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Is Putin Gog of Ezekiel 38-39?

Joel Rosenberg asks just that question in a recent article he wrote on the happenings in the Middle East. The reason is due to the fact that Vladimir Putin – who is set to quite possibly become Russia’s president again – has stated that Israel had better ​not ​attack Iran.

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Gog Has a Thought…Ezekiel 38

Gog, the leader of the Northern Invasion that is introduced to readers in chapter 38 of Ezekiel, has a thought. That thought has a bad effect on him, as it leads him to act. That action causes him to first notice, then take up weapons against Israel and their Land. This gets him in deep trouble with God. Up until that point, Gog is completely unaware of what God is up to, but of course, God knows because He designed it.

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Bows and Arrows and the Northern Invasion of Ezekiel 38-39

God alone will be glorified in the coming Northern Invasion. The lights will go out. The stage will be set and the curtain will rise. The characters will have their walk-ons, God will meet their assault with His own weapons of mass destruction and the curtain will go down. When the smoke clears, God will be seen standing between Israel and the armies that launched an attack to destroy her.

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Ezekiel 37 – Israel’s Future History

Once the Millennial reign of Jesus begins, it is this group of Jewish people as God’s Remnant that will go in and fully possess the Land that God originally gave to them through Abraham. Unless you understand these portions of God’s Word allegorically, it is impossible to miss God’s meaning: He will complete His plan for the Land and nation of Israel for the sake of His holy Name, whether anyone likes it or not.

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Ezekiel 37 Fulfilled says Netanyahu

In the end, God will receive all the glory. In the end, His Name will be cleared. What a tragedy that the very human beings He created have responded to the Creator with treachery, deceit, hatred and malice. This is true of all of us, unless and until God opens our eyes. God will have His way with Israel and He will have His way with this world as well. He will be the Victor and He will be fully vindicated. He will do all of this for the sake of His holy Name and for no other reason.

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Erdogan Gains Virtually Unlimited Power to Dictate

Turkey has been pursuing a policy called “strategic depth doctrine” or “neo-Ottomanism,” which is a push to resurrect at least part of the old Ottoman Empire. As can be seen in the image of the map of the Ottoman Empire, numerous areas highlighted in Ezekiel 38 were once part of that empire. Will it rise again? Certainly, in part, it appears likely and with the greater power just given to Erdogan, either he or a successor will likely be able to move with greater speed and clarity toward this new “caliphate” (a geographic area controlled by a caliph in Islam).

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Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 3

I believe the Antichrist will step up following Gog’s failed attempt to attack and conquer Israel (Jerusalem) because it will be a time when Israel will unfortunately see itself as vulnerable to world powers. Antichrist however, realizing that God gave them the victory, will rush into take advantage of their doubts. In essence, the world will be in shock and just how supernaturally Gog and his troops were defeated. It is clear from Ezekiel 38-39 that Israel does not lift a finger to help itself. The world will be stunned, but Antichrist will take full advantage of the situation. Instead of cowering because of God’s great victory, Antichrist will rush in and seemingly come alongside Israel, helping them believe that he (Antichrist) is the guy who can make sure that no one even tries to attack Israel for the next seven years (cf. Daniel 9:27). Unfortunately, Israel’s leaders will gladly agree to this, proving to God that they have no faith in Him.

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Coming Northern Invasion Attempt of Israel

Will all of this happen because of the events that will possibly occur next month, in September? Again, I’m not sure. I’m simply looking at the world and how it currently sees Israel, as well as how it supports the Palestinian effort to become a state (while ignoring the constant threats against Israel) and I say that there is a possibility that this Northern Invasion spoken of in Ezekiel 38-39 could happen as a direct result.

Certainly, the Northern Invasion will happen at some point. We simply need to be aware of the times and not be taken by surprise when it does happen. But, it is coming.

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War in the Middle East Soon?

If Israel makes a preemptive strike against Iran and successfully destroys their nuclear reactor, overruling their ability to make their own nuclear weapons, it may well be that Russia will take offense at that and use it as a reason to come against Israel, saying that what Israel has done amounts to an act of war. IF this is the case, then it could very well be that we will see the makings of Ezekiel 38 come to pass.

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God Will Provide, But…

Folks, I believe this is what’s needed now for all Christians who seek God and His blessing. There are a plethora of verses that point out the covenant relationship we are in with God. It is an agreement. We have salvation through faith in Him and His finished work on the cross and that salvation grants us fellowship. We maintain our fellowship with God through our growing desire to be in obedience to Him and His commands. This is done not out of “duty” or “fear of retribution,” but it is done out of love and a fear of offending or grieving Him. I’ve written about that enough so that hopefully, readers understand what I mean by it.

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