It’s All Coming Out Now…Hang Tight

August 3, 2018 at 12:41 PM 2 comments

Note: the following article is of a political nature

Qanon has been posting a storm of posts on the 8Chan boards and those who are familiar with “Q” look forward to these posts and gain more insight into what is happening behind the scenes. What is also very interesting is that the mainstream media is working overtime in insisting that the Qanon subject is purely of a conspiratorial nature. In other words, there is no truth to it. It is simply a ploy designed to create hope in people that current President Donald J. Trump will not be impeached and that “good” will ultimately triumph over “evil.”

Q appears to be way ahead of the game in many areas and has provided Anons with many “crumbs” that have proven to be true. However, it is fascinating to watch the mainstream media (MSM), work so hard to deny what is actually occurring. They are caught between a rock and a hard place because they want to deny the reality of Q by limiting the subject to the area of a conspiracy theory and nothing more, however, if they push this too hard (as they are doing, see one of Q’s latest posts I’ve included with this article, regarding The Washington Post owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos), then when the proof of Qanon comes to light they will be seen for what they are – simply shills for the Left.

Qanon’s obvious point is that if the Q phenomenon is nothing more than a larp, the MSM, instead of letting it die a natural death, is actually fanning the flames by giving it even negative attention. It is also worth noting that not one branch of the MSM has anything good to say about Qanon or his posts. In reality, they’ve actually lied about Q’s posts. They’ve claimed for instance that Q can’t be taken seriously because at one point, Q allegedly stated that Hillary Clinton was going to be arrested on a specific upcoming day at a specific time. Q never said that. He responded to a post of that nature by an Anon and actually corrected the Anon. Q never gave any specific arrest information regarding Hillary. Never.

In another more recent example, some originators of fake news are now claiming that Q said JFK Jr didn’t actually die in the plane crash, is still alive and waiting to be “revealed” to the public. Q has never stated anything of the kind, though he has offered crumbs about JFK Jr. This is the kind of intensity that Qanon creates in the MSM, who so desperately want to debunk the very thought of Q.

Here is just one site that highlights some of the many proofs that show Qanon is much more than a larp: It is undeniable that these proofs exist yet true to form, the MSM cannot be bothered and are far more interested in doing whatever they can to debunk the entire Q movement.

As also seen in the image above, posted by Q at 10:09am today, August 3, in the past 5 hours, The Washington Post ran articles that attempt to debunk Qanon. They are working overtime. The articles are filled with nothing except innuendo and lies. Notice they keep calling the Q phenomenon a “conspiracy.” This will signal to people who do not think critically to see anyone who believes in Q’s message as wearing a tin foil hat. They also point to people like Alex Jones, who in my mind, often wears a tin foil hat. He is not the best example of an average American who appreciates what Q is attempting to reveal to us.

Either Q is true or Q is not. Either Q can be trusted or Q is nothing but a larp. I’ve even seen articles by people who are now claiming to be part of this vast conspiracy that they say they created for fun and enjoyment and it took on a life of its own. The problem is that this does not explain how Q is able to provide real-time photos that do not exist on the ‘Net. It does not explain how Q always appears to be steps ahead of the MSM.

Just yesterday, Q posted “Something BIG is about to drop.” What does that mean? Many Anons believe it will be the 20 pages of the FISA document that was released though heavily redacted. They believe that the contents of this “drop” will blow everything wide open, showing just exactly who was involved in setting up President Trump under the fake “Russian collusion” narrative. Of course, until this BIG drop occurs, no one really knows what will be in it. We’ll have to wait.

Clearly, the MSM is afraid of what is coming so they are working tremendously hard to relegate Qanon to the conspiracy realm. Only idiots, hillbillies, deplorables, bitter clingers, truth deniers, and others would believe such tripe. The problem though is that apart from actually lying about what Q has posted and calling people names, the MSM has absolutely nothing; not one thing.

I find it fascinating that so many on the Left are pinning their hopes on Mueller’s counsel, believing that he is going to reveal the absolute truth about President Trump to the chagrin of all those who support him. They believe when Mueller does his big reveal, it will bring down Trump and impeachment proceedings will begin. The fallacy here – apart from the obvious – is that if Mueller had anything at all that proved Trump did anything illegal, he would not have waited this long (going on two years) to release it. Any information designed to bring Trump down would have been released long ago. Instead, what we’re seeing are smaller characters on both the Left and Right in the spotlight but this brings no one closer to Trump at all. In fact, we’re learning far more about how Obama, Hillary, Comey, McCabe, McCain, Lynch, and many others were clearly involved in attempting to frame Trump for something he had no part in.

Now clearly, diehard Leftists will not accept anything other than what is force-fed into their brains from the MSM. I see it daily on the social networks. These people are resolute in their belief that President Trump is going down even in the face of all the lies perpetrated by the MSM. They sit on pins and needles ready to celebrate in the streets for that “reveal” they thoroughly believe is coming. They are going to be seriously disappointed and when more information is released (not just the 20 or so pages of unredacted FISA documents), they will be unable to process and will deny what they see.

