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Reprobate Minds

There are two main definitions for the noun reprobate. They are, a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person and, a person rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation. The first definition applies to the person from the way God sees them. There are people in this world who are extremely depraved, unprincipled and wicked. Because of that, they wreak havoc on other people in their sphere of influence. The more powerful the person is, the greater the damage done to others. These reprobate people have no shame and the whole of their life is lived with them squarely at the center. Everything they do they do for themselves, for their own betterment. In many ways, these people can easily become sociopaths or even psychopaths because they not only do not care how their efforts negatively impact others, but they can also arrive to a point where they begin to have a god-like attitude about themselves and thoroughly begin to enjoy what they do to others.

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Death of Human Conscience?

So according to Harari, people are duty bound to do whatever it takes to invest in and embrace any and all technology that will modify our bodies with implantable technology, all of it leading to a new “consciousness.” Exactly what is this new “consciousness” that the author speaks of here that will “modify, transform and enhance” our bodies? Do Technocrats want us to live longer? I doubt that’s their concern. If it was, abortion certainly would be opposed by them. Reading between the lines, it seems clear that the goal, whether direct or indirect, is to simply eliminate God from our thinking and life itself.

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Blind to Truth?

Immediately after this, we see in verse 10 the disciples asking Jesus why He spoke in parables? Notice Jesus’ answer: “Because knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them” (v11). Jesus then stated the religious leaders were deliberately kept blind to the truth. How so? Jesus cited Isaiah 6:9-10 in which God told Isaiah that the people during his day would never be able to break through to seeing the truth. Why? Because they did not want to see, instead rejecting Him. These “experts” in the Law refused to consider that Jesus may actually be the Person He claimed to be.

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All the Lies

As the time approaches for our Lord to physically return, lies will continue to be promoted and gain the advantage. This is all leading to the time when the man of sin – the consummate liar – will step up to rule over the final global kingdom envisioned by Daniel 2. Everything from aliens (demons in disguise), who allegedly watch this planet in order to help us evolve to the next spiritual plane, to the lie of climate change and sustainability to everything else within the political spectrum, including all the continued lies about CV, the jab and the pandemic itself (which always appears to be evolving into some new variant that’s going to destroy life on earth).

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Beginnings of Sorrows?

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring for my life, much less two months from now. But God knows. Not only that, His timing and will take precedence over everything. So my job is to be in tune with God as much as I can possibly be while living in a world that absolutely hates Him and all who follow Him. What I find fascinating is that I rarely think of the Rapture at all. It’s simply not something that’s in my front vision. What I do see are all the problems, corruption and evil in this world and know that God will sort it all out. In the meantime, I expect things to get worse and if I did not know better, it’s almost seems as though the Tribulation has begun, based on what I’ve said about the first four seals of Revelation 6. Though we could simply be in the “beginnings of sorrows” phase.

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White Horse and Rider?

Revelation 6:1 introduces a rider on a white horse. What’s he all about? He clearly conquers politically because he has no weapons; a bow with no arrows. But what type of political conquering is he doing and what is his purpose? It seems as though he is first among various riders to gain more control over the world’s populace. Has that been happening?

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Ready to Go Gluten Free?

I believe this is why Jesus specifically points out the coming famine (#5 above). When CV (pestilence), was first revealed and economies went into lock-down (the first time in history in all my 65 years of living), the supply chain immediately began to take a hit. Most didn’t realize it at the time because things were still available in those “essential” stores that were allowed to stay open. Then we began to hear about the shipping container situation and how things were stalled in China’s ports as well as ports on both the east and west sides of the USA. Many ports were shut down due to CV, so nothing moved.

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