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Fourth-Dimensional Living Now…Says Satan!

People unknowingly buy into Satan’s schemes because they sound good, it puts them in the driver’s seat, and because they do not have to deal with the problem of sin. It’s a shortcut that ends in death, not life.

I hope you have made a decision to receive the only salvation that is available for you. There is no shortcut to eternal life. It goes through Jesus and Him alone!

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Got Freedom? Got Food?

Shelf Reliance bulk freeze-dried food for the coming food shortage! Stock up now!

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Playing the Race Card Against Mr. Obama

I will agree that there is NO room for racism anywhere in this world. However, before leveling that charge, people should at least attempt to find proof of it. Criticising our elected politicians of color does not automatically equal racism.

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Alienology is the study of aliens and their message to humanity!

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Shortage of Food? It’s Happening Now…

What will you do when the coming food crisis hits?

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Shelf Reliance for the Coming Food Shortage

Anyone who is alive today can see that there are problems in this world.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, and lots of other weird weather phenomenon is causing havoc not only with people’s lives, but with crops throughout the world.

It is becoming common to hear about shortages of food due to crop failures and the increased prices that go with it.  Not long ago, my wife and I decided to do something about it.  We planted a garden and started growing our own crops.  While it is small, it will provide us with some of the basics like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other basics.  Fortunately for us, our yard allows us this opportunity and we have other areas in our backyard that can be turned into a garden for other crops.

However, not all people can do this.  Even though we have a garden, we are not relying solely on that for a food source because the weather is always beyond our control.  To that end, we have begun stocking up on food basics.  Every time we go to the grocery store, we buy certain things in bulk.  We also buy more water bottles as well.

We have turned one of our closets into a large pantry and storing food and basic supplies that will come in handy when we begin to see shortages on store shelves.  Is this another “Y2K” scare?  Not at all, since the Y2K was a manufactured situation involving how computers might or might not act when 12 midnight occurred going from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2,000.  The current situation the world is facing is due to actual problems in the world; problems that are affecting people on a daily basis.  My wife and I see this occurring in the world and we simply do not want to be caught unprepared.

It was to this end that we learned of Shelf Reliance and we are extremely glad we did.  The products that Shelf Reliance produces are produced under rigid quality control standards and things like food allergies are deeply considered during production.  The goal is to help people stock up on reasonably priced food that is sent to them packaged in such a way that it takes up less room and lasts a good deal longer.  In essence, buying Shelf Reliance products is buying in bulk because the food needs to be reconstituted with water.  Don’t let the sound of that scare you away though because the food tastes excellent.  If you are hesitant about it, do what my wife and I did at first.  We bought a sample can of chicken to see what it would be like.  We were pleasantly surprised!

There are things in this world that are occurring now that are creating a terribly fragile food situation.  Do you have a storehouse of food that will get you through the rough times ahead?  If not, you should really start making plans and Shelf Reliance products can help get you there.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Earthquakes Since Thurday March 24th

Since Thursday, March 24th, there have been a multitude of earthquakes around the world. A number of them have been close to or above the 6.0 mark on the Richter Scale. I’ve placed the list of them after my post, toward the bottom as they were recorded on the USGC Web site

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Rob Bell’s “New” Universalism

By now, most who care are aware of the fact that Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, in Michigan has written a new book called Love Wins. Bell’s goal is to uncover what he believes to be the false teaching that hell is eternal, or exists at all.

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Son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef Speaks On Terrorism

Today, Mosab Yousef is a Christian and while his road has been rough since then, he says he sleeps peacefully every night – unless he’s eaten some bad food – and has no worries about his own life.

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Could the Rapture Cause the Coming World Collapse?

If there is one event that would cause worldwide confusion and catastrophe, it is the Rapture. If you consider how many (authentic) Christians live on this planet at this time, the number is certainly into the millions. Yes, there are a good deal more than that who attend some type of church, but attending church does not equte to being an authentic. I’m speaking of actual authentic Christians, part of the invisible Church, or the Bride of Christ.

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