or boy, what matters is how they actually identify, not what their biology dictates. Interestingly enough, some lesbian groups are becoming upset with transgenders because they (lesbians) are being pushed to the back while the spotlight shines on transgenderism. It had to happen because there is not enough room for everyone to be in their own “special interest” group.

But all of this proves just how opposed people are to God’s truth. If they think they’re a male (though female), the public should accept that and if they don’t, they should be censored. There is even a movement now to stop using pronouns like “he” or “she” and use “they” instead. It’s ridiculous but this is what people who are thoroughly deluded are pushing in society and they have the power because of their money to push it.

The individual posting on the Chan board claiming to be an 80’s A-list actor says he is “based” and a black man. Being “based” means being “woke” or “red-pilled.” He sees the truth and has accepted it. Throughout his posts, you can feel his anger at Hollywood. He claims big important people (he says there’s about three of them at the very top), control Hollywood like the Mafia. In order to get anywhere in Hollywood (as an actor, producer or even camera operator), you must be “comped” (compromised). This is usually done at first with drugs, but then you are moved along to worse things like pedophilia, rape, and other things. Why? Just like the Mafia, the controllers in Hollywood need dirt on people. It’s how they control them. We know it as blackmail.

The more I read this guy’s posts (who later named himself “Renegade”), the more sickening it became. At the same time, why don’t I have any difficulty believing that all of what he said goes on in Hollywood routinely? He said that he feels as though he had soul murdered. He accuses Hollywood of destroying it. At the same time, he knows he was part of it and admits to certain low-level things that he was involved in. But apparently, he has audio recordings and other proofs that confirm what he says about Hollywood.

Renegade says that the entire culture of Hollywood is built on perversion – drugs, pedophilia and much worse (things I will not list here). He emphasized that anyone you’ve ever heard of in Hollywood who is a big name (director, actor, producer, etc.), has played the game. They have willingly submitted to the rules of Hollywood’s cabal of leaders. What this means is that everyone who is anyone in Hollywood is compromised and there is no way out for them because if they try to get out, they will either be “sacrificed” (killed) or dirt will explode into the public view.

We recently saw the fervor over the short-lived “MeToo” problem in Hollywood. Because of that, Harvey Weinstein has been arrested and charged. This makes people think that the big “problem” in Hollywood is taken care of because look at how important Weinstein was in Hollywood. According to Renegade, Weinstein was simply a sacrificial lamb, given to the public to assuage people and to make it appear as though something is happening.

But also interesting is that even though more recently, director James Gunn was fired by Disney for tweets he made several years ago, this same MeToo movement is now up in arms accusing the alt-right of using fascist techniques to “ruin people’s lives.” This same Left had no problem with Roseanne’s one tweet about Valerie Jarrett, who, because of it, lost her show “Roseanne.”

When you consider the absolute unhinged attitudes of people like Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg (toward Judge Pirro on The View), and many other low-level celebs like comedienne Sarah Silverman (who used to be married to Jimmy Kimmel), you have to wonder why they are so unhinged? Personally, I believe it’s twofold. First, they are “auditioning” for their handlers and important people in Hollywood, telling them “Hey, you can trust me. I’m with you. Please continue hiring me for jobs in Hollywood and I’ll continue to say whatever you want me to say!” Second, if what Renegade has said is true, then anyone who is anyone in Hollywood has participated in the underbelly of evil at some point and to some degree. They want us to desperately think otherwise, but it’s starting to come to the surface and Hollywood in general is absolutely petrified. They should be.

Renegade also commented about Trump and why Hollywood is attacking him so badly and continuously (and he includes the “news” in that circle of Hollywood as well as he notes in other posts. Renegade states that President Trump is actually trying to clean house, to get rid of the Satanists that have taken over Hollywood. It’s a long hill to climb but President Trump – according to Renegade – has all the ammo he needs. It will simply take a good amount of time to bring down the satanic cabal that controls Hollywood.

People who do evil things need to cover themselves. They do it with lies so they can continue to practice their evil. The more people they can get involved with them, the better off they are because those new people fall under the same condemnation. When they cannot get people involved with them, they either ostracize, attack, or worse to silence opposition to their lifestyle.

With respect to this they are surprised when you do not join them in the same flood of debauchery, and they malign you… (1 Peter 4:4 ESV)

What Renegade also shared is that aside from Hollywood, the state of Georgia contains the biggest level of corruption by people from Hollywood. pedophilia, drugs, sex trafficking, and all manner of evil take place in that state largely because of the money poured into Georgia by production companies. Pinewood built a studio here and another large studio is coming in just north of Atlanta.

People in Hollywood are becoming increasingly terrified of being exposed for their sins. They unleash threats, anger, and off-the-wall accusations and attacks on President Trump and conservatives because they know the proverbial noose is tightening and they are feeling that pressure. This is exactly what Isaiah spoke of hundreds of years ago.

I know some folks believe Trump is “controlled opposition.” I know they believe that he is simply another side of the Marxist takeover. They say that if he was the real deal, he would already be dead like JFK. Qanon has already addressed that and it seems to be confirmed by Renegade. Trump has it all. He has the DNC server. He has all the information – phone calls, text messages, and emails. If something happens to him, that information will be “leaked” to the public and we would have civil war. The Hollywood elites know that and it has struck fear into them.

Qanon has said on many occasions to watch those who protest the loudest. Who are they? Aside from the known politicians, we are seeing A-list celebs come out of the woodwork condemning Trump, calling him some of the most despicable names and disrespecting the office of the president.

President Trump, by being elected to the highest office in this land, has declared war on abjectly evil people in Hollywood and our government. But it’s all one in the same because Hollywood has bought too many politicians. They control them. The politicians are the voice and face of the high ups deep in the shadows of Hollywood. These are some exceedingly sick individuals who have built their kingdoms in the dark believing that no one will ever see. We’re starting to see and it’s absolutely and appallingly sick and twisted. It is no wonder Qanon said that 60% of what’s out there will never be revealed to the public. Why? It would destroy this country because conservatives, patriots and people with integrity would go on man hunts. This is of course, why the elite wants to remove the second amendment and it appears they are willing to create false flags to achieve that.

Last count, there are over 40,000 sealed indictments. FORTY THOUSAND!!! That doesn’t necessarily mean 40,000 different people. It means 40,000 indictments with some people being indicted on several things.

President Trump is trying to clean house. Our prayers need to be with him.

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