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This Kind of Racism is Allowed Solely Because of Unproven Critical Race Theory

We all know that if a group of white activists got together to protest a new store coming into a white neighborhood based on the same reasons that black activists are using to keep a Trader Joe’s out of their neighborhood, the Justice Department and other departments of the federal government would step in. Yet, when it is a group of black activists doing this, it is perfectly fine. It is an accepted form of racism because of Derek Bell’s “Critical Race Theory,” a completely unproven theory that has gained quite a bit of ground within black circles because it gives them a reason to be racist and feel okay about it.

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Critical Race Theory: Blaming Whites for Racism in Wisconsin

In yet another example of political correctness taken to extremes, controversial teaching material in at least one Wisconsin school comes right out and blames white people for racism. [1] That program is called “CREATE Wisconsin” [2] and like many things produced by the politically correct, the title has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter within the program. It is a form of subterfuge that the Left has gotten down to a science.

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How Political Correctness Pits Race Against Race

We have spent much time going over aspects of political correctness, critical race theory, Cultural Marxism, determining the “victim” and the “aggressor” in numerous situations. I have tried to show that political correctness actually attempts to destroy God’s truth by setting it aside, replacing it with the relativism of emotional virtue.

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White Privilege: Newest Form of Acceptable Racist Bullying from the Left

The general definition of racism is defined as a hatred or intolerance of a specific race of people. Can black people hate whites? Of course they can. They are human beings with the same propensities toward evil that we all share. This is roundly denied though by people who tend to agree with the pervasively evil assault on truth known as Critical Race Theory and White Privilege.

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Politically Correct on BlogTalk Radio

The underlying idea of political correctness has to do with the belief that because of past sin, things need to change for minorities. To that end, we now have groups like the NAACP and others that work to keep blacks falling way behind. It even means that through affirmative action, blacks (and other minorities) are often given a leg up over whites because of perceived “white privilege.” This stems from the unproven critical race theory that says whites, by virtue of being born white, have had (and continue to have) privileges that those of other races do not enjoy. This is why groups like NAACP exist, by the way. It is to ensure that “equality” is emphasized.

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Voiding Logic to Uphold Late Term Abortion

These types of lies – saying babies aren’t actually children or that blacks cannot be racist – has positioned people against one another. It is all done because of the lies that have changed definitions. Unborn children are not truly children, therefore if the mother does illegal drugs, it’s not child abuse. Blacks cannot be racist because they apparently have no power over whites. Both of these are completely bogus, yet the Left continues on with a nonplussed attitude, deliberately denying the truth because if they admitted it, they’d have no excuse not to change their attitude and behavior.

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Racism Used to Divide, Conquer, and Create New Truth

The first time Christ came, He did not come to change society. He did not come to eradicate lies. He came to create a way for humanity to gain salvation. Certainly, if all people were authentically saved today, society would be a different place, but the sin nature would still exist. It will only be when there is a society of people who do not have the sin nature and have Jesus as Lord and Savior that the change will be complete. Until then, we live not only among sinful people, easily swayed by the deceits of the enemy, but we ourselves continue to be taken in by our own resident sin nature. Though we have salvation in Christ and the Holy Spirit lives within us, our inherent sin nature keeps us at odds with ourselves and with God at times.

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World Has Officially Now Gone Crazy – Blame Everything on “White Privilege”

Important to keeping the concept of white privilege alive is the idea that whites are oppressors. They live to put down/keep down others, especially blacks. Whites oppress blacks by their very presence in many cases and it is because of whites that blacks have never really gotten a truly fair shake in society. Again, this is all hypothesis promulgated by black racists and because of the fact that progressives have the microphone, this is the message that is allowed, encouraged, and shouted from the rooftops.

Certainly, there is racism in America. There are whites who hate blacks and blacks who hate whites. But the black community – or at least many of its leaders – deny that they can truly be racist since they do not have the power to be oppressive as they claim all whites are oppressive. That’s a lie, but the lie is accepted based on emotional virtue.

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Louis Farrakhan Unafraid of Sharing His Racist Views

First of all, if Allah has called blacks “to give life,” as a group, they haven’t been doing a great job of it. We are all aware that there are plenty of black on black murders in the US. There are also black on white crimes as well. Beyond this, many blacks who also consider themselves to be Muslims believe as Muhammad did, that all infidels should be killed or at the very least, live under a system of dhimmitude. This is where the non-Muslim is allowed to live by paying a tax. However, this can be revoked at any point by Muslims who believe that the non-Muslim has violated Sharia law. In short, there is no guarantee that paying the dhimmi tax will mean prolonged life.

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Media Blackout on Black on White Crime Because It’s Politically Correct

This is what political correctness does. It focuses only on those things that are filled with emotional virtue. Trayvon Martin’s death? It is tragic that it happened. Political correctness is forced to make Martin appear to be the hero, and Zimmerman appear to be the bad guy. Why? Because under political correctness, blacks and other minorities are the “victims” and whites (especially white males) are the “oppressors.” This is also why the news media went so far as to refer to Zimmerman as a “white/Hispanic,” but now almost exclusively refers to him as a “white male.”

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