Q also posted yesterday ensuring us that they knew this day would come. It has been considered and is part of “the plan.” Notice that Q says “Welcome to the mainstream,” meaning, I believe, that the Q phenomenon is now part of the mainstream consciousness. The MSM cannot ignore it anymore. Why? Because of the fact that at the rally in Florida recently, President Trump pointed to a guy holding a homemade “Q” sign, as if to say “I see you and I approve.” Of course, POTUS has not come out and stated specifically anything about Q. When asked about it in a press conference, Press Secretary Sarah downplayed it. It simply means that POTUS needs to keep his distance from the Q movement so that it does not appear that he is part of it. But please notice, Trump has not denied and/or condemned it either.

In his “Welcome to the mainstream” post, Q warns us what we can expect from Dems, Fake News WW (worldwide), along with even fake MAGA supporters, who pretend to support Q but inwardly don’t and simply want to cause havoc and redirect people’s thinking.

Notice also that Q mentions that both Twitter and Facebook created “massive amounts of fake user accts…” to help direct the narrative. This is interesting considering more information is also coming out proving that the owner of Twitter – Jack Dorsey – is censoring conservative voices using a technique called “shadow banning.” This is where tweets by conservatives are often hidden so that the bulk of Twitter does not see them. Other situations involve Twitter “overlords” simply removing followers from conservative accounts, suspending them, or eliminating their accounts altogether. Since Twitter is in fact, a public entity, the 1st Amendment actually applies because many social networks have become the new “town halls” where people gather and exchange ideas freely. Unfortunately, due to censorship of conservatives, the only people who really can say what they want to say are those on the Left and they often do so in the most vile terms imaginable. These people are rarely, if ever, censored by Twitter.

Notice Q said “All activated past 24hrs” and “Full attack mode (brute force)” and “False ‘violent’ narrative push.” These fake accounts (‘bots), along with the MSM are trying to build a narrative that will show Q supporters as being violent. This is one of the things CNN’s Jim Acosta has already stated in the last day. He complained that people at the Florida Trump rally boo’d and heckled him as he was trying to provide a live feed. I saw those videos and no one threatened him. No one acted as though they were going to assault him physically, yet a colleague of Acosta’s has claimed that Acosta feared for his life. There was no danger, but these same reporters seem unconcerned when Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and nearly killed by a Bernie supporter, or when Maxine Waters urges her supporters to surround and shut down anyone in the Trump administration or his supporters. This is the type of thing that Trump and his supporters are up against that the MSM dutifully ignores, while trying to build a case that says people who believe in Q are violent.

In fact, some Anons have concluded that at the recent Pennsylvania Trump rally, the Secret Service took the Q signs away from people because there was “chatter” that indicated a false flag was going to happen by people pretending to be Trump/Q supporters and who would have started violence at the rally. This then would have been offered by the MSM as “proof” that conservatives are fascists, using violence to win the day. This is in spite of the fact that AntiFa is an arm of the Dem Party and the violence stems from the Left with many conservatives being assaulted simply due to their support for POTUS.

On August 1, Q posted the following about FISA (see image). Notice he says “Public disclosure” and “Impossible to defend.” Q seems to be indicating that an unredacted version of the previously released FISA application will be released (and the President has the power to declassify anything and Devin Nunes has asked Trump to do this). When it is released Q is telling us it will be impossible to defend. What will the MSM do? The only thing they can do – deny that is real. That’s all they will be able to do.

We’ve been hearing for some time now that there is going to be a “blue wave” this November. That doesn’t appear to be the case because in state after state, conservatives are winning over their leftwing opponents. Q has previously stated that this November 11, 2018, America will be united. This date is what I’m looking toward. If this does not happen as Q has stated it will, then clearly, something went wrong and Q is not accurately reflecting what will occur. November 11 is just days after the coming midterm elections so if we see that conservatives do not win sweeping majorities in race after race, with few exceptions, then we can safely conclude in spite of all the proofs of Q’s integrity, the whole thing failed.

Also notice that instead of getting the USA into more wars and conflicts (as the Left has repeatedly warned us), Trump has calmed things down with North Korea, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan. In fact, we will likely be pulling our troops out of these regions just in time for the military parade scheduled to take place on November 11, 2018. Trump has not gotten us into anymore wars and he is reducing our military presence on foreign shores. Everything the MSM and Left has claimed has turned to nothing.

We have nothing to lose by waiting to see what will take place this November 11, 2018.

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  • 1. rutnerh  |  August 4, 2018 at 2:34 PM

    I enjoy reading your occasional secular excursions, especially relating to oracle much like O.T. prophets whose predictions were either right if from God or punished with stoning if satanic… our case by gleeful MSM lunatics. Let’s pray for a humongous Red Tide smothering the MSM Blue Wave.on Nov 11.

    • 2. modres  |  August 4, 2018 at 4:18 PM

      Great idea. We’ll pray for that, while deferring to the Lord that His will be accomplished 😎

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