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Judge Disallows Evidence in Zimmerman Trial Slated for June

This is the same type of thinking that causes hearts to bleed for convicted murderers like Nathan Dunlap, but not for his victims. Dunlap is believed by some to be a victim of injustice (because he received the death penalty and is black). The fact that he shot and killed four people (and wounded a fifth) isn’t considered. PC thinking says that we should ignore the character of the person and merely focus on the color of his skin (in this case). “He’s black. Give him a break. Martin was being profiled by Zimmerman because of skin color.” That’s exactly what the judge in this case is doing by disallowing some of the evidence.

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Minority Bolshevism is Killing America

Let me start by saying that the book is not tremendously in-depth. Redwood doesn’t spend a good deal of time breaking everything down so that the reader gets bored before he reaches the conclusion. No, Redwood is more concerned about concise, useful explanations that allow people to understand that piece of the puzzle, then that other piece of the puzzle, and then the next. Soon, the entire puzzle is starting to take shape. Rather than focusing solely on one or two pieces of the puzzle, Redwood uses the various pieces to help build the completed picture.

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Crime Prevention Software, FB Censoring, and Rogue Cops

Seattle’s mayor notes, “We’ve had anecdotal successes with the pilot project in East and Southwest Precincts, so we’re expanding Predictive Policing citywide.” For those unaware, “anecdotal” refers to “containing or consisting exclusively of anecdotes rather than connected discourse or research conducted under controlled conditions.” In other words, it’s done by mere observation rather than any substantive and proven research techniques. Educators use anecdotal notes to add information to a student’s information, whether related to how the student does in a classroom environment or something else.

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A National I.D. Card? Really?

The national ID “card would contain a digital encryption key that would be required to match work authorization databases. The micro-processing chip on the card would store the biometric identifier.” You don’t want to go along with this new system? Say “good-bye” to your job. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are co-sponsors of the bill that would create this. Schumer is a “progressive” and Graham is often more like a RINO.

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Are We Seeing the Final Aspects of The Plan?

But whether Obama is actually in charge or not may also be a moot point in reality. In one of the books I’ve recently written (dealing with political correctness) it is clear to me at least that there are people with a great deal of power (because of the huge amounts of money they have) that they have a great deal of pull with respect to the White House. These individuals have chosen to remain in the background while doing whatever they can to get things done their way.

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WH Pushes Pastors to Push for Gun Control

Apparently, Obama is willing to ask pastors to use their influence to change the way folks think. But all this is really a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment, which clearly states that it shall not be infringed. It has already been infringed and placing more things between it and the individual buying guns further infringes it.

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Where Does It All Lead?

So as we watch things unfolding in the current administration, we know that as bad as things get, God will only allow it to succeed to a point. Just as Babylon was ultimately overcome by the Medes-Persians, who were defeated by Alexander the Great, whose kingdom was divided up among his generals and eventually, Rome replaced it, so too will current governments exist only for as long as they play a part in God’s end time calendar. They will exist not one day more than slated to do so.

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Examples of Fearing God, Not Man

We arrive to the part of the story where Esther tells Mordecai that she will go and talk to the king. She did not know if she would live or die by doing so, but she knew what she must do, regardless of the danger to her own life of going to the king without invitation. Anyone who approached him without his consent could die. If he did not invite them into his throne room, that person would be executed, even the queen.

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You Can Now Be Tracked

But even turning off your cell phone may not stop the geolocation services. “Cell phones keep sending a signal several times a minute even though they are turned off. The only way to stop the GPS signal from a cell phone is to take out the battery, which is nearly impossible for the 75 million consumers who own an iPhone.”

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Why Is Radical Islam Given a Pass?

We have people like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and too many others to list here who have spent their lives since the original 9/11 trying to educate people in America about the dangers of radical Islam. For their trouble, they are often maligned by the left and called bigots and worse by people who are either agents of Islam, or individuals who truly do not understand the framework in which radical Islamists think.

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