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Q: Big Week Ahead!

So what is Q telling us with his posts from February 9th? Clearly, something has actually gone down. After his post with all the “ha ha’s,” his next post says “[Next week] [Next week] [Next week] Suicide weekend? Q.” Obviously, this coming week is extremely important for Q to say it three times. He ends with a question: “Suicide weekend?” As usual, we will need to wait to see what transpires over this weekend and into this coming week, but will there be actual suicides this weekend possibly?

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What Really Happened in Hawaii According to Q?

In many of Q’s posts, he says he is not simply providing information so that we can know about things. He wants people (patriots, conservatives, etc.), to be mobilized to take a stand against the MSM and the liars who are out there. A perfect example of this is seen in one of Q’s January 19th posts here. Read it. Absorb it. How can you help? Are you on Twitter? Facebook? You can make a difference. We can literally call people out when they lie about things. It is because of the tremendous push to #ReleaseTheMemo on Twitter and elsewhere that it was released. I’ve noticed that long-time Democrats are leaving the party. They are fed up with the games people like Schumer and Pelosi are playing.

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Book of Numbers is More than Just Numbering Israelites

One of my favorite parts of the first few chapters of Numbers is when God tells Moses who will do what and God does so by name. This is clearly seen in the first four chapters of Numbers where God specifically appoints certain individuals for specific tasks. This is astounding to me. God knew these people intimately…by name. He didn’t just say “find a few people whom you believe will do this task well.” No, God often told Moses the names of certain individuals whom He had anointed for certain work. Isn’t that something?

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One More Q for the Day

Thomas Jefferson said that the Judicial Branch had the capacity of turning the Constitution into wax (my paraphrase), and we can see why. When you have people appointed and approved to the Supreme Court who are not qualified but owe political favors, it’s easy to see how and why unconstitutional rulings would follow. We have that with Supreme Court Justice Kagen, who prior to her appointment to the Supreme Court never served as a judge in any capacity. Though an attorney, as one individual put it, “her record as a practicing attorney is notoriously thin for someone hoping to fill such a lofty post. From an experience standpoint, she’s probably the least qualified person to be nominated to the Court in my lifetime.”

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Q’s Posts and the Seeming Interminable Wait

Q has been posting off an on since this my last article. Some of the more important posts were made on February 5th, this past Monday. Let’s start there because there are several doozies. The first one to the right looks strange at first and if you did not what the meaning of what appears to be coded information was, it wouldn’t necessarily strike you as anything important at all.

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Infamous Memo is Finally Out

The truth appears to be that this is but the tip of the iceberg. It is all too clear (except to those brainwashed souls on the Left (and the MSM of course), that the heads of the FBI and DOJ worked diligently to keep an American citizen who had done nothing wrong, from being duly elected to the highest office of this nation. The Steele Dossier was/is “salacious and unverified,” yet it was used to obtain the initial FISA warrant by holding back pertinent evidence. Had the court known that the dossier had been paid for by the DNC and Clinton Foundation and had other factual information been given to the court, the FISA warrant would likely never have been issued.

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Americans Are Dreamers Too

It has become exceedingly clear that the Democrat Party is the official party of obfuscation. They not only do not want America to move forward, but they want what Mr. Obama worked in earnest to achieve to continue. The Democrat Party is now the party of opposition. They oppose everything good that President Trump and most Republicans are attempting to accomplish. Over the next few weeks, and once the Memo is released, it will become even more apparent to the average person just how corrupt and weaponized parts of the federal government became under President Obama.

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