Terrible Times All Around

November 23, 2021 at 12:15 PM 3 comments

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In today’s world, we are seeing a proliferation of terrible situations arise and it only seems to be getting worse. What’s a Christian to do? We’ll talk about that in a moment. But what is the world facing?

Apart from skyrocketing inflation thanks essentially to the failed policies of the Biden Administration, which wasted no time shutting down the Colonial Pipeline, essentially shutting off the flow of oil that kept the USA from having to rely too heavily on foreign oil interests. Beyond that of course, thousands lost their jobs immediately and were essentially told to “code.”

The shortage of gasoline has a major impact on all facets of life. Truckers need fuel to deliver goods. If it costs more for them to deliver those goods, the increased cost will be felt by the consumer. Of course, we’re also dealing with a supply chain problem where hundreds of container ships are waiting off both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts to get into port to offload their cargo. We can “rest assured” that shortages will continue and increase. Have you begun preparing for this eventuality? With the growing shortages of USDA food inspectors, some meat/poultry plants will likely be forced to shut down in the coming months.

The Biden administration is dealing with smoke and mirrors that only the Left agrees with, while the rest of us see what’s happening and understand that this cannot last for that much longer without major repercussions that will reverberate throughout society.

Added to this is the sad fact that there is a form of racism growing throughout society and while the major finger pointers of said racism are doing their best to blame white people, through CRT (Critical Race Theory), the sad fact remains that racism is being artificially propped up by the Left who appear to want to do whatever it takes to undermine society. If they can create a narrative that essentially says that all white people (including young children), are white supremacists, then they will have succeeded in pitting blacks against whites and visa versa, but to what end? Can anything good come out of that? The only “good” that can come out is the total destruction of the only society that has truly offered freedom to those who have dreams and want to build those dreams: America.

Recently, we saw the coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, in which many pundits proclaimed quite loudly that Kyle had shot three black men, killing two. This was in spite of the fact Kyle had done nothing of the kind, but in fact, had, in self-defense, shot three white men, killing two of them. All three had attacked Kyle first. The verdict proves that self-defense is still protected under the Constitution, something the Left hates. In the end, it’s really all about destroying the second amendment and eliminating the right to bear arms for the average citizen. Globalists know that this one amendment stands in the way of overthrowing the USA.

Yet, just mere days after the Rittenhouse trial, a black felon deliberately ran down a group of white people, killing five and injuring many others. Immediately, we were told it had nothing to do with race at all and that the madman was fleeing a knife assault. The level of disingenuous from the Left shouldn’t surprise us anymore because of the obviousness of their lies, yet it still does frustrate. On one hand, it is perfectly fine for people to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse with no respect for the facts as a “white supremacist,” yet the same “courtesy” cannot be labeled against a black man who was pro-BLM, a rapper and had a rap sheet a mile long. The Left wants us to slow down, think things over and wait for the facts, though they never take the time to do this when it involved Kyle.

Here are some facts about the Rittenhouse case:

  • Kyle put out a dumpster fire started by rioters and who pushed it toward a gas station
  • Police had been told to stand down as businesses were looted, burned and destroyed
  • Kyle had relatives in Kenosha, 20 minutes from where he lived
  • Felon Joseph Rosenbaum knocked Kyle down twice and tried to kick him in the head when Kyle shot him in self-defense
  • Rosenbaum was a five times convicted child molester
  • Another felon, Huber, hit Kyle in the head twice with his skateboard
  • Huber was a twice convicted woman beater
  • Gage Grosskruetz, another felon illegally possessing a gun, pointed his gun at Kyle’s head when Kyle shot Gage in his upper arm
  • Gage was a convicted burglar with assault on his record as well
  • In Wisconsin, it was legal for Kyle then 17, to have the weapon he carried
  • Kyle did not illegally cross state lines with an illegal weapon

Regarding Darrell Brooks, the suspect who plowed through a group of white people, he has a long rap sheet and has been in and out of prison. His rap details running over white people and apparently, he did a dry run of this same thing previously. He even used his SUV in one of his rap videos; the same SUV he used to destroy the lives of many people. Yet, even Biden, who came out to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse very quickly as a “white supremacist” while he was running for POTUS, has already come out to warn that with respect to Brooks, we need to wait for all the facts. The MSM is already telling us that what he did he did not do intentionally but was simply running from a knife fight, which makes no sense unless the knife-wielding person was somehow in the car with him. Witnesses say Brooks actually accelerated into the group of children and adults.

