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Gloom and Doom Teachers and Preachers are in it for the Bucks! and One More…

How many Christians today actually LIVE as if it is their last day on earth? I know very few of them. “Oh, but wait!” someone might argue. “The Rapture is NOT going to happen at any time, therefore the only way to really live that way is to consider that the Christian might die…before…….the…………………………..over (gulp).” Yeah, that’s it exactly, isn’t it?

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The Coming Delusion…Is Here Now

This coming Antichrist, will be the chameleon that the world needs. He will be immediately loved, revered, trusted, and eventually worshiped. What is building behind the scenes these days, is creating the tone and environment for when the man of lawlessness dances across the stage of humanity’s last hour.

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Pretribulational Rapture: What If It Isn’t True?

Frankly stated, if Scofield, Chafer and others were alive today, they would have every right to sue him for defamation of character, since everything he presents in his book amounts to little more than heresay.

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Let’s Talk About the Emergent Church…the REAL Culprits of End Times Apostasy!

What is taught within the Emergent Church? What do they think about Jesus? What do they espouse regarding salvation?

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It Was the Best of Times, It Is the End of Times

“Fatah will continue to sacrifice victims until Jerusalem will be returned [to the Palestinians], clean of settlements and settlers,” the paper states.

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