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Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen to Good People?

This idea that God should step in and stop bad things from happening to supposedly good people is a doctrine born in the pit. There is no truth to it but it has an air of correctness to it, though dare I say it is only politically correct in a world that generally denies God even exists. People want only good things to happen in their life, but they also only want to exercise their free will. It would seem that exercising free will is what got Satan and his angels into trouble and the same occurred with Adam and Eve. Free will seems to always set itself against God. Maybe this is why Paul referred to the angels who did not fall through rebellion as the elect angels of God (1 Timothy 5:21)? Maybe that had no ability to choose to rebel. It’s possible they were created elect already, without any ability to fall away from God in rebellion.

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Loathing What Humanity Has Done to Earth

This world is filled with evil all because of sin. Death, suffering, and corruption have become our lot. Try as we might, we cannot make this world a better place. Only God can do that. The most we can is relieve some of the suffering and introduce people to new life in Christ.

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Seven-day Adventism – Right or Wrong?

If Jesus needed to study Scripture throughout His life, memorizing, and meditating on it, how much more do we?

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