Where Does It All Lead?

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Joseph Curl – Editor at The Drudge Report; Columnist at The Washington Times – tweeted the following:

Something is obviously going on though it’s hard to believe that there is something so bad that even top White House aides are “terrified.” Yet, it’s difficult at best sometimes to sift through everything that’s going on in Washington. The current corrupting influence is so thick at times, Curl calls it a “fog of a scandal” that has “been deep sixed like Osama bin Laden.”

The Oklahoma tornado situation has brought with it a wind of change, allowing media to focus their attention on that, rather than on scandals allegedly connected to this administration. One article includes the fact that as far as the Obama administration is concerned, their “full focus” is on the Oklahoma situation. Certainly, I can appreciate that, however, it’s not as if Mr. Obama is personally involved in actual recovery efforts. Surely he can multi-task?

My wife and I were talking last night about the way the federal government often appears to be embattled by one scandal after another. In the current case, many believe that other “shoes” will fall, making the existing situation much worse for the Obama administration.

The Bible is filled with examples of what happens when people deliberately set aside the rule of law in an effort to prop themselves up. Eventually, they come to nothing, ultimately brought down by God Himself.

I think this is clearly seen nebin the book of Daniel. There, we see future history laid out before Daniel, showing how the times of the Gentiles would begin with Nebuchadnezzar, then segue to the Medo-Persian Empire, followed by Grecian rule, then Roman, then a final empire that would be a combination of all of them, but have a great deal more in common with Roman rule. Yet, it would still be different and unique.

I’ve wondered at times if God purposefully designed the beginnings and endings of each of those empires or if He simply knew when they would begin and when they would end. If we take the Bible and God’s sovereignty literally at all, I’d say that God designed the beginnings and endings of each one. He did so as a constant reminder that man – even when ruling the world – is but a player in God’s drama. Does this mean we lack free will (such as it is)? No, we exercise free will, yet God still accomplishes what He chooses in this world without deviating from His plan.

Probably the most obvious example of this is the person of the Antichrist. I realize that not everyone believes the Bible speaks of one individual who will be the final Antichrist, embodying the full evil of Satan as he rules over the last one-world government. Please understand that I do believe the Bible teaches that one day, there will be a final man who steps onto the world’s scene and who will be the embodiment of satanic evil. I believe this person will be part of an evil threesome designed to mirror the Holy Trinity by being the counterfeit trinity: Satan, the unseen malevolent force representing “father,” the Antichrist as the physical impersonation of Jesus the Son, and the False Prophet whose job will be to direct worship to the Antichrist as the Holy Spirit directs worship to God. This tyrannical threesome will work together to create a situation which they hope will overthrow God Himself. Talk about unfettered hubris.

As Satan has always wanted to be like the Most High, this appears to be his plan to get there. Of course, the Bible tells us that he will fail miserably but will cause tremendous mayhem in the process.

So as we watch things unfolding in the current administration, we know that as bad as things get, God will only allow it to succeed to a point. Just as Babylon was ultimately overcome by the Medes-Persians, who were defeated by Alexander the Great, whose kingdom was divided up among his generals and eventually, Rome replaced it, so also will current governments exist only for as long as they play a part in God’s end time calendar. They will exist not one day more than slated to do so.

This does not mean we turn a blind eye to the evil committed by the world. I believe we have an obligation to point out evil wherever it exists and that certainly applies to areas within the church, as well as areas in society. At the end of Titus 2, Paul points everyone’s attention to the eventual return of Jesus – the blessed hope (v. 13). People need to be reminded that their life is going to come to an end one way or another.

The return of Jesus is the ultimate reality that will instantly and forever change the way the people of this earth do business. The world doesn’t think about it, but they need to consider it.

Moreover, Christians need to be contemplating it as well.  Compare your life’s attitude and demeanor to that future event and ask what you can do to impact the lives of people today?

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