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Please Remove Your Shoes

The problem with the TSA is that it is a severely bloated government agency that only appears to create safety. For all of its activity and movement, it does really nothing to ensure the safety of the flying public. It wastes millions upon millions of dollars and seems to cater to airlines who want passengers to move through security quickly.

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“In a Very, Very Minimal Way”

Look, could our federal government start using drone technology to keep track of us all the time? I think it’s possible and would not be surprised if drones are used more than Mueller would have us believe. Just a few months ago, would we have believed that NSA was keeping track of emails, phone calls, etc.? Would we have believed the agency had the capability to read an email and even find out what had been deleted from it prior to it being sent?

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Bill Clinton Opens Mouth and Out Comes Hubris

Muslims in Israel have freedom and they know it. The Muslims there – like Muslims in other countries surrounding Israel – are largely Arab. An Arab is an Arab. There is no such thing as Palestinian Arab. That individual simply does not exist. It is a created term, one used as propaganda.

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What About Mecca? When Was It Built?

Mecca is located 1,000 kilometers – across barren desert – away from the Holy Land. The record of Abraham’s journey as detailed in Scripture and confirmed by archaeology, precludes any notion of Abraham, Hagar or Ishmael ever having been in Mecca. Additionally, they lived almost 1,000 years before the first caravan route was ever established along the Red Sea in Arabia. Indeed Abraham’s journey never brought him within about 1000, to as much as 1500, kilometers of Mecca

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Here is More Truth on the Real History of Mecca

My point in my last article was to show that Paran and Mecca are not the same area and I believe based on the Scripture I used, I did that. I will also prove that Bakkah (Becca) and Mecca are not the same places either. Obviously, I cannot go over all the factors involved in proving these things, but I do want to show some of the main points that I believe are pertinent to show the history of Mecca and whether or not Abraham was involved there at all.

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What is the Real History of Mecca?

The promised son – Isaac – has still not been born yet. God tells Abraham in Genesis 17 that He will surely bless Ishmael because he came from Abraham’s loins. But in verse 21, God clearly says, “But my covenant I will establish with Isaac, whom Sarah will bear to you by this time next year.” There is no mention of Ishmael as being part of this covenant, even though we soon read that Abraham circumcises all the males in his household. This not only included Ishmael, but all male servants that Abraham bought with his own money as well as any other male born into Abraham’s household. By the way, we will talk more about circumcision in another article soon.

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It’s Becoming Hip to Revert to Islam

This is the biggest problem with Islam. The two main groups – radicals and moderates – both argue that the other group does not represent true Islam. If you couple this with their use of taqiyya (deliberate use of lies and deception; spelled a variety of ways), then it becomes nearly impossible to know who is who.

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Did Abraham or Ishmael Ever Go to Mecca?

In rebuttal to this, Dr. Amari offers his own points that seem to handily dismiss the claim by Muslims that Abraham went to Mecca and built a temple there. “If Jurhum’s story were true, why did the classical authors, who visited and wrote about western Arabia mention all the tribes who were living there, even the tiny ones, but never once mention Mecca or the tribe of Jurhum?

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Christian Assaulted in Davie Florida by Teacher

This is America and yet these people were being made to feel as though they had no right to share their faith at all. Yet, Muslims can literally block part of a road or sidewalk as they bow to “Allah” and everyone goes, “that’s nice they feel at home and comfortable enough to do that in America.” Either the Constitution works for everyone or it works for no one. It dismisses the idea of special privileges, but political correctness insists on it.

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God Either Opens Eyes to the Truth or Not

We are commanded to tell people about the salvation that is only found in Jesus Christ. It is not an option. It is a command “Go therefore…” Our job is to tell people the truth. God’s job is to either open their eyes or not. We have absolutely no control over that because it is God’s responsibility.

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