Then on top of this, we have the ongoing vaccine situation. Scientists and medical experts are now discovering that there is indeed a potential connection between the heart problems many are experiencing after their first or second jab. Turns out that it’s very possible that the mRNA vaxxes actually “dramatically increase inflammation of the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.” This is based on a recent study reported in AHA Journals. Yet, we are told just the opposite, that it’s actually CV, not the jab, that is causing the heart issues in children particularly. Recently, I’ve also read that the heart problems being experienced by unborn children is due to “climate change,” which is amazing since that was never a thing before. It seems the absurdity of the Left knows no bounds, but obviously, they’re trying to get ahead of the narrative about heart problems and deaths.

On top of this, it may also account for the dramatic rise in fetal deaths; 2,620 fetal deaths in the past 11 months. So why are vaccines continuing to be pushed far and wide? Why are some countries like Ireland, which has a 100% vax rate, going back into lock-down due to high number of “cases”? How is it possible that all those vaxxed people can be contracting CV unless the vax is actually creating that or the PCR tests are falsely providing results of positives?

In these days of turmoil, it should be clear that things are amiss. More and more churches are either not admitting unvaxxed or segregating them into separate sections as in the case of Tim Keller’s New York City Redeemer’s Presbyterian Church. How is it possible that we have come to the point of treating unvaxxed people as though they are lepers? Franklin Graham just underwent emergency surgery because of a heart situation very likely due to the vaccine that he continually pushes. From what I’ve read, when the heart muscle becomes inflamed due to cardiomyopathy or myocarditis, that heart muscle does not fully recover. It is something that person has for the rest of their life even though certain meds can somewhat mitigate the problem.

In essence, tons of people are being injured and/or killed shortly after taking the first or second jab and it is largely being ignored. Why? It seems that it has to do with money. Hospitals get money for how they treat CV patients. They get money to force their staff to take the experimental vaccine. It’s all about money. Why else would they do what they’re doing when in reality, healthcare workers slaved away for over 18 months treating CV patients without a vaccination, yet now they’re only employable if they get it? Something doesn’t add up unless we consider the financial factor. Once we add that into the equation, it all becomes clear. Why else would politician after politician enact draconian mandates and lock-downs if not for some form or remuneration that the public doesn’t know about?

But all this aside, what are Christians to do about it? What is our response supposed to be? This is where it becomes very difficult because we must look beyond all these situations to continue to trust in our Lord. Is God the Lord of your life? Do you trust Him to carry you through in spite of the severe havoc swirling all around you?

For me, I will certainly admit that the past month or so has been very difficult. We read Romans 1 and other sections of Scripture like 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and we can easily be disheartened, brought down by the amount of evil perpetrated throughout society. But the question is what do we do in the face of all this evil?

The answer from God’s Word is that we continue to trust, we continue to do good, we continue to reach out to the lost. I am absolutely not saying this is easy. I’m saying it is a must and getting there and remaining there is very difficult for many of us. If it is not for you, consider yourself truly blessed, but I have difficulties with all that is transpiring in society and not being affected by it. As Lot was “vexed” by the situation he saw swirling around him in Sodom (2 Peter 2:7-10), we experience the same type of vexation.

The only thing I can offer at this point is to memorize Scripture that lifts our hearts and minds up to God. We all need more of that. One blogger wrote an article offering 31 Scripture verses that provide truth regarding spiritual warfare. Apart from His Word, I really don’t know what to do, quite honestly. This world is facing truly perilous times and I wonder how much longer it’ll be before the Lord returns?

In the meantime, we must carry on. We must not give up and we must live to serve Him.

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