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When Cops Go Rogue

I don’t normally write about things like this, but this is too seriously disturbing to ignore.

If you can stomach it, I would ask that you watch this video, but please be warned. The images and sounds are vomit-inducing. It is graphic. You may find yourself either so incensed or brought to tears when you see that this type of thugery can and does occur within the borders of the United States. The video is at the end of this article.

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Today’s New Age Faith-Healing Evangelist!

I just turned 55 and when I was in my late teens (in some ways, it seems like yesterday), I was involved somewhat in the Charismatic Renewal that swept parts of the world. Looking back, I cringe now at some of what I saw, was taught, and even some of what I believed. Before I go any further, I’m not knocking you if you are still involved in aspects of the Charismatic Movement. That’s your choice and while I disagree theologically with it in its entirety, I hope that have thoroughly searched the Scriptures to determine the truth of it.

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Rick Warren and His Never Ending Fables…

I recently learned that Rick Warren “tweeted” the following statement on his Twitter account:

“The well intentioned fad of finding the Cross in every verse is eisegesis. Even Jesus didn’t do that! Never force a theology.” [1]

Really, Mr. Warren? The fact that Jesus is the Word and the Word of God clearly points to the plan of redemption as one of, if notthemain tenets should be obvious.

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The Continuing Storm Surrounding Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger”

Unfortunately, that is a vast oversimplification of Cahn’s message. He does far more than simply announce that Israel was warned and now America is being warned. He uses Isaiah 9:10 and other Scripture as a jumping off point to actually ​connect ​America with Israel. I have my sincere doubts that God is warning our nation of judgment either. God is warning the entire world of impending judgment that is coming in the form of The Tribulation/Great Tribulation. The entire world is going to be fully immersed in it.

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Jacob Prasch’s “Shadows of the Beast”, Pt 2

I have completed Prasch’s book and as I mentioned in my last blog, I am finishing my review of it.

Prasch makes some great points. He brings in a good amount of historical and biblical data to help us understand how the spirit of the antichrist is at work in the world. This, he says, is to help us know the identity of the coming, final “man of sin” when he is revealed to the world.

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Jacob Prasch’s “Shadows of the Beast”

I will note up front that Prasch is not necessarily a Dispensationalist. He does not agree with a PreTrib Rapture for instance. What I thoroughly appreciate about his presentation is that as someone who does accept a PreTrib Rapture, I do not in the least feel condemned by him because of my understanding of Scripture. In a day and age when it has become the norm for people not only to castigate (but also to be referred to as a “heretic”) those of us who believe that Christ will come for His Bride before the Tribulation begins, reading what Prasch has to say is a breath of fresh air and certainly welcome by me. I have stated any number of times that I do not all knowledge concerning Scripture. I have made mistakes and it is possible that at least some of my beliefs now are not 100% lined up with Scripture. I hope that is not the case, but if it is, I also expect and welcome the Lord’s correction.

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Heal Our Land?

I received a broadcast email from one of the ministries I follow and the heading of the email was titled “Heal Our Land Prayer Campaign: Returning America to its Judeo-Christian Roots.”

The ministry rightly bemoans the fact that God-sanctioned marriage is under attack from all corners, especially gay activists who want to reimagine marriage to include unions between same sex partners. I believe they are correct when they argue “Instead of seeking to restore and strengthen marriages, politicians are trying to redefine what marriage means and to distance themselves from the Judeo-Christian heritage upon which this nation was founded.”

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Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger”

The book “The Harbinger,” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has created quite a stir and today, I’m going to add my thoughts to the mix. I’m sure my comments will not be the final word on the subject, and they should not be. I’m amazed at how quickly this book has gained such a following. There are hundreds of accolades connected to the book and that leads me to ask WHY?

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