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Though Evil and Corruption Seem Overwhelming, a New Dawn IS Coming

According to Wikileaks documents recently released, something called “Dark Matter” has been used by spy agencies in the USA to compromise iPhones, iPads, and computers running Windows 10. Surveillance programs are dropped onto these devices often after leaving the factory, intercepted, worked on, then sent on their way. Some of this has been going on since 2008 so there’s a good chance that the devices we use daily have been eavesdropping on us. While many on the Left will say, “Hey, I’ve got nothing to hide so if the government wants to spy on me, I have no worries,” that’s really besides the point. The fact that there are laws to protect the privacy of individuals are still in place yet it is clear that many of these laws have been ignored. Oh, and by the way, Julian Assange has stated that he has only released 1% of all CIA-related documents. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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Edward Snowden’s First German Television Interview Speaks Volumes

The NSA has the ability to read any email, any text message, or infiltrate any computer and even track that computer. What does this mean? If true, it obviously means that our thoughts are not safe because we routinely take our thoughts and put them down in a text or email.

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“In a Very, Very Minimal Way”

Look, could our federal government start using drone technology to keep track of us all the time? I think it’s possible and would not be surprised if drones are used more than Mueller would have us believe. Just a few months ago, would we have believed that NSA was keeping track of emails, phone calls, etc.? Would we have believed the agency had the capability to read an email and even find out what had been deleted from it prior to it being sent?

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Apparently, One Conservative Republican Manager at IRS Ordered Tea Party Targeting

Of course, that explains then why many of these conservative groups were asked questions that were essentially illegal (what does your group pray about?), why it took sometimes up to two years to approve the applications, and why a tremendous amount of additional paperwork was generated for these conservative groups but NOT for groups on the left. No, it explains nothing.

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